Just because women dye their gray hairs, it doesn’t mean that men have to copy them.

Men often misinterpret what women care about because they don’t understand what really attracts women to men. A common example of this is when a woman finds a gray hair on her head. She will scream, pull it out and rush off to the nearest department store or hairdresser for some hair dye.

She will say that she hates gray hairs and that gray hairs look ugly and need to be dyed! Seeing this reaction, a man can easily be misled into believing that since a woman hates the sight of her own gray hair, then it must be equally true that she also dislikes gray hair on men.

In their eternal efforts to impress women, many men will rush off to get their very own “hair dye for men” and proceed to dye their hair. Unfortunately for these unsuspecting men, women can tell that it has been dyed, and unlike in women where it doesn’t matter if her hair looks dyed, in men it definitely does.

Dyed hair always looks fake. Dyed hair on a man is like wearing a toupee to cover your bald head; it’s glaringly obvious and it never looks natural.

What Women Really Think When You Dye Your Hair

As man, if you dye your gray hair to a set color, then you immediately broadcast to everyone that you don’t know what women find attractive in men. You don’t realize that women are more attracted to confidence and masculinity in men, not insecurity and pretty colors. Most women will take one look at you and realize that you don’t understand women and what they really want from a man.

Some of the things a woman may think when she notices that you have dyed your gray hair:

1. You don’t even know what women find attractive about men

Dying your gray hairs sends a signal to women that you’re not even aware that in the human mating dance, it is women who have to look young, pretty and vibrant. Men simply need to be confident and masculine to be attractive to women.

Instead of behaving like a human man, you are essentially behaving like a peacock bird and saying, “Do I look young, colorful and vibrant enough for you?” In the peacock bird species, the male is the colorful, vibrant one and the female is the bland looking one.

Peacock mating dance

Yet, you are a not a bird. You are a man and you do not have to look young to attract women.

2. You lack self confidence
Women are most attracted to a guy’s confidence, so trying to hide your gray hairs doesn’t suggest confidence. Believing that you’re good enough “as is” is a turn off for most women because women know that they are more flexible with what they find attractive than men are.

We men are mostly attracted to a woman’s physical appearance initially, which is why men masturbate to porn. Although a woman can feel attracted to a man’s physical appearance, most women place less importance on it than most guys realize.

Additionally, when a man makes a woman feel attracted to him in the more important ways to her (e.g. confidence, charm, charisma, masculine vibe, etc), she will then look at his gray hairs in a positive light. She will think, “Ooh, this man is sexy…I think I like men with gray hair now. Mmmm…” 

That is how a woman’s attraction works for a man. When you make her feel attracted with your personality, attitude, vibe, conversation style, etc she then looks at your physical features in a positive light. It really is how it works.

3. You’re not comfortable with yourself
Being comfortable with yourself denotes a relaxed, self assured personality. As the old saying goes, “Age gracefully.” If you are so uptight about your gray hair, what else are you uptight about?

A woman doesn’t want to hook up with a man who has a whole host of insecurities that will come out when in a relationship. She wants to be with a guy who loves himself “as is” and loves her for who she is as well.

4. You hide behind appearances
Women are attracted to men of substance, not guys who think that all they need to do is look good.

Hiding behind appearances gives women the perception that ‘what they see is what they get.’ In other words, the main value you think that you have to offer women is your appearance because you lack confidence in the sex appeal of your personality, behavior, vibe, etc.

Appearances cannot replace charm, humor, good conversation, confidence, charisma and a man who is going after his true purpose in life.

5. You’re embarrassed about your age
Most women agree that a man becomes more attractive as he becomes more of a man, which often includes a bit of gray hair or a receding hair line. If you’re dyeing your gray hair, it suggests that you might be embarrassed about your age, experiencing a midlife crisis or confused about your value to women.

Women are attracted to men who embrace their masculinity, not hide from it. A woman doesn’t want to be with a guy who thinks that he needs to look young and pretty like a girl. She wants a man who knows how to attract her in the more important, long lasting ways.

