Not necessarily.

Here are 7 possible outcomes of you giving her space and waiting for her to come back.

1. She feels sad, so she decides to make herself feel better by dating new men

Almost all women have men in their life who secretly like her and are just waiting for a chance to date her.

For example: A coworker, a neighbor, a friend of a friend, or an ex who she still feels something for.

It’s also very easy for women to line up a bunch of dates via dating apps and sites (e.g. Tinder, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel. Hinge, Bumble).

Additionally, if she’s attractive and she goes to bars or clubs with her friends (they will usually drag her out for a girl’s night out to make her feel better), the chances of her getting hit on by guys there are pretty high.

If she wants to (or gets drunk and goes with the flow), she can easily hook up with a guy she meets there and even end up dating and then getting into a relationship with him.

So, if you give her too much space and she feels hurt because of it, don’t assume she will come running back to you to get you back.

Instead, she might decide to open herself up to dating a new guy to give herself a confidence boost and make herself feel better that way instead.

Then, by the time you do contact her (possibly after 30 or even 60 days), she will likely already be with a new man, or have experienced fun, exciting sex and want more of it.

Then, convincing her to leave her new relationship, or give up on an enjoyable single life to give you another chance becomes a lot more difficult for you.

This is why, if you do give your ex space, 3 to 7 days is long enough to allow for things to calm down and for her to start missing you.

3 to 7 days proves the prove that you’re not being needy or desperate, while also showing her that you haven’t just given up and don’t care enough to attempt to get her back.

So, when you wait too long, it can often motivate a woman to want to forget about you and move on, rather than risk contacting you to find out that you’re not interested.

The next reason why she won’t necessarily come back just because you gave her space is…

2. She doesn’t care because she’s not planning on getting back with you

She doesn’t care because she’s not planning on getting back with you

When a woman breaks up with a man, it will usually be a move that she works up to making over the course of weeks or months.

First, she will usually give her man chances to improve himself or change the dynamic of the relationship, but if he doesn’t, she will begin to switch off her feelings for him.

Additionally, she will usually prepare herself mentally to move on and make a fresh start without him in it (i.e. tell some of her girlfriends and get them ready to want to go out and party with her, or start flirting and opening up to guys who are interested in her, so she has a new guy to date pretty much right away).

Then, she will get herself to the point where she doesn’t care if she loses him.

At that point, she will dump him.

Then, if he doesn’t contact her, she simply won’t care much at all and will get on with enjoying life without him.

So, when a woman doesn’t hear from a man she has dumped, rather than feeling upset about it and running back to him, she just doesn’t care.

It’s actually not something she spends a lot of time thinking or worrying about, because she’s usually busy getting on with her life.

This is why, you stand a much better chance of getting your ex back by giving her a little bit of space (i.e. up to a week) and then interact with her again to re-attract her and get her back.

3. She feels happier without you, which makes her glad that you’re not contacting her

In most cases, the days, weeks and even months leading up to a break up are filled with more bad days than good ones.

The couple will usually have arguments and feel like they are drifting apart, or as though only one of them wants to hold onto the relationship.

During this time, a woman might find herself often crying and wondering why she’s even bothering sticking around with a guy who makes her feel so miserable.

Initially, she might feel a bit afraid to break up with him because she worries that she’ll miss him and feel unhappy without him in her life.

Yet, if she doesn’t feel happy with him, she will force herself to go through with the break up.

Then, rather than feeling lost and sad without him, she actually feels happy and free.

It feels like a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders and she can now get on with enjoying life, rather than being stuck in a relationship that was making her unhappy.

4. She feels rejected that you’re not contacting her, worries about losing you and then contacts you

Sometimes giving a woman space and not contacting her can work.

She can worry that she’s losing you and contact you to open communication back up between you.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you will get her back if she contacts you under those circumstances (i.e. if she senses that you haven’t changed, she can and usually will lose interest. Alternatively, she may just contact you to check that you still want her back, so she can feel good about herself as she moves on without you).

5. She doesn’t worry because she has plenty of experience with break ups and knows that the pain will pass

If a woman has been through a few break ups in her life, she will know that no matter how sad, lonely and dejected she might be feeling because an ex isn’t contacting her, those feelings will eventually fade away.

So, rather than letting his silence bother her, a woman will usually focus on doing the things that will help her get over him (e.g. spend more time going out with her single friends and flirting with guys, focus on her work or hobbies, go on dates, have sex with someone new).

