If you’ve been finding it almost impossible to let go of your ex, it will be due to one of the following reasons why:

1. No other woman ever makes you feel the way she does

If you haven’t dated or slept with any attractive women since the breakup, then it’s totally normal to see your ex as the best option for you.

Likewise, if you have dated some women since the breakup, but they didn’t make you feel the way your ex did (e.g. proud to be with her, truly in love, fully attracted and interested, willing to commit), then you might find yourself feeling incapable of letting go.

You might look at other women and find them attractive, but it’s not the same.

Those women aren’t her and you want her.

Here’s the thing…

Your ex might actually be the perfect girl for you.

The only way you will ever know for sure though, is by going through the steps to get her back and enjoying a new, improved relationship with her.

If you don’t give yourself that chance, you’ll likely end up missing her for life, regardless of whether you settle down with, or even marry another woman.

You will always wish that you just took a chance and tried while you still could (i.e. before she settled down, married, had children or got a lot older and became less attractive to you).

So, if you do want your ex back and have been finding yourself incapable of letting go, then make a move while you still can.

On the other hand, if you don’t want her back, then understand this…

There are a lot of single women out there right now, who have similar qualities to your ex, which would result in you feeling just as much, or close to the amount of love.

It will never be the same as what you felt for your ex, but you still can fall in love with a woman that you really want to be with.

2. You know that you could make it work if she just gave you a chance

You know that you could make it work, if she just gave you a chance

Getting dumped by the woman he loves, is often the thing a guy needs to shock him into becoming an even better man than he was before.

The break up provides him with the motivation to take an honest look at his strengths (e.g. he’s a good guy, he’s honest) and weakness (e.g. he is insecure in relationships, doesn’t have the courage to fully trust in a relationship, needs to be more manly in his behavior, emotions and actions) and then change, improve or adjust, so he can be more attractive to his ex woman, or other women.

If he then interacts with his ex, she will be able to sense the changes in him and will naturally feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him.

She will then automatically begin to drop her guard and open up to the possibility of giving him another chance.

How about you?

Have you improved since the breakup?

Could you honestly do better in the relationship now that you’ve learned from your mistakes?

Do you now know how to attract her in ways that are important to her?

If yes, then it’s only natural that you might feel a need to prove that to her, or to yourself and therefore, are feeling incapable of letting her go.

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to let go.

You can get her back if you really want to.

Start by getting her on a phone call with you, so you can let her sense the changes in you (e.g. you’re so much more confident now, you’re able to flirt with her to create sexual tension, you are able to make her feel feminine and girly in comparison to your masculine approach to the interaction).

Then, when she’s feeling attracted, get her to meet up with you in person, so you can attract her further and get the relationship back together.

Don’t wait a long time to do it.

She won’t be available forever.

She could meet a guy this week who makes her feel a tremendous amount of love, respect and attraction and it will then be harder for you to get her back.

Prepare yourself to re-attract her and then get the job done.

Get her back.

Another possible reason why you’ve been feeling incapable of letting go of your ex, is…

3. You find it difficult to attract women of her quality

Sometimes a guy doesn’t know how to attract and pick up women, so he just settles for whatever he can get.

Then, if he gets ‘lucky’ one day and is able to hook up and get into a relationship with a very beautiful woman, or a woman that he sees as being ‘out of his league,’ he will naturally struggle to let her go when she dumps him.

He had his big chance with a pretty girl, or a high quality woman and he blew it.

Now he has to go back to accepting whatever he can get.

When a guy knows that he got lucky and feels unworthy of his ex woman, or feels unworthy of other high quality women, they can sense it.

Women are very good at picking up on a lack of confidence, or self-belief in men.

If a pretty woman notices that a guy feels very unworthy of her, she will naturally want to reject him because it’s highly like that he’ll become insecure, clingy, needy and overly protective in a relationship (i.e. to protect what he has gotten by luck).

The reality is that almost all quality women out there, want to feel like they are the lucky one (i.e. the guy they are with is a catch, he could have other women if he wanted to, but is giving her a chance).

So, if you want your ex back and she’s a quality woman, don’t give her the sense that you feel unworthy, or that dating has been difficult for you since the breakup.

Always believe in yourself and see yourself as being more than worthy of a woman, while also treating her well.

If you do that, you will be naturally attractive to women of all kinds.

