Getting girls is an easy and natural part of life for guys, if they know how to do it.

For example: Knowing that making a girl feel the need to impress you, makes it so much easier to attract her and make her want something sexual happen between you and her.

On the other hand, if you try too hard to impress her, she will almost certain reject you, or place you in the friend zone.

The reality is that if you haven’t been told what guys like me know about getting girls, you may end up ruining a girl’s desire for you and not even be aware of what you did wrong.

So, if you want getting girls to be easy for you from now on, be aware of the following…

Attract Her During the First 10 Seconds

Don’t try to be nice and get to know her, like 99% of guys do out of politeness. (See: When Your Politeness is Mistaken For Nice Guy Behavior).

The 1% of guys who get girls easily, will start off by making the woman feel attracted and THEN get to know her.

By doing that, she has an interest in things getting to a sexual level, rather than just seeing him as a friend, or nothing at all.

So, start off the first 10 second by focusing on making her feel attracted to you.

10 seconds is about all the time it takes for a woman to decide if she wants to know you more, if she wants to get away from the interaction.

The first 10 seconds is a girl’s chance to see your potential as a boyfriend or lover and if you mess up, your first impression might be the only impression you get to make.

5 Things to Do During the First 10 Seconds and Beyond

Do these 5 things to increase your chances of getting girls and making them interested during the first 10 seconds:

  1. Make confident, relaxed eye contact: Show your interest by looking her in the eyes and calmly, but confidently holding eye contact until she looks away first. This shows her that you are more dominant than her, which is very attractive and a turn on for a woman to experience. Make sure you do it in a relaxed way though, not like it’s a competition of who will look away first.
  2. Walk right over: Don’t waste time looking around the room, feeling nervous and stalling. Just make a move by walking over and starting a conversation. She will feel attracted to your confidence and impressed by your boldness.
  3. Smile: Never underestimate how attractive a smile is. It brings out your best features and puts a woman at ease.
  4. Project a manly vibe: Don’t try to be Mr. Nice Guy, or Mr. Friendly who just wants to have a nice, polite and friendly conversation. Be a good guy and be friendly, yes, but also let her sense that you’re a man and are looking at her as a being a woman that you’re attracted to. You’re not looking at her as just a friend. You’re looking at her and have decided to talk to her because you find her attractive. You are a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it. That is very attractive, exciting and is a big turn on for women.
  5. Turn her on with your body language: Strong, assertive body language or relaxed, confident and subtly sexual body language will get her attention and make her feel attracted. Timid body language, such as holding your head down, looking around nervously or tensing up will turn her off.

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