I Want a Girlfriend!

Getting a girlfriend is easy in the modern world, if you know know

So, right now you're probably thinking, "I want a girlfriend...and I want one now" and have arrived at this web site hoping we can help you...and we can.

The truth is that if you want a girlfriend, it is actually very easy once you have the right information. The dating scene has changed and women aren't as shy to be approached or asked out anymore.

If you’ve been saying, “I want a girlfriend!” to yourself recently then today is the day to do something about it. I’m about to teach you what you need to know if you truly want a girlfriend right now, not next year:

  • Realize that women WANT you to approach them: As you may know, it is traditionally the man's role to approach women...and women know it. The way the dating scene works is that unless you approach women, you won't meet women. Women only approach men in the movies. In real life, they wait to aproached.

    I’ve tested the following conversation starter over 100 times and it pretty much always gets a great response, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and introduce myself and say hi...I’m Dan what’s your name?”
  • Be on alert for sudden opportunities: I have a friend who never goes to clubs but he finds his new girlfriends at a local gym where he works out. Another friend of mine found his fiancé waiting at the dry cleaners!
  • Eliminate the idea of rejection: You shouldn't be thinking about trying to get the number of every woman you see. Instead, focus on just being able to walk up to any woman and start a casual conversation.

    You may not believe this now, but it’s true: When you know how to have a confident, relaxed and casual conversation with a woman and then get her phone number, 8 times out of 10 it will lead to a date. I’ll teach you how to do all that if you continue learning now.

As you may know, the main thing that a woman is looking for in a guy is confidence. If you can just be a cool, confident guy – most of the work is done for you.

If you stop for a moment to think of all the guys you’ve met who are good with women, you’ll realize that they have those two qualities. In fact, they’re probably also good at making women laugh, hanging out with other confident guys and saying and doing whatever they want.

Women flock to guys like this. If you’re not one of them, then start by taking note of the following:

  • If you trip when walking into a room, laugh it off!
  • If you get picked on, make a joke right back!
  • If you get turned down, act like it doesn't bother you because other women in the room are interested anyway!
  • If you don't feel confident, find 5 reasons why you should be (e.g. you’re a good guy, you’re smart, etc) and keep those in the front of you mind...rather than thinking why you shouldn't feel confident. As long as you don't doubt yourself, no one else will.

When you use my proven techniques for getting a girlfriend, you will no longer be saying, "I want a girlfriend!" Instead, you will be figuring out how to find the time to call back all the phone numbers you’ve collected in the last week or how to get some sleep after long nights of hot dates and even hotter sex.

I started where you are - frustrated and sick and tired of not being able to get a girlfriend. I said to myself, “I want a girlfriend” and then decided to find out how. Today is your chance to find out how to get a girlfriend the easy way. Click below to get started now.

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Dan Bacon Article by Dan Bacon. Founder and lead dating coach for TheModernMan.com
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“I originally checked out your site because I wanted a girlfriend and was fed up with being single and alone. At first I was a bit apprehensive to try the techniques from your book, but when I did - wham! It happened basically straight away. I went out to a bar on a Friday night with a friend and we approached 6 girls each. None of them went badly (this was a shock to me because I thought I'd be rejected) and one of them ended up as my girlfriend! Haha...it's been 2 months now and we're still together. Thanks for the awesome advice guys - it worked!”

Alex, Portland
“I listened to your program on Thursday day, then went out with a friend to a bar on Friday night and ended up kissing a girl within 30 minutes. I am still amazed at how much I've changed. Later than night, I got 2 other phone numbers, so I am going to date those girls as well...thanks a lot Modern Man - your stuff works!"

Richard, New York
“I was searching a long time to find the solution to my problems with women and I knew instantly that this stuff was it.

Since I started applying the techniques and mindsets you teach, I've gotten a lot more confidence with not just women but all the other areas of my life. I now I ask more for what I want and I usually get it. Like last night at the clubs, I started talking to a beautiful girl near the bar and 10 minutes later, I said "We should talk again, give me your number" and gave her my phone. She put the number in and said "Cool, call me - I'd like to catch up sometime"

The mindsets aspect is amazing, because I never understood positive thinking until you talked about negative dialogue going on in your head. Well, I’ve been able to improve on that a lot! It wasn’t that I never heard it before to be positive, but the way you guys explained it in such great detail while still being easy to understand is a really a rare thing.

Thanks a lot guys - I'm now back in the game and kicking ass!"

Darren W, USA