How to be arrogant

A little bit of playful arrogance is goes a long way when attracting women and keeping women interested.

If you want to learn how to be arrogant, the first thing you need to know is this: Serious arrogance will make people hate you, while playful arrogance will make them love you.

When talking to a woman that you find attractive, a bit of playful arrogance is enough to make her feel attracted to you and curious to know more about you.

Example of How to Be Arrogant in a Playful Way

Imagine walking into a Starbucks to order a coffee…

Yourself and a beautiful woman walk up to the order counter at the exact same time. Instead of just being a boring gentleman and letting her go ahead, use it as an opportunity to make her feel attracted to you by being playfully arrogant:

  • You: [Smile and say] Alright then Little Miss Bossy – you can go in front. [Then, smile at her]
  • Her: [Most likely smiling and laughing] Oh, okay, thanks!
  • You: You can go in front, as long as you pay for my coffee…and I want one of those cakes too. [Again, smile when you say that to her].

Being playfully arrogant like that isn’t about being rude or arrogant in a mean way. You are just joking around and adding a bit of laughter to life, rather than being a serious and boring like most people are in social situations.

When you have the confidence to be playfully arrogant while also being an easy-going guy at the same time, people will see you as cool, interesting and fun to be around. As for women, they will feel attracted to your confidence and and social intelligence, because most guys just aren’t socially aware enough to know that it’s okay to use playful arrogance.

By displaying confidence and social intelligence when interacting with a woman, it makes her feel more excited about the idea of dating you and introducing you to her friends and family. She assumes that if you are that cool, confident and easy-going around her, you will most-likely be just as cool and easy-going around her friends and family.

A great example of a guy who is playfully arrogant with women is David Letterman. Watch the clip below…

David Letterman always adds in a bit of playfully arrogance and so does Jimmy Fallon from the Tonight Show. These men are highly-liked and people love watching them interacting with guests because they aren’t just being boring, nice and polite the whole time.

They are displaying their social intelligence by throwing in a bit of playful arrogance, which makes the guests and the audience laugh.

Playfully Arrogant Humor

In the video below, I demonstrate a couple of examples of how to use what I call, Playfully Arrogant Humor to attract women.

Playful Arrogance is Something That People Admire

Playfully arrogant humor

The typical effect of using Playfully Arrogant Humor on a woman. She is initially a bit shocked that you had the balls to say it, but she will then smile and enjoy it. Using this type of humor naturally attracts women because it displays confidence, social intelligence and masculinity all at once.

The reason why talk show hosts such as Ellen Degeneres, David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon (just to name a few) use what I call Playfully Arrogant Humor is that the majority of people LOVE it.

Playfully Arrogant Humor is the type of humor that makes people feel shocked initially, but they then love you for having the balls to create that moment.

A lot of guys go through life thinking that they have to be really nice to people to be liked. We’re told as children, “Be nice to people and they will like you” or “Be nice to people and they will want to be your friend.”

Sure, that may work when we are children, but as adults, we have to become more confident and savvy. One of the keys to making the majority of people like you is to use Playfully Arrogant Humor. If it wasn’t, then talk show hosts wouldn’t use it.

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