Have You Fallen Victim to Clever Advertising Tactics?

If you didn’t ever feel self conscious about your gray hair, repeated advertising telling you that gray hair is bad and that women think you look old and unappealing can, over time, become very convincing and real.

Soon enough, you might be one of millions of men wondering if you should dye your gray hair with a set color like women do. You might start to question whether you look “good enough” for women now that you’ve got a few or many gray hairs.

The fact is, those ad campaigns are just trying to get you to buy their repackaged “hair dye for women” that was previously only sold to women. To sell the same hair dye to men, the clever advertisers try to make men feel insecure about their gray hair and hope that they buy it up.

They show men that if they just dye their hair, women will find them attractive and they’ll get laid or get married and live happily ever after. However, as you may know by now, it is complete bullshit.

Women do not choose men based on hair color and they certainly don’t get turned on by the unnatural looking color from hair dye. Despite how advertisers portray women in those commercials, women are not shallow and will not fall for a man because he’s gone and dyed his gray hairs.

Instead of thinking that putting a color in your hair will make women fall madly in love with you, my recommendation is that focus on attracting women with your personality, vibe, attitude, behavior and conversation style.

For example: Do you make any of these conversation mistakes when talking to women?

You Have to Fix and Improve What Really Matters

As you’ve probably realized by this point, hair dye isn’t the answer to getting women to like you, love you and want to stay with you for life.

To be the man that women want, you need to approach this area of your life in a more authentic way. Women are not shallow in the ways they are portrayed in TV commercials and will only truly find you attractive if you can be the man they yearn to have by their side.

Here are some of the things that women won’t overlook, regardless if your hair is dyed with the latest men’s hair dye, if you are wearing an expensive designer shirt or the latest cologne.

1. Low self esteem

A man’s confidence and the way that he deals with women is a manifestation of the way that he feels about himself. If he doesn’t hold himself in high esteem during interactions with people, then neither will other people, especially women.

Women don’t want to reward insecurity and emotional weakness in men, so don’t ever expect women to take pity on you and carry you through life. If you need to improve your self esteem, then do it. Just don’t be another misled man who thinks that dying his hair will solve his self esteem issues. If anything, it will create more for you.

Mental and emotional weakness

A man who is mentally and emotionally weak makes a woman feel insecure about his ability to be a man for her, to be strong and to be someone she can count on.

Naturally, a woman will feel afraid that at any sign of trouble or difficulty, he might burst into tears or pack up his things and run for the hills. If a woman cannot rely on the man she’s with to support her and take charge of any difficult situation, then she will look for an alpha male who can.

Lack of charisma

We live in a society full of people with different personality types and behaviors. To be happy and successful in modern life, it is essential to have great social skills and social intelligence so you can navigate your way through the many challenging situations and interactions you will encounter.

When a woman meets a man who lacks social skills and social intelligence, it will be a turn off for her on a deep and fundamental level.

Lack of ambitions and an indifferent approach to life

Guys who are stuck in dead end jobs, spending their weekends sitting at home watching TV and wasting their life away are not high on the list of a woman’s wish list.

A guy might have fantastic dreams, but if he isn’t doing much or anything about making those dreams become a reality, then it signals to a woman that he’s either afraid to rise up and be a man or he’s a no hoper who will lean on her to provide and take care of him emotionally and possibly financially.

Celebrity Grays

If you want to believe that dying your gray hair will solve your problems with women, stop for a moment and picture the following celebrities: Richard Gere, Bill Clinton, George Clooney, Patrick Dempsey or Pierce Brosnan. Women find those men attractive and they all have gray hair. It’s their confidence and charisma (and arguably their celebrity) that makes them attractive.

Yet, it’s not just the celebrity grays who enjoy the love of women. The next time you’re out in a public place, take a look at how many gray-haired men you see with beautiful women, whether the woman is their wife or girlfriend. You will see that most men age gracefully and aren’t worried about being gray.

You might also notice that the men who have dyed their hair are usually alone.

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