A first date is all about you and the woman getting a feel for each other’s personality. Often, you end up getting a feel of something else as well!

Use my first date questions to put her in a positive mood and make her want to see you again and again.

If you want to avoid the dreaded, “Let’s just be friends” comment or the old, “I’m not looking for a relationship right now, sorry” at the end of your first date, you must focus on being your normal, confident and cool self and making her feel sexual attraction for you.

If you behave like an innocent nice guy who wants to be her friend more than anything, then most modern women will break it off after the first date.

If she gets the sense that you’re very nervous during the date or picks up that you’re insecure by listening to what you’re saying (or not saying) during the date, it will also be a reason for many women to not want to see you anymore.

You have to focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you. Niceness just isn’t enough. Why? Watch this video…

Here are some tested first date questions that you can use on your date…

First Date Question: #1

“So, where did you go on your last holiday?” or “Have you been on any great holidays in the last few years?”

The both of you can then talk about holidays and some of the good times you’ve had. This brings out a lot of happy, ‘feel good’ emotions, which is an essential part of a first date.

First Date Question: #2

“So, what do like to do for fun or relaxation in your spare time?”

This question puts her in a positive mood when around you. She will search her memories for the good things she does in her spare time. Maybe she likes to go to the beach alone and sit for an hour, maybe she likes to walk her dog, or maybe she likes to go out partying. Her answer to this question will also give you a lot of insight into her personality and what type of girlfriend she would be.

First Date Question: #3

“So, what were you like when you were a kid? A rebel, a daydreamer, a nerd, one of the popular kids?”

Who Am I and How Can I Help You Master Your Dating Life?

My name is Dan Bacon and women used to reject me pretty much every time I approached or asked them out. If I managed to get a first date, I would often come across as too nervous and tense because I lacked confidence around women.

One of my main problems was not knowing what to say to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting, which meant that my first dates would become boring and I’d end up making the woman feel awkward. 

I rarely got a second date, but if I did manage to get one, the woman would usually only be coming along because she had no other options. I hated that and needless to say, it was a very frustrating part of my life – especially after all the effort I had to go through to get a date in the first place. I knew there was a missing piece, but I just didn’t know what is was.

Initially, I thought I needed some more first date questions to ask during the date. To be honest, I even got to the point where I would print out a list of first date questions (3 pages worth!) and study them in the car prior to the date.

I soon realized that I needed much MORE than just a list of good questions to ask on a date, but I didn’t know what I needed. I was stuck. I thought I needed new clothes, so I spent thousands on clothes.

That didn’t work, so I went to the gym 3 times a week and bought a bunch of colognes…still nothing. At one stage, I remember waiting in the car 30 minutes before a date and just practicing a list of about 50 first date questions over and over, telling myself to be calm and that the date would go fine. It didn’t.

I came across as nervous and was asking the wrong questions at the wrong time, talking about myself too much and spending too much time on boring topics like work, family and the weather.

I asked myself, “Why do the conversations feel boring? How can I make the conversation exciting for both me and the woman?” A year later, I discovered FLIRTING and that is when my dates began to turn into kissing or sex afterwards.

What is flirting?

Flirting is the discreet communication of sexual interest. It is how adults communicate with each other in a sexual way with words, body language and actions, without actually having to be direct and say, “I want to have sex with you. Do you want to have sex with me?”

Flirting allows you and the woman to communicate in a discreet language that is exciting and creates a private, sexual bond between you even before you have touched, kissed or had sex.

Flirting is ABSOLUTELY essential and if you don’t use it, your first date questions will end up leading to boring conversation most of the time because there will be no sexual vibe behind them. When you use flirting correctly, your first dates will naturally and easily lead to kissing, sex and a relationship.

Here’s an example of how to use flirting on a first date….

This example is based around who should pay for the dinner bill, the drinks, the movie tickets, etc. It’s is the age-old question and everyone has their opinions. Some say you should DEFINITELY go 50/50 and split the check, others say wait for a minute to see if she pays – that way you get to work out if she’s a gold-digger. Funny stuff.

First date questions

Here’s what I do…

If the woman and I enjoy a quiet drink a lounge bar for our first date, I’ll pay for the first round.

The woman will almost always offer to get the second round and if she doesn’t, I will playfully say something like, “Geez, you’re rude aren’t you? My drink has been empty for 5 minutes…didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” If you are smiling and being playful, then she will know that you are flirting with her.

Flirting comments like these help the date feel more relaxed, comfortable and easy-going. The woman will usually then head directly to the bar with a smile to buy the next round. If the woman and I go out to have something to eat, I’ll often pay for the meal.

When the bill arrives, I might say something like, “Well, if we catch up another time – you can get the bill…except, if there is a next time – we’re going to the most expensive place in town, so make sure you bring all of your credit cards!”

Again, that is flirting. Flirting is absolutely essential if you want a woman to take a sexual interest in you. If your conversation is too friendly and ‘safe’ then you’ll have a hard time getting a second date.

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