Let’s be honest here…

How good can you really become with women? Can you honestly get to the point where you can approach and pick up almost any woman? Is it possible for you to have several attractive women trying to be in a relationship with you?

The answer may surprise you…

I recently came across a “hidden truth” about a guy’s potential for success with women and in life. It goes like this: When you’re performing at a new level, it is just a glimpse of your true potential.

For example: If you suddenly feel more confident after learning something from The Modern Man, it is just a glimpse of how confident you could really be.

If you use some of our conversation techniques and women enjoy your conversations much more, it is just a glimpse of how amazing you could be at conversation.

From now on, each time you experience an improvement in your skills and abilities with women, understand that it is just a GLIMPSE of what you can achieve. Encourage yourself to keep pushing forward and feel excited about the improvements you are making.

Just like I have done and like 1,000s of Modern Man customers have done, you too can get to the point where you can pick up almost any single woman you meet.

You can also get to the point where you are dating and having sex with multiple women at once (if you want) and create a dynamic where they are all trying to be your number one girl. I did that for years and it was more fun than I can explain in words.

The love, the sex, the intimacy and all those great times – priceless. Now, I am in a relationship with my perfect girl and enjoying another level to success with women.

Keep Pushing Forward to Reach Your True Potential

Something else that I’ve noticed about guys who succeed with women vs. guys who fail is that the guys who succeed keep pushing to reach their higher potential.

How do they do it?

They get excited about any progress they make and use that as fuel to feel more confident, driven and determined to succeed at a higher level. On the other hand, guys who fail with women focus on everything that is going wrong for them and use that as fuel to feel insecure, nervous and depressed.

If you want to reach your true potential with women, you have to take control of your confidence, drive and determination. You have to build on what you’ve got every day, rather than going back into your old ways.

By the way…

If you’re already experiencing some improvements in your results with women and want to take that to the next level, I recommend that you listen to Mastery Methods and Mindsets.

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