The best thing about seduction is that it is actually what women want.

Women want to be seduced into having sex or a relationship with you. Why? Most men that a woman meets will want to have sex with her immediately because men decide which women they want to have sex with based on appearance. However, women aren’t instantly ready to have sex with every man who wants them. Instead, they wait to be seduced by a man who has the skill to do so.

Killing Her Sexual Desire

Have you ever approached a woman who appeared interested in you initially, but then rapidly lost interest in you the more you spoke?

This can happen for a number of reasons including:

  1. Sticking to polite, safe conversation.
  2. Not creating a sexual vibe by the way you speak to her.
  3. Pretending to just be a friendly guy who isn’t interested in sex.
  4. Trying too hard to impress her.

Watch these two videos for more information:

Making Your Voice Sound More Seductive

You can actually turn a woman on with the sound of your voice and how you pronounce your words. Initially, it can feel a bit scary to risk talking to a woman with a subtle, sexual tone to your voice, but it is the right thing to do if you want to get laid or get a girlfriend.

Many guys worry that women will be offended, angry or shocked if they attempt to seduce her verbally. Yet, the fact is that women WANT to be seduced. It’s exciting for woman to meet a man who has the skills to seduce her.

Try improving the seductiveness of your voice at home:

  • Record your voice: Use your phone or computer to get a voice sample. Initially, just use your natural voice to get an idea of how you sound when talking to women. Start a conversation with an imaginary woman and talk in the manner that you usually would.
  • Listen to the results: Be honest to yourself about what you hear from the recording and think about what you could improve or change. Maybe you tend to speak too fast or too slow, or are not taking enough time to clearly pronounce words when talking. Maybe you’re being too friendly or too reserved.
  • Try it again, but this time be seduction: Imagine a woman in front of you who WANTS to be seduced. She is excited that she is talking to a guy who isn’t afraid to use a subtly sexual tone when talking to her.

Are You Interested in Learning This For Real?

Some guys just cruise around the internet looking for quick free tips. However, the guys who truly succeed with seducing women are those who pick an expert to learn from and then use his techniques to success with women. I am obviously very successful with women and know everything about seducing women via voice, conversation, body language and actions.

So, if you want to learn from me, don’t waste anymore time looking around online. I have all of the answers to success with women and I am ready to help you right now.

You can use my verbal seduction tips to:

  • Make her feel intense attraction for you: Whenever you are speaking to a woman, you can use specific verbal seduction techniques to build on the attraction that she feels for you to the point where she just has to have you. She can’t stop thinking about you and simply must hook up with you. Verbal seduction is helpful when you are on the phone, in person, on a date or in the bedroom.
  • Make yourself more confident: When you use my verbal seduction tips, you will see that most women find you attractive and are excited to be interacting with you. When you see that happening before your eyes, your confidence goes through the roof.
  • Make her want you and only you: You can make such a big impression on a woman that all other guys become irrelevant. She wants you and only you. It’s pretty cool to see that happen…especially when it’s a girl you’ve made a bad impression on in the past.

My Techniques Are Simple to Use…and They Work Like Magic

When you use my my verbal seduction tips, women will feel more sexual attraction for you. When you master the art of being able to seduce a woman with your words and then with your body, it is a double-attack on her senses. Most women find it impossible to resist and they simply open up to having sex with you. It’s pretty damn cool.

However, most guys don’t know the right way to seduce women with women and end up leaving the woman feeling cold and killing her sexual desire in the moment…

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