There is nothing wrong with being gay if you actually are.

However, if you only want women, but everyone keeps thinking that you are gay, then you are probably making the mistake of acting feminine to be more likeable.

Some guys (who don’t know what else to do to attract women or get women to like them) act a bit girly or feminine because they think it will help women get along with them better.

For example: A woman will say something about what a guy did and a guy who is acting feminine as a way of trying to get along with her will say, “Oh my god! No way! That’s like, soooo rude.”

Another example is where a guy will gossip about things like a girl does. He’ll say things like, “Oh my god…I just HAVE TO tell you something…” and talk to her like a girl would.

Why does everyone think I'm gay?

While acting feminine will help you “get along” with girls, it won’t make them feel turned on by you and want to have a sexual relationship with you. Instead, you will be the sweet, fun friend that they hang with, but never hook up with.

Women are attracted to guys who are not afraid to be masculine. You’ve got to embrace the fact that you are a man, not a woman. The more masculine you think, behave and act around women, the more they will feel attracted to you.

You don’t need to be macho or act tough, but simply have a more masculine vibe and attitude from now. Talk like a man, not like a feminine guy who is trying to be liked.

Don’t Listen to the Advice of Gay Guys on TV

Remember this show?

Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

Maybe it was before your time, but when Queer Eye For the Straight Guy came out, it confused the crap out of straight guys all over the world.

Gay TV show presenters say things like, “Every guy NEEDS to have 10 pairs of shoes” and “You HAVE TO wear patterned socks with black shoes and a matching belt.”

They are so serious when they say it, so it can seem like they actually know what they’re talking about. Often, the gay guys will have a hot woman on the show saying, “Yeah, I hate it when guys wear plain black socks with black shoes…it’s so boring” or something pointless like that.

Yet, what many straight guys don’t realize is that the gay guys are simply trying to get heterosexual men to be more like them or to be more accepting of them.

In a world where men’s clothes and fragrances are mostly designed by gay men (who would like to see regular men dressed exactly like themselves), it has become increasingly difficult for heterosexual men to work out what they should be wearing.

Clothes have become more and more effeminate in design and in color, and these days you are more likely to see pinks and mauves in men’s fashions with puffy lace cuffs and man bags; something that was unheard of several years ago.

Fragrances have also taken on a more neutral, androgynous tone and are suitable for both men and women which leaves you smelling, for example, like a lotus flower…not the manliest scent around.

Modern men are bombarded by advertising on television and magazines where manly, Hollywood stars have been paid to advertise a fragrance or an outfit. Confused guys then think that if a manly, Hollyood star likes wearing a certain cologne, then it must be what makes women feel attracted.

Yes, a woman can feel attracted a guy’s appearance and say, “Oh, he looks nice” but attracting women is not all about how you look or smell.

Male peacock displaying pumage

In the peacock bird species, the male attracts a female by having very colorful and pretty feathers. The female is bland and plain looking and selects a male based on how pretty he is.

Yet, that’s not how it works in the human mating dance. For humans, it is the woman who has to be pretty, look youthful and be vibrant. We men can be plain looking and attract women in other ways.

Watch this video for many examples of guys who are not “good looking” but still manage to have a pretty girlfriend or wife…

The Rise of the Confused Metrosexual

Why does everyone think I am gay?

Metrosexual is a modern term that combines the words metropolitan and heterosexual. It denotes a man who is very particular about his appearance and who will spend a lot of time and money on grooming, clothes and fragrances amongst other things.

Metrosexuals are likely to pluck or wax their eyebrows, wear the latest fashions in every shade of pink, mauve, baby blue or lilac and may even do some “manscaping” (shaving pubic hair) with the idea that women will find this so appealing.

Confused men thinking that it's all about looks

Even though it seems logical that women will like it and that it will appeal to their sense of fashion and sensitivity, it just does not work that way. In all animal species on the planet, either the male or the female, will groom themselves for the other.

In the human mating dance, it is the females who groom themselves for the males. It has always been this way and contrary to what beauty and skin care companies are trying to make you believe; a woman just wants a real man.

If a guy is confident and masculine in his thinking, behavior and vibe, women will feel naturally attracted to him and won’t care so much about his appearance. However, if a guy lacks confidence and acts a bit feminine around women, they won’t be feeling a natural attraction for him.

Instead, women will either assume that is gay or that he just doesn’t know what it means to be a man.

While it is totally fine to put in some time and effort to present yourself in a decent way, it’s not fine to spend more time worrying about your appearance than a woman does. Just get good clothes, style your hair how you like it and then stop thinking about your appearance.

The most powerful ways to attract women are with your personality, behavior, attitude and vibe. Do you know how to trigger a woman’s attraction for you in those ways? Watch this video to find out…

Don’t Listen to What Women Say About Attraction

Many years ago, women said that they wanted men to cry more, be more sensitive and get in touch with their feminine side.

Confused guys all over the world then created what was known as the S.N.A.G (Sensitive New Aged Guy). How did women react to the SNAGS? They rejected them, dumped them and divorced them.

Why? Women are not sexually attracted to guys who are more sensitive and feminine than they are. That is not how nature works. The only women who like sensitive, feminine guys are the unattractive women who can’t attract a masculine guy, or the masculine women who think, behave and act more like a man.

So, don’t listen to what women SAY about attraction. Instead, look at what women actually DO when around guys. For example: Women will say that they want a nice guy, but they will then reject nice guys. Why?

Women’s magazines are always telling their readers what the “perfect” man looks like. These magazines try to convince you that a metrosexual is what every woman is looking for because they like a guy who is clean, smells nice and wears the latest fashions.

This is great for the magazines because they can sell more advertising space to companies who sell that stuff to guys. Women’s magazines will also tell you how a guy should behave around women, which is essentially about kissing women’s asses and being super nice to them. Yet, we all know that being an ass-kissing pushover doesn’t work with women.

Why does everyone think I'm gay?

If you are asking yourself “Why does everyone think I am gay?” when you are not, then it’s pretty simple: You’re not being enough of a man around women.

Even though women claim to like gentle men who are in touch with their “feminine side” and who are not afraid to cry, they are, in reality, attracted to confident, masculine alpha males who behave like real men.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be brash or domineering, walk around wearing biker gear and going unshaven for a week (unless you really want to). Instead, it simply means that you have to stop suppressing your natural masculinity.

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