What women want from men is not what most guys expect it to be.

When we watch TV sitcoms, Hollywood movies and even music videos, it can be easy to start believing that women want tall, handsome men with big muscles and a big you know what.

When we overhear women talking, they’ll be saying that they want a nice, good looking guy with lots of money and who will treat them like a princess.

Yet, in the real world, you will see beautiful women who are madly in love with short, bald, fat and even ugly guys who often don’t even have a good job. You will also see women lusting after jerks or bad boys who don’t even seem to treat them very well.

So, what is really going on?

Why do so many good men fail with women and what do women actually want?

The Truth About What Women Want

The reason why ugly, bald, short and even fat men can have a beautiful girlfriend or wife is that women want something from men that they aren’t prepared to go around saying in public.

What you will hear women say and what they will actually go for are often two completely different things.

Here is what women want:

1. To feel attracted to you: Before you get to know her as a person, you first need to focus on making her feel sexual attraction for you. Without that, you will usually just be seen as a nice friend.

After establishing attraction, you should then connect her with on a genuine level and make her laugh by being your real self and just enjoying the vibe with her. If a woman can’t feel good around you, then it doesn’t matter what you look like, she isn’t going to be interested.

2. To be able to respect you: Be the sort of man that she and other people can look up to. In other words, an alpha male or a real man.

3. To feel girly around you: The more masculine you are in the way that you think, behave and take action, the more that you will naturally make women feel feminine and girly around you.

If you behave in a neutral or reserved way or behave more like a woman at times, then women aren’t going to feel girly around you.

4. To feel real around you: Lead the way by being yourself all the time. Encourage her to be herself and love her for it. If you change your persona around her to become a really nice, polite and reserved guy when that isn’t who you really are, she will pick up on that and won’t feel like her real self around you.

5. To not have to mother you: A woman wants to feel as though you are mentally and emotionally stronger than her. She doesn’t want to feel as though she needs to be really gentle, nice and soft around you because you’re sensitive, insecure or lacking in confidence. She wants to feel as though as you are strong and nothing, no matter how challenging, will ever break you.

6. To relax into your masculine direction: Know what you want in life and head in that direction. Don’t let anything stand in your way. Push through to victory with unrelenting belief in yourself and let her relax into your masculine direction.

Don’t hide from your true potential as a man out of fear. Don’t expect women to lead you or be your guide. Be the man who has a plan and follows through on it with confidence and determination.

Let Her Feel Like a Woman Around You

Although most women don’t admit it when they are asked in public, being interviewed on TV or even when writing an article online, the guys that make women go gaga are the ones who make them feel girly and feminine. They don’t lust after sensitive nice guys who are too afraid to be a man around them.

What women want is a man who will take the lead and be the more dominant one in a relationship. However, if women went around saying that in public, many guys would get the wrong idea and begin trying to push women around and tell women what to do when they first meet them.

Some guys might even make the mistake of being overly domineering in the workplace, not realizing that the interaction rules that apply in a workplace are completely different to how a man should treat a woman when he meets her in a bar, is on a date or is about to have sex with her.

Taking the lead and being the more dominant one is not about being disrespectful to women, being bossy or being a jerk. When a man does it properly, he still respects the woman, listens to her opinion and respects her, but he always feels responsible to take on the lead. He doesn’t make her feel like a man by getting her to wear the pants in a relationship or by being nervous and shy when he meets her.

Women will test you (i.e. by behaving in a challenging way when you first meet them, pretending not to be interested on a date or throwing a tantrum in a relationship, etc) because they want to sort out the men from the boys; they want to know who the real men are.

When a woman finds a real man, she will cling to him like she has to no other man. Women know that real men are rare because most guys simply don’t understand what women really want and instead try to base their understanding of women from TV, movies, music videos and from what women say.

However, women will never tell you how to be the man that they want because women instinctively avoid taking on the role of being your leader and guide. They want you to work it out on your own.

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