When meeting women at dance classes, the main thing that you need to do is be an overall attractive guy in terms of your personality and behavior.

Guys who can display the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women always find it easy to get laid or get a girlfriend. For example: You will be an overall attractive guy if you are confident, charismatic, charming, funny, interesting to talk to, relaxed and easy-going and have a masculine vibe.

Most guys don’t even know what really attracts women to men and they end up trying to look as good as they can physically, when what matters most to the majority of women is how your personality and behavior makes them feel.

The 3 Ingredients to Successfully Picking Up Women at Dance Classes

Here is a success story from a Modern Man customer who is using our advice to meet and have sex with women at dancing classes. He points out the 3 main ingredients for successfully picking up women you meet in dance classes…

Success Story

“Hi Dan,

Having purchased many of your products since last February (The Flow e-book, Dating Power video, Dating Power Stories audio and 21 Great Ways To Get a Girlfriend audio), I first of all wish to congratulate you, Ben and Stu for what is genuinely a MASTERPIECE !

As an Anglo-Frenchman (English dad and French Mum) currently living and working in Lyon, France, I am a mixture of two cultures. My experiences with the opposite sex had been relatively good before I came across ‘The Modern Man’, quite by accident while surfing on the internet last February, but I always had the feeling that I could do much better if I could only ‘crack the code’ as it were…

My main problem was my apparent inability to ‘reboot’ my mindset regarding women, and my past experiences (both negative and positive) were literally ‘all over the place’…

I am now constantly referring to your principles every time I meet and interact with women, and it is becoming more and more unconscious as time goes on, which I am convinced is a good thing…and I’m getting amazing results, let’s just put it that way 😉

One of my favorite hobbies for the last 3 years has been dancing Salsa (something I encountered for the first time during a holiday in Miami, USA), a rather fascinating world in which you get endless opportunities to meet very hot women without effort – given that approaching them requires the following three ingredients:

  1. Learning to be a good dancer (which is a bit harder for a guy than for a girl)…
  2. Wearing decent enough clothes…
  3. NOT trying to pick them up (which is very tempting and almost always counter-productive) but simply waiting for any attraction to develop naturally…

Dancing salsa brings you into contact with lots of women and with a little patience, you can get to know them and discover what hides behind their pretty faces…

I have reached a point where, when meeting women outside salsa circles, the first thing I tend to ask them now is ‘do you dance salsa ?’ or ‘why don’t you learn ?’…because once they go dancing with me, I find we usually have sex within 1-3 weeks from there.

Thanks for all your help guys. I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about my salsa dancing exploits.

Cheers ! Mike, France”

Reply From Dan

Interesting story Mike and thanks for sharing.

I like the 3 ingredients you’ve outlined for success with women in dance class environments, especially number 3. We emphasise that point a lot in 21 Great Ways and in Dating Power, because it is SUPER IMPORTANT for success with women.

Another fundamental ingredient that needs to be added to the recipe is that you are actively making the women feel attracted to your personality and behavior. If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to a guy, she doesn’t care if he is dressed well, dances well and isn’t trying to pick her up.

Women pay attention to the guys who trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of them and then anything else that is good about the guy is a bonus.

At dance classes and in other environments where men are outnumbered by women, many guys make the mistake of getting to keen to quickly and not allowing the sexual tension to build up over a few hours, a few classes or a couple of weeks.

It’s a huge turn off for a woman when is desperate to pick her up and get somewhere, when there is a clear opportunity to allow things to develop over the course of a few meetings. Watch this video about being a challenge to understand why women prefer guys who aren’t so easy…

Now Mike, you asked what I think about the idea of meeting women at dance classes. I think that it is a GREAT way to meet local women, especially for guys who are just starting out because it puts you in front of women without actually having to approach them.

From my experience, many of the women who attend these classes do so in the HOPE of finding a guy. Overall, I found it very easy to meet average- looking women and quite easy to meet hot women. If you are interested in having some fun with dancing for a while, then choose a class that really suits you.

If you hate Salsa, don’t just do it only for the purposes of picking up women. Once you find a class that suits you, make sure you include the “3rd ingredient” in Mike’s story.

To learn more about that principle, listen to 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend and discover how to apply it to your life. You’ll be surprised to see that not trying to pick women up actually gets you results faster and easier. There is less pressure that way and women respond to it more naturally.

Next, I want to point out a GOLD piece of advice in your story. You said: “…when meeting women outside salsa circles, the first thing I tend to ask them now is ‘do you dance salsa ?’ or ‘why don’t you learn ?'”

This is priceless.

When I was doing salsa classes a couple of years ago, I used to do the exact same thing when I’d meet a new woman in a bar. I often had women respond with, “Wow! I’ve always wanted to do that, but haven’t gotten around to it…”

We’d then end up doing salsa as a first date, which was a great deal of fun. It also made it easier for me and the woman to connect and get to know each other, because we immediately had something in common that was fun for both of us.

Of course, it also made getting to the first kiss a lot easier, because we’d been holding each other and looking at each other in the eyes most of the night while dancing. Sex was just the natural next step from there too.

By the way…

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