Here are 7 possible outcomes that could happen if you sleep with your ex, even though she has a new boyfriend:

1. She decides that she feels more for you and therefore, wants to dump him and get back with you

How can you make that happen?

By attracting her in ways that she feels are more important and valuable than what he could offer, or is currently offering.

Here are some questions to help you get clear on what you might need to change, improve or adjust:

  • What actions and behavior will make her perceive you as being more confident and emotionally strong than you were before? Example: You’re now able to handle her moodiness or the difficult parts of her personality, whereas in the past you would become insecure, irritated or emotionally sensitive in response.
  • What will motivate her to want to impress you and get back with you? Example: You’re more of a challenge vs. being too nice, predictable or boring.
  • What actions will convince her that you’re more emotionally mature and if she were to get back with you, she wouldn’t be wasting her time? Example: You now have more purpose and direction in life, or your understanding of love and relationships has improved significantly.
  • How important is commitment to her and could you give her hope of a future with you, without being desperate or needy about it? Example: You still remain being the cool, confident guy that she has always been attracted to, but you now hint at potentially wanting more than just a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship if things go well between you and her now.
  • How differently can you approach the sex, so she feels more attracted to you? Example: Being more assertive in a loving way, being more present during sex where you’re able to look her in the eyes during missionary position, or simply based on the way you now touch her, look at her and give it to her.
  • What kind of traits in men is she really looking for that you can now display? Example: If she’s like most women, she will want a guy who can make her feel girly in comparison to his masculine approach. She will also want a guy who loves, respects and appreciates her, but also has the ability to make her feel motivated to show love, respect and appreciation in return.

When you make her feel more for you, she will naturally start looking at her new boyfriend as being lower value compared to you.

As a result, she will want to leave him and get back with you while she still can (i.e. before you meet a new, attractive woman and move on).

2. She is turned on by how ‘wrong’ it feels to be having sex with you behind her new boyfriend’s back

She is turned on by how 'wrong' it feels to be having sex with you behind her new boyfriend’s back

Some women enjoy how wrong, naughty or bold it feels to cheat on a new boyfriend with an ex.

In many cases, it makes the sex feel more exciting because it’s forbidden.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Just because your ex girlfriend has sex with you again to get a rush, it doesn’t mean she will get back with you for good.

Instead, she might just use you for some fun sex and then go back to being a good girlfriend to her new man.

If you don’t care because you’re not interested in getting her back for real, then it will work out well for you.

So, the answer to the question of, “Should I sleep with my ex girlfriend who has a new boyfriend?” would be a yes in your case.

Just enjoy yourselves.

Another possible outcome if you sleep with your ex girlfriend…

3. Her new boyfriend finds out and dumps her

If that happens, it will likely become easier for you to get her back because she’ll need to make herself feel better.

Rather than feeling rejected and alone, she’ll come to you for some love, support and comfort.

4. She only wants to have sex with you once or twice and rejects you after that

Sometimes a woman will sleep with an ex boyfriend to see how she feels afterward.

For example:

  • Does she now feel more attracted to her ex, or to her new boyfriend?
  • Has her ex leveled up his ability to attract in ways that she really wants (e.g. is he more of a challenge now), or is he still using the same old approach to attraction that she got bored of in the relationship (e.g. being too much of a pushover with her, acting more like a neutral friend around her than an attracted, in love boyfriend)?
  • Do the same relationship problems keep happening with her ex (e.g. he’s still too clingy and needy, or is he still too emotionally closed off)?
  • Does she feel more love for the new guy, or her ex? Who really has her heart?

If she realizes that nothing has really changed with her ex, she will focus on trying to make things work with her new boyfriend.

5. You get the closure you want by knowing that she was still attracted to you

You can then move on and find a new high quality woman to get into a relationship with, knowing that deep down, your ex will always remember that she cheated on her new boyfriend due to still being attracted to you.

6. You are able to offer her a better relationship experience now, so you get back together and the relationship is better than it ever was

It’s an amazing, enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling experience for a woman to back with an ex who has truly changed in ways that are important to her.

