Everyone knows the old saying about laughter being the best medicine, so the fact that you’re looking for a funny pick up line tells me that you probably understand that making a woman laugh is the key to getting her to like you. It’s true.

Laughter really helps to loosen things up and make people feel good around each other. When it comes to breaking those awkward and embarrassing pauses in conversation, funny pick up lines can be a great way to break the ice and start things off with a smile.

Here are some great lines that you can use right away:

Funny Pick Up Line #1

Imagine that you want to approach the hottest woman in the bar/club, but you’re are worried that she’ll just reject you for being another lame-ass guy trying to pick her up. The solution? Walk up, smile and jokingly ask, “Can I buy you a drink, or do you just want the money?”

This line instantly shows her that you understand the mistake that most guys make when they approach a woman (i.e. offer to buy her a drink).

She’ll most likely say, “I’ll just take the money” to which you can smile, have a quick laugh with her and reply, “Okay cool…as long as your drink isn’t $550 because I only have $540” .

By this point, she will be laughing and so impressed with your funny, confident and direct approach that your chances with her are pretty much guaranteed.

Funny Pick Up Line #2

Imagine that you see a guy approach a woman, fail and then walk off looking a little rejected. Solution? Walk over to the woman, smile and jokingly ask, “Hey, how did that last guy go?” This always gets a laugh and also shows that you realize that when most other guys approach, they are sleazy or say the wrong things.

Funny Pick Up Line #3

Imagine that you see a woman in the vegetable section of a supermarket, or in a green grocer. How do you approach her and use a funny pick up line? Simple: Walk up, smile and jokingly ask, “So…what are you cooking me for dinner tonight?” This shows a lot of confidence and if you smile and ask in a joking way, women see it as charming.

Funny Pick Up Lines #4

Imagine that you are lining up to buy movie tickets with a friend and notice two girls in front of you, or behind. Smile and ask, “Hey, what movie are you guys watching? Hopefully not the same one as us!”

Ever Had This Happen to You?

You’re out doing some shopping at the mall or sitting on public transport and you see a woman that you find really attractive. As you stare at her, you begin to imagine her being your girlfriend and you start to fall in love with her.

You think, “She’s the girl for me! She’s perfect” …but, you then realize that you don’t even know what to say to her to kick things off.

Later that day or night, you come up with a funny pick up line that would have perfect for the situation…but, by that point – she is well and truly gone! Knowing how to come up with a funny pick up line or an appropriate conversation starter is your ticket to success with women.

By the way…

If you haven’t been experience the type of success with women that you know you deserve, let be the one to tell you: It is not your fault. It’s not your fault that you haven’t been taught how to all to women or how to go from a conversation to kiss and into a sexual relationship.

Some guys are naturals at this, while others get taught by their brothers, father, uncles and so on. If you haven’t had anyone teach you how to approach and talk to women, let me help you. I’ve helped 1,000s of guys from all over the world and I would love to help you too.

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