Telling your ex that you’ve slept with a woman can sometimes help get her back, but there are pros and cons to be aware of.

For example:

1. If you were needy in the relationship, she may feel as though you’d be less needy now that you’ve slept with a new woman

She might see it as a sign that even though you love her and want her back, you no longer need her back to be able to feel good about yourself and get on with your life without her.

You are able to attract other women and get to sex, so you’re not a lonely, desperate, needy guy.

That is attractive to her.

As a result, she feels more open to interacting with you than she would if she believed you were still the same needy guy you were before, or if you had been all alone, missing her and needing her back.

Unlike men (who don’t require a woman not to be needy of them. In fact, men often like it when a woman is dependent on them), a woman doesn’t want to get stuck with a guy who can’t handle himself in the world and needs her to keep propping him up, patting him on the back and encouraging him along to keep him happy, confident and forward moving.

Even though she might not openly admit that to you, or even be able to explain it if asked, it’s what her instincts are hard-wired to want in a man.

This is why, if you were needy in the relationship with your ex girlfriend and you then tell her that you’ve slept with another woman since the break up, it can make her look at you as being more emotionally independent than you were before.

In her eyes, you’ve become a man who isn’t clinging on to her because that’s all he can get.

Instead, you want her back because you love her, have changed and know that you and her would be happier this time around.

That takes a lot of pressure off her shoulders because it’s not about her giving a chance to an ex who needs her, but rather a non-needy ex who loves her and who could make her happier than before.

2. If the other woman is attractive, or a lot more attractive than her (in her eyes), she might look at you as being more attractive and valuable to women

If the other woman is attractive, or a lot more attractive than her (in her eyes), she might look at you as being more attractive and valuable to women

Women don’t want to feel like they’re doing a guy favor by being with him.

A woman wants to feel like she is at least getting an even deal (i.e. the guy is attractive or valuable and she is attractive or valuable), or ideally, the guy is a catch and she’s lucky that he has chosen her, even though he could easily get other quality women.

So, when you tell your ex girlfriend that you’ve slept with another woman since the break up, she will immediately wonder what the woman looks like.

She might ask you for a photo, ask her name, or search your social media to see what she looks like.

If she perceives her as being attractive, or more attractive than her, she will start seeing you as more valuable.

Of course, she will almost certainly not admit that to you.

In many cases, a woman will make a negative comment about the other woman (e.g. “She has horrible hair” or, “She’s ugly” or, “She’s plain looking” or, “That’s what you replaced me with? Lol, okay…as long as you are happy”), or pretend to reject her ex (e.g. “Fine – go and be with her, I don’t care. I hope you two are happy. Don’t ever call me again”).

Don’t fall for those kind of manipulative reactions from her.

Just know that if the woman you have slept with is at least fairly attractive, your ex will see you in a more positive light.

Women feel more attracted to men that other women want.

It’s not something that women like to admit, but it’s how their attraction for men really works.

This is why women will complain about a guy being a player, or bad boy, but will still sleep with him anyway.

The woman is turned on by the fact that so many other women want him.

3. If she has slept with another guy since the break up, she might feel as though getting back with you wouldn’t be a problem now

If she was the only one who slept with someone new since the break up, a woman may worry that her ex will be insecure about it if they got back together.

He might worry that the other guy was better than him in bed, or had a bigger penis and then lose confidence, or seek to get revenge on her by reeling her back in and then dumping her when he’s ready.

Yet, if he’s also slept with another woman, then they’re even and it’s less likely that he will become jealous and seek revenge.

Of course, if you do tell your ex girlfriend that you’ve slept with someone else, you do need to be prepared for her to say that she has too.

Don’t make the mistake that some guys make and get upset or angry with her and accuse her of being a slut, if she admits to having slept with a guy since the break up.

That’s only going to make her lose respect for you and see you as being two faced.

It will then become a lot more difficult for you to reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

So, prepare for yourself for the news that she may give you and be ready to be totally fine about it, forget about it and get on with getting back with her.

4. She might find it sexy that you have experienced sex with a new woman since her

According to research, many women fantasize about watching their man having sex with someone else.

In most cases, it is simply a daydream that a woman has about her husband or boyfriend and she wouldn’t want that fantasy to ever become a reality.

However, there are also women who report that after they split up with their husband or boyfriend and he began sleeping with another woman, they suddenly started feeling attracted to him again.

Sometimes, it even resulted in post-break up sex with him.

So, a guy telling his ex girlfriend that he’s slept with another woman since the break up, can turn her on when she then imagines him having sex with another woman.

She may also feel attracted simply based on the idea of another woman being turned on by him and wanting to have sex with him (i.e. he’s not an unattractive guy that no woman wants).

She might also begin perceiving him as being a bit of a bad boy (bad boys are sexy to women) to have moved on so easily.

