Imagine this…

It’s late at night and a guy and a girl are sitting home alone, separated by thousands of miles of physical distance.

After a few minutes of chatting, things start to heat up between them. He begins touching her and she starts moaning with delight. She touches him back and he can feel himself getting really turned on. Touching leads to kissing and soon they are having sex. There’s only one catch –this is happening via the internet.

Does this sound like the plot of a kinky science fiction movie?

The old saying “truth is stranger than fiction” is more real now in the 21st century than it has ever been in the past.

Science has taken technology to levels we could never have imagined before, and scenes that we once used to watch on TV or in the movies, such as the virtual “sex scene” between Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock in the 1993 film Demolition Man, and thought to ourselves “Wow, that’s really cool, I wonder what it would feel like to be able to do that?” have now stepped out of the realm of fantasy and into our modern world.

Some guys may be thinking, “Well…technology is one thing, but having sex with a woman who isn’t in the same room as you and actually experiencing the same sensations and feelings, is totally impossible.”

Yet, what separates reality from science fiction? In truth, we are only limited by our imaginations and if we can imagine it, then somewhere, someone will eventually find a way to make it real. For this reason, sci-fi is a scientist’s and engineer’s best friend, and we, the public, are the ones reaping the rewards of these experiments.

But who would have ever imagined that science and engineering would take relationships and sex to the next level?

Are You Ready For a Multi-Sensory Internet?

How far would you be prepared to go to keep “in touch” with your girlfriend (or wife) when you’re apart? What if you could do better than just phone her or Skype? What if you could actually touch her, and what if she could actually feel you touching her?

What if you could smell each other’s scent and even make out from miles apart? Believe it or not, this is the direction we are going in and it’s not just one “mad scientist” (or in this case “mad engineer”) who is making inroads in bringing touch, smell, taste and even sex to couples via the internet.

Engineers all over the world are racing to be the first to change the nature of relationships definitively, and long distance “relationships” are entering a new era.

Log On and Touch Someone

Engineers from the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the University at Buffalo claim to have developed a new technology that transmits the sensation of touch over the Internet.

Thenkurussi Kesavadas, director of UB’s Virtual Reality Lab and associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, says of this technology, “As far as we know, our technology is the only way a person can communicate to another person the sense of touch he feels when he does something. We have added an important dimension to communication of touch sensations.”

Kesavadas and his team have managed to successfully use this technology, which they call “sympathetic haptics”, to transmit the sensation of touching a soft or hard object, and the ability to feel the contour of particular shapes, from one person to another over the Internet.

Kesavadas says that “sympathetic haptics” means “having the ability to feel what another person feels” and that “the technology communicates what another person is feeling through an active-tracking haptics system linked between two personal computers.”¹

Of course some guys may think, “Yeah, but this is just a lot of “geek” talk from a bunch of engineers in Buffalo, how will this experiment actually help me connect with my woman in real life when we’re not together?”

Well it seems that Durex Australia asked the same question, and decided to take the next step towards bringing intimacy to couples, even when they are miles apart.

Together with Havas Worldwide Sydney, Snepo Technologies and fashion designer Billie Whitehouse, Durex Australia launched what they called their “Durexperiment” – a prototype set of underwear, called Fundawear, which allows couples to connect with each other remotely by sending touch over the internet.

Skype and social media take on a new dimension with Fundawear, and where previously the only thing available to couples was a visual component, with Fundawear they can now turn-on, touch, tease and stimulate each other, even when they are apart.

With a nifty pair of underwear specially designed for the job, and a smartphone app, a couple can stay “in touch” with each other, even when they’re far apart. How does it work?

Simple really; both parties have to be wearing the specially designed underwear and then when one person touches their touchscreen device, a wireless signal is sent via a real time server to their partner’s smartphone, where the signal is then sent to “touch-actuators” which are woven into the fabric of their partner’s underwear, transferring the sensation of touch to their skin.²

Baby You Smell So Good

Even though touch is probably the biggest aspect of turning your girlfriend on, other senses play a major part too.