4. You can’t deal with the fact that she dumped you

Sometimes a guy will feel that way about an ex girlfriend who fully loved and adored him, or promised to be with him forever.

He believed her promise, or trusted in her love for him and as a result, he fully invested in the relationship.

Yet, she eventually dumped him and left him heartbroken.

As a result, he finds it difficult to let go because he fully opened up to her and gave his all in the relationship.

Alternatively, a guy might struggle to let go of his ex woman, if he sees himself as a great catch (e.g. he’s cool, confident, possibly handsome or successful) and can’t understand why she would want to leave him and be alone, or go for another guy who isn’t as good as him.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Regardless of how well a relationship starts, it won’t last forever if a man doesn’t maintain the right dynamic (i.e. where he treats her well, but also makes her feel the desire to treat him well, respect him and show him love).

If the relationship is too one-sided, or it fizzles out and feels more like a friendship (e.g. due to the guy becoming too neutral around her, forgetting to flirt and create sparks), then it doesn’t matter what the woman promised in the past.

Women go with how they feel, so if a woman doesn’t feel in love with a guy and he can’t figure out how to reverse it, she will eventually get to the point where she wants to leave the relationship.

He might then be left feeling confused about how she could go from being totally in love with him, to walking away like what they had meant nothing.

Yet, it did mean something, until it didn’t.

If he wants her back, he has to interact with her and make her feel new sparks for him.

If he does that, she will naturally begin to reconnect with her feelings and become open to getting back together.

If he just waits on the sidelines and hopes she comes back for some unknown reason, he will almost certainly end up feeling heartbroken, disappointed or rejected when he sees her happily move on and settle down with a new man.

5. A part of your sense of self-worth is attached to her wanting to be with you

A part of your sense of self-worth is attached to her wanting to be with you

This can happen when a guy felt very proud to have his girlfriend.

She was pretty, smart, cool or whatever else he valued and as a result, it made him feel like a more valuable man.

He felt more confident in himself, due to the fact that a woman like her loved him and wanted to be in a relationship with him.

Then, when she left, all of that was taken away.

Now, when he looks at himself in the mirror, he sees half the man that he used to be when he was with her.

He just doesn’t have the same kind of confidence, or feeling of self-worth anymore.

6. You feel like a failure for being dumped by her

This can happen if a guy notices that other couples in his life (e.g. friends, family, coworkers) are able to remain together, be happy and make their relationship work, but he hasn’t been able to do it.

Maybe he got dumped by another quality woman in the past and now it has happened to him again, or it was his first serious girlfriend and he couldn’t make the relationship work.

Now, he feels like a failure and may even feel a bit ashamed, or embarrassed about messing up the relationship and losing her.

Here’s the thing though…

Almost everyone goes through a breakup, or gets dumped at some point in their life, before being able to make a relationship work.

Additionally, just because you’ve been dumped by her, it doesn’t mean you can’t get her back and make it work.

For example:

  • The Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas, found that approximately 65% of U.S. college students had broken up and then gotten back together again.
  • A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Research found that 44% of young adults aged 17 to 24, reported breaking up and getting back together again, with 53% admitting to having sex with an ex.
  • According to research conducted by Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, Sacramento, married couples that reunite after divorce have a 72% chance of staying together for life

How can you get your ex back?

Level up your ability to attract her (e.g. improve your ability to flirt with her to create sexual tension, be more confident and manly in the way you express yourself) and then interact with her and make it happen.

The attraction stage of the ex back process is easy, if you get the right guidance and then apply what you have learned.

You will find that your ex feels more attracted to you than she ever did before, which then makes it easier to get her back because she wants it too.

Another possible reason why you feel incapable of letting go of your ex is…

7. You’re using her as an excuse to avoid being hurt again

Sometimes a breakup can make a guy feel that love and relationships aren’t worth the pain that can be felt afterward, if things don’t work out.

He just doesn’t want to give all of himself again, or fall in love and trust in a woman, only to end up heartbroken once again.

So, he overlooks other women and convinces himself that he’s incapable of letting go of his ex.

That way, he doesn’t have to meet and date other women and risk getting into a relationship, which results in heartbreak.

Essentially, he plays it safe and keeps himself hidden away.

Yet, by doing that, he just makes himself unhappy and gives her more time to fully move on without him (i.e. get married, have children, settle down).

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want her back, then make it happen.

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