Here are 11 of the most common reasons why it happens:

1. She was looking at your number and accidentally clicked it

Why was she looking at your number? It could be that:

  • She was missing you.
  • She was considering deleting or blocking you.
  • She was thinking about you and wondering how you are.
  • Your number was above or below another number that she intended to call.

Then, all of a sudden, she accidentally clicked your number and didn’t cancel the call quick enough to stop you from getting the call.

What should you do now?

Well, if you want her back, don’t sit around doubting yourself, or continuing to question her motives for accidentally calling.

Instead, understand that you now have a perfect reason to call her back and make her feel attracted to you (e.g. by using some humor, being very confident, being assertive in a loving way, or flirting with her).

For example: You can call and when she answers, say, “Hey, how you doing? What were you calling about?” and if she says that she only called you by accident, you can laugh and say (in a jokingly suspicious tone of voice, as though you don’t believe her, but are only joking), “Yeah right. Okay, I believe you” and have a laugh.

You can then add in, “It’s okay, you can admit that you miss me and were calling to tell me that” and have a laugh with her.

Alternatively, you can call and pretend to have called her by accident as well.

When she answers, you can say, “Oh, it’s you. I didn’t mean to call you. I was calling to order a pizza. I must have called you by accident” and then have a laugh with her.

In many ex back cases, the difference between a guy getting his woman back, is whether or not he has the courage to call her.

So many guys miss out on getting a woman back by simply waiting around and hoping she’ll call again, or will text and give him signs that she’s open to getting back together.

Yet, that rarely, if ever happens because a woman doesn’t want to seem too keen and make him think that he doesn’t need to change anything to get her back, or end up getting rejected if he isn’t interested anymore.

So, if she accidentally called you, get in touch with her and re-attract her.

Another possible reason why she accidentally called you is…

2. She was in the process of deleting your number from her phone and accidentally clicked it

She was in the process of deleting your number from her phone and accidentally clicked it

If that’s what really happened, it doesn’t mean you no longer have a chance with her.


A woman can decide to delete her ex’s number from her phone for different reasons, other than not wanting anything to do with him anymore.

For example: She might…

  • Worry that if she keeps his number on her phone, she will be tempted to call him.
  • Be missing him so much that seeing his number in her phone is a constant, painful reminder of what she lost.
  • Be struggling to cope with the breakup and deleting his number is her way of trying to move on.
  • Decide to delete his number and see how she feels afterward.

When attempting to delete the number, she simply clicked it by accident and now the ball is in her ex’s court.

In other words, it’s your move now.

What are you going to do?

3. She wants you back, but doesn’t want to show it in case you reject her

Even if you know for sure that you’d never reject her, she can’t count on that because she doesn’t know what really goes on inside your head.

Additionally, she may believe that you currently have a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to give her another chance (e.g. she wasn’t very nice to you leading up to the breakup, or after it. She dumped you and wouldn’t give you another chance, despite how much you pleaded with her. You know that you’re a valuable guy and can easily attract a new, quality woman. You are over her already).

That may not be true, or only partially true, but that’s not the point.

In almost all cases, women don’t want to risk being rejected by an ex that they dumped.

So, rather than putting herself in a position where you could reject her (e.g. by saying that you’re not bothered about her calling because you’re over her, or are dating a new woman already), she uses the line of, “Oh, sorry…I just called you by accident” to test your reaction.

If you seem happy to hear from her, she can then continue texting back and forth with you, or get on a call and not worry so much about being rejected.

On the other hand, if you don’t seem happy to hear from her, she will assume that you’re not interested and as a result, will not show interest in you.

She will then try to get over you and move on.

This is why, you should always be the more confident one when it comes to interactions, dates, relationships and sex with women.

You can’t rely on women to be the brave one and lead you.

You have to be willing to take a risk to show interest by calling, making her feel sparks of attraction on the call and then inviting her to catch up with you in person.

Another possible reason why your ex called you by accident is…

4. She was testing your reaction out of curiosity

Basically, she wanted to see…

  • Would you text her to see what she wanted?
  • Would you ignore her?
  • Would you call?

If you ignore her, she may assume that what you and her had is truly over and you’re no longer interested in her.

As a result, she will focus on moving on and making a fresh start with someone else.

If you text her, she might respond to see what you do from there (e.g. will you spark her feelings with flirting and humor, or will you just text back and forth like a friend until she’s bored? Will you have the courage to transition from texting to a call and then get her to catch up with you?)

If you call her, a woman will usually take it as a sign that you’re still interested.

Despite that, she will still wait to see if you talk to her in a neutral, friendly way, or spark her feelings of attraction and then arrange a catch up.

5. She did it out of boredom to add some drama to her life, or to her day

She did it out of boredom to add some drama to her life, or to her day

Sometimes a woman will be feeling bored (e.g. when she’s home alone in the evening, during her lunch break, while stuck in traffic) and will start thinking about her ex.

She knows her ex wants her back, so she suddenly feels the urge to call him by ‘accident’ to add some drama to her day (e.g. it may result in her ex texting her, trying to get her back and so on), or life from then on (e.g. she might get back with her ex, sleep with him for a while and break up with him again).

If her ex doesn’t use the opportunity to re-attract her (e.g. he only interacts with her in a friendly way), then she’ll lose interest and continue moving on.

If her ex ignores her, she might feel a bit hurt by that, but if she doesn’t feel much attraction for him, she won’t care for long.

Instead, she’ll focus her energy on hooking up with a new guy to make herself better and continue moving on without her ex.

6. Her phone misunderstood her voice command

For example: A woman has her ex boyfriend’s number saved in her phone as Michael, but has also met a new guy named Michael.

To differentiate the new man from her ex, she saved the new guy as Mike in her phone.

Yet, while talking with a friend about the new Michael she is seeing, she accidentally spoke in a way that activated a voice command and called her ex.

7. She initially wanted to call you, freaked out when she did and then said it was an accident

It’s possible that she just doesn’t know how to deal with her feelings, or with the situation you and her are now in (e.g. she does miss you, but doesn’t want you to know that if you don’t feel the same way too, she’s worried that you’re over her and she made a fool of herself by calling you).

So, to cover her tracks, she told you a white lie and said something like, “Sorry, I called you by accident.”

In other cases, she may have been tipsy, drunk or feeling lonely when she did it and ‘accidentally calling’ was the only excuse she could think of at the time.

8. She was missing you and that is her way of trying to let you know

Accidentally calling is her subtle way of letting you know that still has your number in her phone, which means she isn’t over you.

You really have to read between the lines in a case like that, but that’s all she is willing to give.

It’s just the way some women are.

For some women, accidentally calling is as far as she’ll ever go to show her ex that she’s open to talking to him again.

If he picks up on her hint, contacts her and sparks her feelings for him (e.g. by being flirtatious, confident, assertive in a loving way), she will go with it and give him a chance.

However, if he just ignores her ‘mistake’ and allows for things to go back to the way they were (e.g. not talking to each other anymore), then a woman will usually take it as a sign that he doesn’t want her anymore, or he has moved on.

In most cases, she then won’t want to take the risk of being rejected by contacting him again and showing interest, or even accidentally calling again.

She’ll just go quiet and push herself to start dating new men and moving on.

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