For example, have you ever been with a woman who was physically attractive, but you found that her scent somehow turned you off? Scent is a big part of foreplay between most couples and obviously something that is missing when you are sitting hundreds of miles apart from each other.

Not anymore.

According to Adrian Cheok, professor of pervasive computing at City University London and director of the Mixed Reality Lab at the National University of Singapore, transforming cyberspace into a multi sensory world is about to become a reality.

Professor Cheok is an inventor of sorts and he has developed a device that connects to a smartphone which, when you send your girlfriend a message, or post on your Facebook wall, transmits your scent via the internet to her, adding that missing component to your long distance seduction. And that’s not all…

Professor Cheok has also invented a device that can transmit taste via the internet, which coupled with his “long-distance-kissing machine,” another device which you make out with and which takes your tongue and lip movements, via the internet, to your girlfriend’s identical kissing machine (and visa versa), brings a whole new dimension to long distance relationships.³

So Far So Good, But What Happens After the Foreplay?

When it comes to being intimate with a woman you’re attracted to, one thing always leads to another, and with the ability to touch, smell, taste and kiss your girlfriend via the internet, it’s only normal to want to take things all the way.

After all, no one wants to be so turned on and not be able to do anything about it, right? Well the good news is that engineers have thought about this too; in fact it seems that they’ve been thinking about it since the 1980’s when teledildonics, also known as “cyberdildonics”, was being touted as “the next big thing” in cybersex technology.

Teledildonics are electronic sex toys which are controlled by a computer and which “enable the human user to reach orgasm.

However, teledildonics have evolved to match users needs and although initially they were created as a means to initiate remote sex, where physical sensations of touch could be transmitted over a data link between a couple, versions where a user has “sex” with a virtual woman also exist.⁴

It seems that, with a helping hand from technology, and a few of the right gadgets, a guy and his girlfriend no longer have to settle for talking on the phone or via Skype when they are away from each other. In fact, they can now enjoy an active sex life with each other, even when they are miles apart.

Is Modern Technology Changing the Modern Relationship?

“Sympathetic haptics”, Fundawear, “long-distance-kissing machines,” teledildonics; where is all this taking the modern relationship? With so many things changing the way we interact with each other, is it safe to say that the modern relationship is about to become virtual? And if this is true, what will relationships between men and women be like in the future?

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to take your imagination for a spin and imagine what will be possible in the future?

Consider this…

1. Living in 2 worlds at the same time.

Virtual worlds are not new, having been around since the early 1970’s; however, with the breakthrough in touch technology that allows you to feel another person via the internet, plus with virtual worlds looking increasingly real – you may potentially have a lover online and in the real world, both of which you have “sex” with.

You can even be “married” to two women at the same time – one in the real world and one in your virtual world. Already there are online virtual worlds such as Smeet where people interact through 3D “avatars” and are encouraged to “chat, date and fall in love in 3D”.

Sometime in the future having a double life – one real and one virtual – may become the norm for most people.

2. The lover you never have to meet.

Currently if you say to someone that you’re in a long distance relationship, the first thing you’re likely to hear is, “Wow! You’re brave, you know that long distance relationships just don’t work. How do you even connect with each other?”

In the future however, technology can make it so much easier for a couple to be in a fully functioning and sexual relationship without even having to meet each other in person. Couples can meet online, date and have sex and can still be on opposite sides of the world.

3. Office worker by day, virtual escort by night.

The future of technology can change the way people perceive themselves. A shy, insecure woman who works diligently at her job in an office during the day can take on a new appearance and “become” a totally different person by night. We will no longer be able to take people at face value and everyone in the future can potentially have a double life.

4. Safe sex.

With so much emphasis being placed on preventing STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in today’s world, the relationship of the future is looking very favourable.

No more STD’s to worry about, no more condoms that can get in the way of a man’s pleasure, no more “pill” that can cause a woman a series of unwanted side effects, and as many sexual partners as you can possibly desire without having to worry about any of the unwanted side effects.