6. She feels disappointed that you don’t care enough to contact her and fix things

Regardless of how convinced a woman is that she wants to be broken up, it doesn’t mean she is 100% against giving her ex another chance if he contacts her and re-attracts her.

This is one of the reasons why so many couples break up and get back together more than once.

Women pretty much always give a guy another chance, if he is able to re-attract her.

Important: Re-attracting her is different to trying to convince her to give you another chance.

Re-attracting her is about interacting with her and letting her experience the changes in you, rather than telling her that you’ve changed or will change if she gives you another chance.

So, if you give your ex too much space and don’t contact her for weeks or months, you can end up killing any hope she has off giving you another chance.

As a result, she may think something like, “Well, maybe he never loved me at all! If he did, he’d be calling me instead of ignoring me. I guess I was a fool to believe that he really loved me.”

A woman will usually then begin dating and hooking up with another guy to make herself feel better.

7. She falls in love with a new guy and stops caring about potentially getting back with you

When a woman has lost touch with her feelings for a guy enough to dump him and leave him, she will rarely wait around for him to come back to her.

Instead, she will focus on moving on as quickly as possible, even if that means dating guys who aren’t her ideal match, until she finds the right one.

Then, by the time her ex does contact her again, she might be in love with someone else and not interested in trying to fix a broken relationship.

If he’d contacted her earlier, it would have been easier for him to get her to meet up.

Yet, now he’s made it unnecessarily difficult for himself by having to attract her on a call and persuade her to meet up, despite being with a new guy.

This is why, if you want your ex back, you need to be the guy who makes her feel respect, attraction and love again so she wants to be with you, rather than with anyone else.

If you let another guy get a hold of her heart, you’re going to have to battle to convince her that you’re her ideal match and he isn’t.

4 Mistakes Men Often Make When Giving a Woman Space After a Break Up

1. Assuming that the more space he gives her, the more she will want him back

A little bit space (i.e. 3 to 7 days) is best when getting an ex woman back.

The reason why is because it gives her some time to cool off and begin missing you, while also proving that you’re not needy and desperate, but do still care about her.

Giving her more than a week can result in her believing that you don’t care anymore, so she is free to move on without you.

2. Assuming that giving space works in all break up situations

Giving a lot of space works in some, but not most break up situations.

For example: If a woman is still very much in love with her guy, she may go back to him if he ignores her for weeks because she doesn’t want to risk losing him.

Of course, she might also feel rejected and decide to move on without him.

Another example of when giving space works, is if a woman struggles to find a replacement man.

She may then go back to her ex because she wants to stop feeling like a reject, or stop feeling lonely and left behind.

However, in cases like that, she will usually be looking for another guy in the background and when she finds one she will dump her ex again and move on.

On the other hand, in cases where a woman has lost touch with her feelings for a guy enough to dump him, giving her space is actually something she is grateful for, because she can move on in peace.

So, if your ex stopped loving you, feeling attracted to you and respecting you near the end of the relationship, don’t assume that she will want that back.

A woman wants to feel in love and be in a relationship with a man that she respects and feels attracted to.

If you want her back, contact her, interact with her and let her experience those kind of feelings for you.

3. Assuming that she will want to come back to him, even though she’s not attracted or in love with him anymore

Think about it…

It doesn’t make sense to assume that a woman who no longer has feelings for a guy, is suddenly going to change her mind the longer he ignores her, right?

She doesn’t want him, so why would she want him if he lets her have space?

It will only work if she can’t find a suitable replacement man, or if she really does want him and only dumped him due to a silly argument or problem they experienced.

If your ex dumped you due to no longer having enough feelings to want to be with you, then she’s almost certainly not going to run back to that if you give her space.

This is why, just giving a woman space is not the answer to getting her back.

What is the answer? Attraction.

The more attraction you can make her feel when you interact with her, the more she will realize that her feelings for you aren’t dead and that getting back with you would actually be exciting, interesting and enjoyable for her now.

4. Underestimating her ability to attract and date new men and move on without him

Most women are attractive enough to easily find a new man to start dating, sleeping with or having a relationship with.

So, when a woman’s ex ignores her after the break up, she will won’t struggle to be able to meet new men.
To make herself feel better, she may decide to hook up with one of them, rather than chasing after an ex that she assumes is no longer interested in her (i.e. because he’s not contacting her).

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