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Recently, Ben (from The Modern Man) and I interviewed “John” who had attended the Dating Power seminar to learn how to have his choice with women, instead of being rejected every time he tried to ask a woman out.

John’s story of rejection and revenge is a perfect example of what happens when you use The Modern Man approach to success with women.

He went from a woman saying that he was “stupid” for asking her out, to confidently approaching and picking up his beautiful girlfriend (he showed us some photos) from a shopping mall and having other women hit on him during simple conversations.

Nothing about John’s physical appearance improved. He wasn’t making any more money and he wasn’t wearing better clothes than usual. The difference is that John now began to actively make women feel attracted to him based on what he said and did while interacting with them.

In John’s case, he’s not an overnight expert at attracting women, but he is 10x better than most guys that women meet and he actually had the confidence to approach women in the first place.

If you’d like to learn the techniques that John used to turn his life around by becoming confident and learning how to attract women, I recommend that you watch Dating Power.