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Getting girls is an easy and natural part of life for guys…if they know how to do it.

If you don’t know what guys like me know about getting girls, you will usually ruin a girl’s desire for you and not even be aware of what you did wrong.

10 seconds is about all the time it takes for a woman to decide if she wants to know you better. Your first impression is a girl’s chance to see your potential and if you mess up, your first impression may often be your only impression.

It’s not fair, I agree, but that’s life. The first 10 seconds gives you a very narrow window of time to convince a woman you are worth getting to know, but that’s how the game is played.

The good news is that you can ALWAYS pass those first 10 seconds simply by allowing the girl to experience your confidence.

Since women are most attracted to a man’s confidence, the more you allow her to experience your confidence (during a conversation, on a date or in the bedroom), the more she will be attracted to you. The more attracted a woman is to you, the quicker and more easily she will fall in love with you.

More Tips For the First 10 Seconds

Do these 5 things to increase your chances of getting girls and making them interested during the first 10 seconds:

Make confident, relaxed eye contact: Show your interest by catching her eyes with your own, then holding eye contact until she looks away first. This shows her who the dominant one is. Make sure you do it in a relaxed way, not like it’s a competition.

Walk on over: Don’t waste time. Make a move while you are still on her mind and before another guy tries to step in!

Don’t second-guess yourself: The worst mistake a guy can make when getting girls is to show hesitation. That shows a lack of confidence and can also look like you are not interested, causing a woman to be more on guard.

Smile: Never underestimate how attractive a smile is. It brings out your best features and puts a woman at ease.

Turn her on with your body language: The key to this method is to catch a woman’s attention before you say a word. You only have 10 seconds to make a great first impression, so don’t waste any time with words.

Strong, assertive body language or relaxed, confident and subtly sexual body language is going to get her attention. Timid behaviors such as holding your head down, looking around nervously or hunching your back will all turn her off! Stand up straight, chest up slightly, feet at shoulder-width apart and generally loosen up your body language.

Why Learn From Me?

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