Finally, she can also feel respect and attraction based on the fact that he hasn’t been sitting around at home, lonely and and falling apart without her.

Instead, he quickly become emotionally stronger and more capable of attracting women and then did just that.

That is a turn on to her, because him being more experienced with women now implies that he could be better at being able to please her sexually if they ever have sex again.

So, she then becomes curious about how she’d feel if they had sex and becomes open to meeting up with him and seeing where things go.

5. She might feel jealous that another woman has been getting to experience your sexual love

If you were great in bed and that is one of the things your ex girlfriend really loved about you, she may feel jealous that another woman got to experience that with you.

Even though you and her are broken up, she may still feel possessive over you and the sexual connection you and her shared.

Additionally, she might also feel insecure about her sexual skills and wonder if the other woman was better in bed than her.

As a result, she may then open up to hooking up with you again one more time, so she can experience the sexual chemistry you and her shared and try her best to please you in bed, so you forget about the other girl.

Note: When you and her sex, be sure to blow her mind by being more attractive during the sex (i.e. more confident, more manly), so she then realizes that her feelings for you are back and stronger than ever.

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So, the above 5 points were the positives about telling her that you’ve slept with another woman. Here are…

5 Cons of Telling Your Ex Girlfriend That You’ve Slept With Another Woman Since the Break Up

1. If she hasn’t slept with anyone else since the break up, you telling her about your sex life might compel her to do the same

She might think, “What? He’s already moved on? How silly of me for thinking that I mattered enough to him and he cared enough to not move on so quickly. Well, I guess he showed me. So, I don’t have to sit around anymore being faithful to a guy who has already moved on. There are plenty of guys who are interested in me. I’m going to open myself up to sleeping with one of them.”

She then proceeds to date and sleep with another man.

Then, if you happen to interact with her and try to get her back, she might say something like, “Sorry, but it’s too late for us. I thought we had a chance, but you moved on and slept with another woman. That showed me you didn’t care. So, I’m with someone else now and I’m happy. Just accept that it’s over for us. Goodbye” to reject you and hurt you.

2. If she doesn’t really trust you anymore, she might assume you’re saying that just to make her jealous and want you back

Sometimes a guy will try all sorts of tricks and ways to get his ex back after a break up.

For example: He might start off by begging and pleading with her to change her mind and make promises to change.

If that doesn’t work, he may send her flowers or gifts to hopefully impress her and make her want him back.

Again, if she says “No,” he might get angry with her and accuse her of being selfish and unreasonable.

Alternatively, he might try to put a guilt trip on her by telling her that she has destroyed him by leaving him behind.

So naturally, by the time he gets to the part where he tells her that he’s slept with another woman since the break up, rather than just accept it, she might think that it’s just another ploy to manipulate her into getting back together again.

As a result, she won’t believe him, or will give him a, “Whatever, I don’t care” kind of response or reaction.

3. If she doesn’t think the woman is as attractive as her, she will feel as though she made the right decision to leave you

In a woman’s eyes, if a guy is unable to attract another high quality woman after a break up, it is a sign that he lacks confidence and belief in himself (i.e. because quality women tend to avoid insecure men and only want confident men).

So, if her ex sleeps with a woman who is less attractive than her, she will look at her ex as having lost value, not gained it.

She then feels relieved that they’re broken up and she no longer has to waste time on him.

4. She might worry that you’d cheat on her with that woman, or another woman, if she got back with you

Sometimes, finding out that her ex is sleeping with other women makes a woman feel insecure.

She may then think, “If I give him another chance, he might get back with me, but continue to meet and sleep with new women behind my back. After all, if he’s enjoying himself sleeping with random women, why would he want to stop? He might cheat on me after I have fallen back in love with him. I refuse to put myself through that kind of pain. I have to remain broken up with him.”

She then closes herself off and tries to move on with someone else, rather than risk putting herself in the position of getting cheated on and heartbroken.

Additionally, if she’s been cheated on before by an ex boyfriend, it’s something that she may secretly worry about, even when in a happy, stable relationship.

5. She might pretend to be upset at you and not want to talk to you anymore

This is actually the most common reaction, so be prepared for it.

Don’t react like many guys do, where a guy will say, “No please, wait! She meant nothing to me! You’re the only woman I really want. I promise it will never happen again. Please just give me one more chance!”

She will then have a kind of power and control over you that she doesn’t want.

She doesn’t want to feel turned off by your lack of balls, if you turn into a total ‘yes man’ for her and are willing to do whatever she says, to hopefully get another chance with her.

She wants you to be respectful towards her, but not turn into a whimpering, apologizing, desperate guy.

So, be prepared for her to test you (by pretending to be upset) if and when you tell her that you’ve slept with another woman since the break up.

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