She suddenly feels a type of love, attraction and respect that she just can’t feel with anyone else.

If the guy is then able to maintain a healthy relationship dynamic where love, respect and attraction flow freely between them, they will almost certainly end up settling down and happily remaining together for life.

How about you?

Have you changed since the breakup?

Are you now more aware of what attracts women, or how to maintain a happy, loving relationship for life?

If so, then when you sleep with your ex girlfriend and get back together afterward, you’ll almost certainly find that the relationship between you and her feels more mature, enjoyable, fulfilling and real than it ever did before.

Another possible outcome of sleeping with her now that she has a new boyfriend…

7. You get back with her, but are insecure about the fact that she slept with another guy

That can happen if a guy hasn’t slept with any other women since being dumped.

He gets back with his ex girlfriend and ends up feeling insecure, angry, or resentful towards her for having sex with the other guy.

He might then end up comparing himself to the other guy and thinking, “Does he have a bigger dick than me? Is she thinking of him while having sex with me? What if he was better in bed than me? Will she cheat on me with him? How long is this going to last?”

She then begins to notice changes in his body language, vibe, conversation style and behavior (e.g. he seems irritable all the time, he becomes clingy or overly protective of her, he asks her a lot of questions about the other guy, he gets upset when she’s not in the mood for sex, he becomes distant or withdrawn) and realizes that he’s feeling insecure.

Since insecurity isn’t attractive to women, she then begins to feel like she made a mistake by getting back with him.

So, here’s the thing…

You don’t have to have sex with new women just because your ex has slept with another man.

However, if you decide to get your ex girlfriend back and have a serious, committed relationship with her, make sure that you don’t let the idea of her having sex with him erode your feelings of confidence and self-worth.

If you do, it will naturally destroy her feelings of respect and attraction for you and will then almost certainly lead to you being dumped again.

4 Mistakes Guys Often Make When They Want to Sleep With an Ex Girlfriend Who Has Moved On

Asking her too many questions about the other guy

1. Asking her too many questions about the other guy

If a guy does that, she then takes it as a sign that he’s feeling insecure and wants her to hopefully say something bad about her new boyfriend, so he can feel better about himself.

As a result, she loses respect and attraction for him for being emotionally weak and insecure.

So, what should you do instead?

Don’t even bring the other guy up in conversation.

He doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you make her feel when you interact with her.

If she brings him up during a conversation, just remain calm, relaxed and easygoing.

Let her talk about him, but don’t try to expand the conversation too much.

Instead, just get back to being attractive (e.g. being confident, assertive in a loving way) and making her smile, laugh and feel good to be around you.

2. Feeling insecure about his sexual performance compared to the other guy

As a result, he can’t relax and enjoy the physical and emotional pleasure of being with her again.

In some cases, he might even struggle to get an erection or maintain an erection, which then turns her off even more, or makes her feel like they just don’t have a good enough sexual connection anymore.

3. Showing interest in a relationship before she does

If a woman really likes her new boyfriend and her ex is showing interest in a relationship, she will usually push back, play a little hard to get, or exaggerate how confused she is.

This can then lead to her ex boyfriend behaving in a needy, insecure way, which then convinces her that her new boyfriend is a better choice.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want a relationship with your ex girlfriend, focus on making her feel attracted and in love with you again.

Let her sense that you really are a better option than her new boyfriend, so she naturally wants to leave him for you.

Then, allow her to have that chance with you.

That way, you never have to come across as the needy, rejected or unwanted ex and instead, are seen as ‘the one’ for her, or at least as her best option.

4. Waiting too long to make a move

Sometimes a guy spends so long debating whether or not he should sleep with an ex girlfriend, or even just call her, that she ends up getting serious with the new guy, gets engaged or gets pregnant.

Don’t let that guy be you.

If you want her back, make a move on her while you still can.

The reality is that the longer you wait to start the ex back process with your ex girlfriend, the more time you’re giving her to fully get over you, fall in love with her new boyfriend and start building a future with him.

It then will take a much bigger effort on your part to re-attract her and make her want you again.

So, make it happen while you still can.

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