First Date Tips: Dating Tips For First Dates That Lead to Kissing, Sex and a Loving Relationship

Make her laugh, make her want you and make her love you with these tested first date tips

Without tested dating tips for first dates - all your hard work can go to waste! You've finally found a great new woman, so don't screw up your first date by using any crap that you read on the internet!

I remember when I started getting plenty of new dates with women. A few months prior, I'd unlocked the secrets for approaching women, starting conversations, getting women interested right away and then moving towards a phone number, kiss, sex or a date.

By following the system I'd created, I was able to get loads of phone numbers each weekend (sometimes sex on the same night). Then, I'd simply call and set up some first dates for during the following week...but, there was just one problem! Apart from the few dates that I'd had in the past, it was all a new experience for me.

I remember feeling like I had to impress the woman and keep her interested in me. After a few minutes, I would run out of things to say and things would get awkward. At times, I would just sit there, not knowing what to say and the woman would have to pick up the conversation for me, which made her feel awkward and even more lose interest in me.

Sometimes I'd just start talking about how much I liked her and what we could do together in the future as a couple. What I didn't know at the time was that saying those kinds of things turns most modern women off. For a period of about 5 months, I rarely got a second date with a woman and it confused the hell out of me!

Of course, things are completely different today and I can now offer you loads of proven dating tips for first dates that guarantee she will want to see you again and again. I want to share all of my first date tips with you. First date tips and techniques that are guaranteed to lead YOU to kissing, sex and a loving relationship with the woman of your choice.

One of the very first dating tips for first dates that I realized to be essential for success was: Taking the lead during the date. I discovered that as a man, you must lead the date by choosing the place to go, where to sit or what to do (e.g. what movie to watch) when you meet up. You must also lead by starting interesting conversations for you both to connect on and lead again when it comes to the first kiss. This allows the woman to 'be a woman' and not have to take control like a man, which is 100% more fulfilling and natural for her than having look after you on the date.

Once I realized this and put it into practice, I saw instant improvements in the way women responded and in how confident I felt about my attractiveness to women. After I discovered more first date techniques, my dates began to end with kissing and sex almost every time. I was then able to find a great woman to have a relationship with, who was at least 5 times higher in quality than any woman I'd ever been with.

How about you?

How do your first dates usually end up? Would you like to attract and keep a loving girlfriend by using my first date tips? Would you like to begin dating and having sex with many new women? The choice is yours when you have the right information.

I want to give you all of my best dating tips for first dates – right now. First date tips and techniques that will allow you to either date and have sex with lots of women, or find a great woman to enjoy a loving, long-term relationship with. It's your choice!

Decide now to learn my very BEST dating tips and techniques. Click below to continue and let me teach you everything I know about how to be successful with women and dating in the modern world...

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“Thankyou so much for your first date tips, my confidence is back up to and at unprecedented levels. My previous dates were full of nerves and anxiety and basically didn't know what to say to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting. Well, I used your tips on a date last Thursday and it ended up back at my place. Amazing how much I've changed already - it all seems too easy now which is fantastic!"
Luke, Manchester
“Hi Dan, I started your dating training a few weeks ago and it rationalized for me the now obvious things I was getting wrong. Particularly chatting the right way during a first meeting in different situations. Anyway, I was in a crowded bar with some pals, trying to get served. I was next to a really hot girl, who was also out with her pals.

I started chatting to her about how its great fun bumping into people while getting served. She chatted and joked and by the time we both got served I had moved the conversation on to all sorts of more flirty stuff. She was too. We both went back to our pals but I could see her glancing at me across the bar. When she went to the bar again I made a point of standing next to her and the conversation got real fun and flirty and lots of laughs.

She put her no. in my phone and I said she was cool but I was with my pals, so I'd be in touch. The next day I texted her and she quickly texted me back. We exchanged texts for a few days then I arranged dinner. The date went well, lots of fun and things have moved on well, so we see one another regularly. She is 26 and I'm 56.

I'm so grateful for your advice as it prevented me from chickening out after the first chance encounter and helped with the correct approach for a 'bar' situation.”
Graham, Texas
“...this was my first date in a long time, but I trusted in your advice and went in for the kiss using your 3 kiss technique and it worked! That woman is now my girlfriend. I'm damn glad to have found your site...”
Evan, Sydney, Australia