You’ve created an initial connection with a beautiful gal and you’re keen to take it the next step, but you’re afraid that you don’t know how to satisfy a woman.

Don’t worry – a lot of guys feel that way. Why? Usually due to the following myths and mistakes…

Myth: Woman Only Want Hot Guys

Too many men are under the mistaken belief that they have to look like a handsome movie star or have a supermodel’s good looks or physique to attract a beautiful woman. In the alternative, if a guy doesn’t have the looks, he should at least be rich and powerful. If you believe that, you arewrong, wrong, wrong.

Yes, some women will only accept perfectly good looking, rich, powerful men, but….open your eyes! Plain or average looking guys are with gorgeous women all around you.

When you see them, do you immediately assume that since they’re not “studs” that they must be rich? Look again. They are men just like you. The only difference is that they know that it’s not their looks or what they may have by way of personal possessions; it’s what they possess on the inside that draws beautiful women to them.

Want some proof? Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) and he will show you a lot of evidence the plain, average looking and even “ugly” guys can and do have hot girlfriends or wives…

Mistake: “Please Tell Me What You Like.”

Having sex is like dancing; the man should lead.

If you ask a woman what she would like you to do to her or what she especially enjoys, she might tell you, but she’s going to think that you just don’t know that women feel much more satisfied by a man who does what he wants, rather than feeling insecure that he isn’t good enough.

If a woman senses that you don’t feel like your touch, stroking or approach to sex is good enough, your insecurity is going to make you appear less desirable to her.

Just like in dancing, when having sex, a woman expects the guy to lead her by how he holds her, moves her, guides her body to do things she may not have ever done or who instinctively knows the positions that are going to be the most stimulating, intense and exciting.

Now that doesn’t mean that you have to do acrobatic tricks to turn her on but you should be able to tell by how she responds to your touch and movements if she is enjoying herself.

Each woman reacts differently but if you’re reading her body right and change possessions to suit her needs; she’ll help you (and herself) along by adjusting her own body to achieve the greatest pleasure.

Myth: Women Have a Low Sex Drive and Don’t Like Sex

Let’s think this myth through. If women have such a low sex drive and don’t like sex then why would they ever cheat on their boyfriends or husbands?

Do you think they are unfaithful because they want someone who they can have a better conversation with? Or maybe it’s because she will get taken out to nicer restaurants? Okay, perhaps for a few women that’s true but for the vast majority of them it’s because their man doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman!

If you could have multiple orgasms and have your body ravaged in such a pleasurable way over and over again, would have a low sex drive? Probably not!

So why do so many guys believe in the myth that women don’t like sex? The fact is that women do like sex and have a strong sex drive; perhaps even stronger than a man’s, because she is able to enjoy such mind-blowing sex with a man who knows what he is doing to make her come and come and come and…

Mistake: Underestimating Foreplay

How to satisfy a woman

Unlike a man who can be ready for sex in a short time, most women need a little time to get turned on. Men often underestimate the importance and, possibly the necessity, of foreplay.

It’s the kissing, touching, caressing, licking and stroking in the right way that turns a woman on. Despite what many men believe, foreplay is also the time when women are most likely to reach their first (or several) orgasm(s).

The clitoral stimulation that leads a woman to orgasm often happens more easily for her during foreplay than the act of penetration during intercourse itself.

While there are times when the two of you are so turned on that you can immediately head into intercourse, more often than not, if you spend the time properly warming your woman up during foreplay, you’ll be more than rewarded by her enthusiasm and willingness to have prolonged and exciting intercourse with you.

Myth: Nice Girls Don’t Like Bold Sex

Just because she may seem like the perfect lady, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be coaxed to have adventurous sex in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that every girl next door or down the block is anxious to experience chains, whips or more advanced sex “toys,” but if you stimulate a woman right, you will be amazed at how daring she will be willing to get for the right man who knows what he’s doing.

Most “nice girls” have a “bad girl” inside them that they reserve for the right guy who knows how to bring out her naughty side…

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