Being good in bed with a woman is mostly about how you think and behave.

A woman wants to see that you’re completely relaxed and confident, rather than worrying about trying to impress her. When she notices that you’re confidently doing whatever you want and aren’t worried about how you look or what she thinks, a woman will feel turned on by your raw masculinity.

Overlooking Basic Attraction

Before you can even begin to try to get a woman to go to bed with you – and if you do it correctly you won’t have to try for long – it’s important that you first establish a strong, sexual attraction between the two of you.

It doesn’t matter if you know how to be good in bed because if you don’t arouse her attraction for you first, you’ll never get her to kiss you much less have sex with you.

The more attraction that you make a woman feel for you prior to sex, the easier it will be to be good in bed. You will do very simple things and she will be excited about it because she’s doing it with you; the man she is so attracted to.

You Have to Believe in Your Sex Appeal to Her…at All Times

Women are not attracted to men who feel nervous or insecure during sex. If a guy like that gets a girl into a relationship, her attraction for him will rapidly fade away when she notices that he lacks confidence in the bedroom.

Women want a strong, self-assured man; not an insecure guy who is unsure of her desire for him and is afraid that she’ll leave him. Once a guy displays that weakness of character, he will find it difficult to truly please her during sex.

She might enjoy the physical sensations at times, but the mental and emotional side of sex (which is the most important for women) just won’t be there.

Forgetting About Foreplay

Men can be ready to get it on in a matter of minutes (or seconds), but women aren’t always set up like that. They often need a little time to warm up. Many women are able to come frequently during foreplay. That’s what makes it one of the most pleasurable parts of the sexual experience for a woman long before penetration takes place during intercourse.

Yes, there will be times when she’s so “hot to trot” that she’s ready to go as soon as you’re alone and start tearing each other’s clothes off. However, more often than not, especially if this isn’t the first time you’ve made love together, she will want and need the touching, kissing and caressing that’s a part of foreplay that women enjoy so much.

Unlocking Her Hidden Whore

When a woman behaves like a lady when she’s with others or if she always appears to be straight-laced, it doesn’t mean that when she’s alone with her lover that her “hidden whore” isn’t ready to burst forward.

However, if you hesitate or are reserved in your approach to her during any part of the sex act for fear that she will be shocked or turned off by your amorous advances, chances are her “hidden whore” is going to remain hidden.

If you have aroused her attraction sufficiently that she wants to sleep with you, feel free to try to release the secret persona that she reserves only for man who turns her on to see. Chances are that once you release that side of her, you are the one who will be shocked by her passionate desires.

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Changing Positions Like You’re Playing Twister

In the game of “Twister” two or more people stand on a mat filled with an assortment of colored dots. As the needle on a color wheel is spun and lands on a specific color, the contestants must put a hand or a leg on the selected color on the game mat. T

hen the needle is spun again to another color, and the players must move again while keeping one body part on the first color and so forth. The game continues until the contestants’ bodies twist and turn trying to touch the colors chosen and eventually land in a twisted, laughing heap.

Good sex is not like that (although with all of that touching and twisting of body parts in “Twister” it can quickly turn from laughter to sex).

However, unlike the game, some misguided men believe that if they keep switching positions, this will excite the woman and that’s how to be good in bed. Wrong!

While it’s true that you don’t want sexual positions to be stagnant, merely jumping from top to bottom or from head to toe isn’t what makes it exciting for the woman. It takes more than a game of “Who’s on top?” to please her.

If you want to know how to be good in bed, it’s important to understand that women are emotional creatures. They are not visual like men who quickly get turned on by looking at sexy pictures or watching porn (although some women occasionally enjoy it as well).

Women start getting turned on in their head by fantasizing what it will be like to be with a man they’re attracted to, how he will touch her, how he’ll taste, what it’s going to be like having him inside her and so forth. Much of this takes place long before you even get to the bedroom (or wherever you’re having sex).

So with women, it’s the man, not the position that will get her wet and ready much more quickly and passionately than a simple position change.

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