You have successfully approached a beautiful woman that you feel attracted to and she has responded favorably to you. She looks interested and things are progressing well. All the signs are there – she is attracted to you too.

This only means one thing; it is time to go to the next level in the relationship – having sex. Of course you can’t just come out and say, “Hey baby, do you want to go to my place for sex?” Although this might sound great, it’s not really an option.

First of all women do not want to be made to feel cheap, and will take offence if you treat them that way. Secondly, sex conversation has to be broached with finesse. If you are doing it right, you will not have to use questions to bring up sex because your conversation should naturally flow that way.

Obviously, any sex related questions will automatically bring up the subject of sex, and this may seem like the simplest and most direct way to broach the subject, but if a guy says the wrong thing, or at the wrong time, the one thing he can be sure of is that there will be NO sex happening.

A common mistake that guys make is to think that getting a woman to have sex with them is all about the words, the sex conversation and the right questions to ask to bring up sex.

However, the truth is that creating the right environment so that both people want to have sex with each other involves emotions, confidence and self esteem. Flirting, innuendo and body language will direct the flow of the interaction between them and the rest should happen naturally.

Where Guys Go Wrong

Some guys behave in ways that work against them when it comes to getting a woman to have sex with them. Their behavior is either too off putting or they simply send out the wrong signals when they are with a woman they want to sleep with. Some examples are:

The Friend.

This guy acts like her friend and confidant even though what he really wants is to have sex with her. She responds to his friendliness and sees him as her friend and as a nice guy, but not someone that she is considering dating (or having sex with).

When he suddenly initiates a sex conversation and starts asking her questions to bring up having sex together, she is totally taken by surprise and feels betrayed and even hurt; after all he’s her “friend” and now things got weird. The result is no sex and the end of the friendship as well.

The Interviewer.

This guy’s idea of seduction is to meet a girl in a bar.

While having a polite, interview style conversation, “Hi, do you come here often? What do you do? Where do you stay? Do you live alone? Are you single? What car do you drive? What TV programs do you like? What is you favorite movie?” he then tries to bring up sex. H

is obvious lack of conversation skills, as well as his ignorance about flirtation and body language just make him appear creepy. Because he has not managed to make her feel attraction for him, his chances of having sex with her are… zero.

The Chancer.

The Chancer starts a conversation with a woman, or joins in the conversation with a group of people and then, quite randomly brings up sex in the conversation. Everyone, especially the woman he is trying to seduce, feels awkward and he has just ruined any chance of getting her to feel sexual attraction for him.

Mistakes Guys Make When Trying to Get a Woman to Have Sex

There are several mistakes that a guy can make when he wants to bridge the gap between meeting a girl and having a conversation, to letting her know that he is interested in having sex with her. Among these are:

1. Talking about sex too much.

Dating is all about innuendo and flirting and if a guy brings up the subject of sex directly it will make her feel uncomfortable; and even worse, if he starts a sex conversation in front of other people. A woman wants to feel attraction for a man and she wants him to seduce her.

2. Acting like he’s never done this before.

If a guy’s interaction with a woman is nervous and insecure she will not feel sexual attraction for him. If he then brings up the subject of sex she will feel that he is not in her league and she will reject him.

3. Not allowing things to flow naturally.

Between the points of meeting a woman and having sex with her, there is a natural flow of interaction between them. They talk, flirt, show and feel attraction, touch, flirt some more and finally “know” when the time is right to take it to the next level – sex. If a guy breaks this natural flow and brings up sex too early, she will be turned off as she will feel that he is more interested in having sex than in being with her.

5. Not using his body language to turn her on.

Words will only get a guy so far and after that he will have to master the art of using body language to increase the attraction between him and the woman he is interested in. Touching appropriately during an interaction is of crucial importance in seducing a woman. Too much and it can be creepy; too little and she won’t know if he is interested in her or not.

6. Rushing her.

If a guy lacks confidence in his ability to seduce a woman he will feel that it is pure luck that got him this far and he will want to close the deal as quickly as possible before she sees through him. He therefore rushes the interaction towards sex and again, she feels that all he is interested in is sex and not her as a person. He, naturally, ends up going home alone.

The Best Way to Make a Woman Want to Have Sex With You

Sex conversation - bringing up sex when talking to a woman

Sex conversation is a sensitive matter and if you are relying on questions to ask to bring up sex you are doing it all wrong. Creating an irresistible attraction between yourself and a woman is not about the sex conversation or about the questions you ask, but rather about having good conversation skills that naturally create feelings of sexual attraction.

Conversation allows you to connect with her, draw her out and to get her to feel attraction for you. Once this connection has been established then the right way to bring up sex is via flirting, innuendo and body language.

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