My name is Dan Bacon and I am a dating and relationship expert for men.

I have been helping new men to become successful with women since 2005.

I’ve been featured on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines.

I’ve appeared in podcast interviews for Knowledge For Men and the Art of Charm and have been quoted and referenced on many notable websites (e.g. Female, WikiHow, LifeHack).

Need an Expert Opinion on Attraction, Dating or Relationships?

I can provide you with expert quotes, answers or insights for your news story, blog post or book.

I am also available to appear in a podcast, or interview for the following topics and related subtopics:

  • The modern dating scene.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Men’s insecurities with women.
  • Confidence.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Approaching women.
  • Attracting women.
  • Being a man of purpose.
  • Dating.
  • Keeping the spark alive in a relationship.
  • Getting an ex back after a breakup, separation or divorce.

If you would like to arrange a quote or interview, contact me here and I will get back to you.

My Bio and Media Appearances

Click here (or click the image below) to download and read through my 11-page bio, which includes some of my media appearances, example articles and a brief explanation of who I am and how I help men with women, dating and relationships.

Dan Bacon - 11 page bio


Dan Bacon presenting a seminar called Dating Power, which teaches men advanced techniques for attracting and dating beautiful women

You can contact me here today. I look forward to hearing from you.

Recent Interviews

  • Dan Bacon was interviewed by Eddie Baller (dating coach for men), who asked Dan for his secrets about helping ugly or below-average men attract pretty women, keeping a relationship together for life and getting an ex back after a breakup, separation or divorce.
  • Dan Bacon was interviewed by Marni Kinrys and Kristen Carney (female dating coaches for men) who asked Dan to share his secrets about attracting women. So many juicy secrets were revealed in this interview. Watch the interview here.
  • Dan Bacon was interviewed by two American doctors, Dr. Mark Sylvester (psychiatrist) and Dr. Richard Schulman (psychologist), who are both fans of Dan’s work. They wanted to know more about Dan’s theories on how to attract and maintain the interest of a woman, how to be a masculine man, how to be confident around women, how to keep the spark alive in a relationship and much more. Watch the interview here.

Dan Bacon
Founder, The Modern Man

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