These days, women have 1,000s of guys to choose from.

If a woman is pretty, all she needs to do is load up Tinder, use online dating or go to a nightclub and there will an endless amount of guys who want to have sex with her.

The only way to stop a woman from being flaky with you is to make her feel a LOT of attraction when you meet her.

If you meet a woman and she doesn’t seem interested, it’s because you’re not triggering enough attraction. Either that, or she is just testing to see if you will remain confident in yourself.

Often, a flaky woman is simply pretending to be difficult because she’s trying to find a guy who is more of a challenge.

What Does it Mean When a Woman is Flaky?

To be referred to as “being flaky” is to say that a person is flighty, absent-minded, unreliable or fickle. It means that they cannot be trusted or depended on because they make promises that they do not keep.

Yet, just because a woman is flaky with you, it doesn’t always means she will be flaky with every guy. If you approach your interactions with her in a different way, you can be the guy that she wants to be attentive to.

Women are only flaky with the guys that they do not feel attracted to. Being flaky (e.g. ignoring him, not returning his calls, cancelling dates, etc) is a woman’s indirect way of showing a guy that she isn’t interested in him.

Most women want to avoid a confrontation by being direct and telling a guy that she isn’t interested. She also doesn’t want to have to teach him how to be attractive to her. Women expect us men to know how to attract them and to have the confidence to move things from one step to the next (i.e. from a conversation to kiss and to sex).

Some women are afraid that if they are direct about their lack of interest, the guy might become violent, turn into a stalker, be rude or try even hard to get her to like him, just so can feel good about himself. So, acting like a flake is her way of hoping that he gets the point and leaves her alone.

Women Don’t Flake on Alpha Males

In nature, social animals organize themselves between the dominant (alpha) members and the non-dominant (lower ranking) members. Alpha males always have the pick of the females of a species and the lower ranked males get whatever is left over, if they get anything at all.

In the human mating dance, the process is the same. Women are more attracted to guys who display alpha male characteristics than guys who display lower ranking male characteristics. Lower ranking males can be identified by the following example behaviors and characteristics:

1. Making her feel way more valuable than him

If a woman feels like she is way better than the guy trying to pick her up, she is going to lose interest, reject him or flake on him when he tries to get her out on a date.

Women want to feel like they are trading up in the dating scene, not trading down. This doesn’t require you to be a successful man, a model, a billionaire or have a gym body. Instead, you just have to allow a woman to sense that you know you are good enough for her.

Let her see it in your eye contact, let her hear it in your tonality and let her feel it in your vibe. If you think that you are good enough and really believe that, it will come through in your body language, vibe and conversation style.

She will pick up on it immediately and if she’s pretty, she’s most likely going to test your belief in yourself by pretending to lose interest during the conversation.

If you panic and feel like you’ve ruined it, she will know that you’re faking your confidence in yourself. However, if you relax and continue to believe in yourself, she will be attracted on a deep and instinctive level.

It’s very rare for a beautiful woman to meet a guy who doesn’t lose confidence in himself when she plays hard to get. When a woman meets a guy like that, she stops being flaky and opens herself up to be seduced into having sex.

2. Sticking to boring, safe conversation 

When talking to a woman, you have to allow her to experience fun and interesting emotions. If you stick to safe, boring conversation topics or seem to be holding back from expressing your real personality during a conversation, it won’t make a woman feel eager to meet you again.

3. Seeing a relationship with her as his main goal in life

Women rarely admit this, but they do not want to be your main goal or purpose in life. A woman wants her man to love her, respect her, want her, cherish her and care about her, but she doesn’t want to be his achievement in life.

When a woman meets a guy who lacks purpose and direction and sees her as the answer to all of his life’s problems, she feels turned off by him on a deep, instinctive level.

4. Being too nice

This one is a classic mistake and I used to make it myself. I used to think that if I could just show women how good of a guy I was, they would give me a chance to be with them.

No-one ever told me that women select guys based on how much sexual attraction they feel and THEN, anything else that is good about the guy is a bonus. Instead, I was told to be nice to women, be patient and one day I would meet the right girl for me.

Then, one day, I worked out why nice guys are so often rejected by women…

Attraction is the Key

If you want women to stop being flaky with you and start feeling hungry to have sex with you, the secret is attraction.

The better you are at triggering the many sexual attraction triggers that women have for men, the less that women will want to flake.

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