Starting a conversation in a romantic way really sets the tone for the interaction, sex and then relationship. When used correctly, a romantic conversation starter will open a woman’s heart and mind to the idea of falling in love with you.

The main approach to use is to be unapologetically charming. Be confident about the fact that you’re a good, charming man and women will love it. However, if you try to use a romantic opening line and are hesitant about behaving in a charming way, many women will feel like you’re being cheesy.

So, if you’re going to use romantic conversation starters, make sure that you own it. Believe in yourself and let her see that you’re not afraid to be a charming guy, even if most guys are.

Being a Charming Guy

I’ve coached 100s of guys in person and taken them out to approach women in bars, clubs and shopping malls, but only about 5% of guys were able to use the romantic conversation starter approach because they were hesitant with it and it ended up coming across as cheesy.

Being charming either has to be based on your natural, authentic personality or you have to create that side of your personality by fully embracing and owning the charming vibe when you use a romantic conversation starter.

If you’re just putting on an act, the woman will see right through it and she will be turned off by the fact that you don’t really know who you are or whether or not who you are is good enough. Women are impressed by guys who are not afraid to be their true self, especially when they first meet a woman.

If you really are a romantic and charming guy at heart, then you should embrace it and live it. When you do, you will come across as charismatic, exciting and different (in a good way) to the women you meet.

6 Romantic Conversation Starter Examples

Here are six examples of romantic conversation starters that you can use at different stages of your relationship with a woman.

Approaching Women

1. Walking through a shopping mall and you notice her: Hey…I’m just out doing some shopping at the moment, but I saw you and thought – wow, you’re gorgeous – I’ve got to say hello. I’m Dan by the way, what’s your name?

2. At a bar: I don’t know if this is going to sound romantic or something, but you look like a real sweety and I think I might like you. I’m Dan, what’s your name?

On a Date

3. During the dinner: If this was a romantic comedy movie, what crazy things would happen right now? [Examples: One of you would have an allergic reaction to the food, an ex would come storming over to the table, etc].

4. About to part ways at the end of the date: Give me a goodbye hug. [Then while you are hugging, pull back and look her in the eyes. If she holds eye contact and doesn’t push you away, she is waiting for your kiss].

In a Relationship

5. When relaxing together: When have you felt the most loved by me?

6. When relaxing together: What is something romantic that you’ve always wanted to do for me, but haven’t gotten around to?

Do you see how it works? It’s about setting the tone for a more loving, intimate and positive conversation. However, be warned: Not all women will follow you into a romantic conversation.

In many cases, a woman will test how confident you are in your character (i.e. whether you are being genuine or putting on an act to woo her) by scoffing at your romantic conversation starter, pretending that she finds it cheesy and laughing at you.

If you fumble and become nervous at that type of reaction, then she will be turned off by your lack of confidence in who you are as a man.

However, if you stand strong by being relaxed, smiling at her and just confidently waiting for the awkward moment to pass, she will impress at the integrity of your character and your confidence to stay strong under pressure. She will then feel comfortable to explore a more romantic style of conversation.

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