Here’s the audio where Dan, Ben and Stu share insights about their personal success with women and how they developed the exclusive Dating Power techniques, by taking new guys out to approach women every weekend for 3 years:

In this audio:

  • How Dan and Ben went from being unsuccessful with women, to enjoying their choice of women.
  • How Stu had a different experience with women due to being a natural (i.e. a guy who is naturally good with women).
  • How we developed the Dating Power program by taking new guys out every weekend to show them how to approach, attract and pick up women in a natural way.
  • What results you can expect to achieve with women, when you learn the Dating Power techniques.
  • How some TV shows and movies reduce your confidence and cause problems in how you view women, dating and relationships.
  • Common mistakes guys make that ruin their chances with women.

Dating Power is an 8-hour seminar recorded on video.

It includes all of the techniques that we would teach a guy on a live, in-person course in bars, clubs and shopping malls.

You will learn how to be confident enough to approach women, how to get them attracted to you immediately, what to say to start a conversation and keep it going and how to escalate to kissing, sex and dates.

It’s essentially the start-to-finish from approach to sex.

Dan (me), Ben and Stu have used the Dating Power techniques to have sex with more women than we can count, as well as enjoy ‘dating power,’ which essentially means that you are in the position of power (i.e. most women you meet feel attracted to you and want to be with you, rather than you trying to hopefully get one woman to choose you, or even give you a chance to go on a date with her).

The Dating Power approach to women is so easy to use that a beginner, or an experienced guy can learn it and begin using it immediately to get significantly improved results with women.

Here’s a video explaining Dating Power in more detail…

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