Flirting allows you and a woman to show sexual interest in each other in a discreet, non-committal way.

You get to play with the idea of being sexually attracted to each other to see how you both feel about it. It ensures that neither person gets rejected for coming out and admitting their feelings or asking the other person if they are interested in a relationship.

Most Guys Don’t Understand the Language of Flirting

Very few men instinctively know how to flirt with women. Additionally, many guys see it as pointless or insincere. A guy like that expects that it should be totally fine to just tell a woman that he likes her and then she should say, “Yes, I like you too. Let’s start a relationship” if she feels the same way.

Yet, that’s not how the human mating dance works.

The 5-10% of men who know how to flirt with women find it simple and easy to find a new loving, sexual relationship with a new woman without really having to try.

They simply speaking the language of flirting with a woman, she shows her interest back by enjoying the flirting and getting involved in it and then he gets her number and sets up a date, or has sex with her that day or night.

The remaining 90-95% of men who don’t know how to flirt with women find that dating is a difficult, frustrating and time-consuming process. These men often end up being ignored, rejected, overlooked or placed in the friend zone by women, even though the woman would have liked them if they had just flirted with her first.

One of the classic mistakes that guys make is being nice to women and expecting that women will reward them with dates, sex and love for that. Yet, niceness doesn’t mark a guy out as special because most guys are nice to women.

What marks a guy out as special is when he can make her feel sexually attracted and turned on, as well as being a good guy. Watch this video for more info…

Why is Flirting So Important?

Before a woman will be open to having sex or a relationship with you, she will usually want to experience sexual tension with you and observe how you react and respond under pressure. This is her way of finding out whether you are a good match sexually, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

For example: You’re talking a woman and she begins saying challenging things or asking difficult questions to see if you squirm (all while having a little smirk or smile on her face). This is her flirting with you and trying to test your confidence compared to hers. Your reactions and responses tell a woman everything about who you really are as a man.

If you squirm, become nervous and feel as though you are losing her interest, then she will most likely feel stronger than you, mentally and emotionally, which is not what 99% of women want.

She will assume that you’re not very confident around women and would probably be hesitant in the bedroom or in life. However, if you are able to smile, remain calm and confident and continue talking to her in a light-hearted way, then she knows that you’re a man who can remain confident in the bedroom and in life.

Flirting is also the most discreet way for a woman to show her sexual interest in you, without actually having to say, “Hey, I want to have sex with you.”

It’s a subtle language and when you know how to speak it, you will notice that many women you meet are trying to communicate with you in that way. It’s a pretty cool thing to notice because you suddenly realize how much choice you have with women.

Who Am I and Why Should You Learn From Me?

My name is Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern man program. I transformed myself from a shy guy who was constantly being rejected or dumped by women, into a confident, alpha male who has his choice with women.

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Feeling 100% confident and in control when flirting with a woman is critical, because if she senses that you are nervous and unsure of yourself while flirting, she will instantly lose interest.

When you flirt right, the woman will feel a rush of sexual attraction for you and will want you right there and then…and no-one will be able to stop her. Flirting is one of my main weapons for success with women (I have many powerful techniques that I will teach you) and has allowed me to hook up with the hottest of girls all around the world.

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Knowing how to flirt will truly change your life. Maybe you’ve always been shy or just the type of guy who stands by and watches while your friends flirt and hook up with all the pretty girls. Now its your turn to get the attention you deserve!

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