5. Move over Facebook, there’s a new social network in town.

With so much emphasis being placed on technology that can connect two people physically over the internet, it isn’t surprising to see that the nature of social networks is changing as well. But is Facebook about to be replaced by a new kind of social network?

Already there is an online community claiming to be exactly that – “a new kind of social network.” No more cutsie profile pics and futile attempts at “friending,” on FriXion (as the network is called), users get straight to the point. Using haptic teledildonics two or more users can touch each other and even have sex at any distance.

According to the site “bio,” “you can connect with people you know, people you meet, and experience virtual solo interactions with haptic encoded media, games, and other content.”⁵

Is this the way all social networks will be going in the future?

6. The perfect woman.

In the western world, most people who get married do so for love. However, with the divorce rate being at almost 50%, it’s probably safe to say that love just isn’t enough and many young people are choosing to stay single instead.

Yet, what if you could marry the perfect woman, would marriage not become more appealing then?

Imagine that your girlfriend is hotter than Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio rolled into one; and not only is she hot, she only has eyes for you! No other guy can make her even look at him because she is 100% crazy about you.

She is also interesting, is into everything that you’re into, she can cook like a professional chef and easily makes you all your favorite dishes, she cleans, picks up your clothes from the drycleaners, and best of all she never, ever nags, argues or fights with you.

The sex is phenomenal and she gives amazing blow jobs. She’s the perfect date when you go out with your friends and she’s a dream come true when you visit your parents (who adore her by the way).

She never tries to talk you into getting married but if you decide that you would like to, you can be 100% sure that there will be no divorce and no 50% payout that usually goes with divorce. And the best part is that if for some reason you get tired of her, you can simply change her with a switch of a button. Why? Because your perfect woman is in fact a robot!

Does this sound far fetched? That’s not what the experts are saying. Already a life-like robot called Actroid has been created by Professor Yoshio Matsumoto of Japan’s National Institute of

Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and has even gone on tour to Australia from Japan to help launch a new Creative Robotics Lab at the University of New South Wales’ College of Fine Arts (COFA) in Sydney. Actroid is a 165cm robot who can blink, talk, respond to eye contact and can even recognize body language; and she’s only the beginning.

According to Mari Velonaki, Director of the Creative Robotics Lab, creating a robot that can respond spontaneously and naturally to humans “so that our interactions with them are more meaningful,” is the next step.⁶

If in fact this can be achieved, and if you can reap all the benefits listed above, would you date a robot?

Robot Hookers by 2050?

According to an academic paper, expecting to see robot hookers in Amsterdam’s red light district by 2050 is not such a big leap, and that having sex with a robot will become the future of sex tourism in Amsterdam.

“In 2050, Amsterdam’s red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexual transmitted infections (STIs), not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery, the city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services…”

Of course the question to ask is, if in Amsterdam why not everywhere else? And will android sex workers become the norm worldwide changing the “sex” industry and questioning the current laws and restrictions that govern it?

Are You Ready For a Virtual Future?

Right now technology is still in its infancy stage and for a lot of people having “sex” via the internet using gadgets and “sex” toys still holds a level of discomfort.

Sex gadgets and toys have been made synonymous with the porn and sex industries and the average guy and gal on the street don’t necessarily feel comfortable using them – even if it’s to enhance a long distance relationship.

However, as you can see with the progress we’ve made so far in only a few short years, technology won’t take long to come up with something that delivers the pleasure without the “ick” factor and then the way we interact with each other will change forever. Relationships will never be the same again and even the marriage ideal will no longer hold the same appeal it has in the past.

Like it or not, technology is here to stay. Scientists and engineers will carry on experimenting with AI, robotics, and virtual reality and it’s only a matter of time before “Terminator”, “Blade Runner” and “I, Robot” become a reality.

Will you embrace the future and marry a robot or have a virtual wife?


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