Almost every pick up artist that started out when the seduction community first began, has since changed to use a more natural style of approaching and picking up women. Why? The pick up artist approach:

1. Is shallow: Everything that pick up artists teach is based on superficial tricks and manipulation. It doesn’t solve the core issues that you have with women.

2. Causes you to feel even more insecure that you were before: After a while, you begin to believe that you have to use amazing tricks to impress women.

3. Doesn’t get women to like you for you: Women might feel temporarily interested in the bullshit stories you are telling them, but when they find out that you’ve been putting on an act, they quickly lose interest, reject you or dump you.

What is the Alternative to Becoming a Pick Up Artist?

Is there a way to get women to like you for you and not for the tricks and lies of pick up artist game? Definitely.

In fact, I recommend that you avoid the whole pick up artist BS and instead focus on becoming a better man than you already are, so you can get more women to like you for you, not for a bunch of tricks that they will lose interest in after a few minutes.

When I first started out wanting to improve my success with women and dating, I really wanted to become a pick up artist because I bought into the bullshit that guys were posting on forums.

It seemed like I had finally stumbled across the answer to success with women, when in reality, I was simply reading BS posts from guys who were SAYING that they were picking up women, but later admitted (years later on the forums) to still being nervous around women and simply getting lucky every now and then.

When I first saw the pick up artist scene, I began dreaming of being able to see a woman I liked and then walking over, saying a magic line to her and then either getting her phone number or having sex with her that night.

I began using some of the pick up artists techniques like: Scripted routines, opinion openers and other insecure bullshit. Something didn’t feel right, but because I had no other alternative, I kept going and hoped that things would change.

Yet, nothing changed and I kept getting rejected as per normal. My conversations with women didn’t last very long and they would sometimes say things like, “Umm…can you leave us alone now? We just want to talk amongst ourselves” or they would ask me, “Do you do this all the time? Is this how you try to pick up girls? …because it’s not working – now go away!”

The women could tell it was rehearsed and they rejected me for lacking so much confidence in myself that I felt the need to put on an act for them.

Eventually, I realized that the pick up artist approach was created by insecure guys to mask their insecurity and allow them to pretend to be confident. I realized that women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness, so I was either going to have become stronger (i.e. more confident) or continue facing rejection.

I also realized that a big part of being successful with women was being confident enough to be yourself.

Yet, that wasn’t easy for me to do because I was nervous around women, intimidated by attractive women and insecure about my value to women.

I didn’t feel good enough to just “be myself.” I felt like I had to put on some sort of act to impress women because I wasn’t yet ready to believe that I was a cool guy.

How Did I Transform Myself and Become the Confident Guy That I am Today?

The first thing that I needed to overcome was my fear of approaching attractive women.

I could sometime work up the courage to approach unattractive women when I’d had a few drinks, but that isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be able to approach beautiful women when I hadn’t even had one drink and then make them feel attracted to me.

So, I started off with a basic approach to confidence, which is explained in this video…

I also focussed a lot of my time and energy on working out different things that a guy can say and do when interacting with a woman to make her feel attracted to him. Watch this video to understand how that works and why…

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