If you want to reunite with your ex girlfriend, be sure to apply these tips to ensure that your attempt is successful and results in you and her getting back into a committed, loving relationship that lasts.

1. Level up your ability to attract her emotionally

Emotional attraction is very important to women when it comes to relationships.

So, if a woman is with a man who she can’t truly feel attracted to emotionally (e.g. she’s more emotionally independent, whereas he tends to be clingy and needy, she’s focused on making progress on her goals as soon as possible, whereas he is still happy to drifting through life, she believes in herself and her value to him, while he feels insecure about his value to her, she feels comfortable around confident people, whereas he feels intimidated), then relationship just won’t feel right to her.

Some women put up with that, but if a woman is attractive and knows she doesn’t have to settle for it, she will usually want to go through with a break up and try to find a more emotionally attractive man.

This is why, if you want to successfully reunite with your ex, you need to level up your ability to make her feel emotionally attracted, so she can sense that things would really be better with you now.

Here are some examples of what a woman might want to see from her ex boyfriend when she interacts with him again:

  • He treats her well and is loving and attentive, but he now also makes her feel motivated to be good to him and impress him. She senses that and realizes that if she doesn’t treat him well and impress him, he might lose interest in her. It’s no longer a one-sided, ‘he wants her, but she doesn’t want him’ kind of relationship. There is mutual attraction and desire to impress each other now.
  • He remains calm, confident and in control regardless of what she says or does to test him (e.g. not giving straight answers, acting like she doesn’t care, insulting him, putting him down) or how emotional she gets. This shows her that he is a much stronger man now, but is still loving and respectful. He’s manned up.
  • He makes her feel turned on and aroused by way of his flirting and manly behavior, rather than making her feel neutral, non-sexual feelings by acting like a nice friend, or like an unworthy ex who is insecure around her now.
  • He makes her feel special and loved, but he doesn’t need to spend every minute with her to feel secure. Instead, he now has his own goals, interests and ambitions outside of the relationship, which naturally prevent him from being clingy, needy, controlling or jealous.

When a man is able to make changes like those, his ex girlfriend will automatically begin to feel more emotionally attracted to him and as a result, it will be so much easier to reunite and get back together, because she will want it too.

2. Reach out to her and set up a meet up while you still can

Reach out to her and set up a meet up while you still can

She’s not going to wait around, or be single and available forever.

So, if you’re not in contact with her right now, go ahead reach out to her via text or social media to reopen the lines of communication.

Once you’ve done that, it’s important that you get her on a call (phone call or video call), so you can properly reactivate some of her feelings for you and make her want to see you in person.

Every day, all across the world, millions guys successfully reunite with an ex girlfriend right away, simply by just having the courage to hit call on their phone and talk to her, rather than hiding behind texts or messages for weeks or months.

Hiding behind texts results in so many guys losing out on getting an ex girlfriend back, because she gets bored with the endless and pointless texting (or messaging) back and forth, or she decides to play hard to get to hopefully encourage him to call, or get to the point where he arranges a meet up.

She then either stops responding to him, or she places him in the friend zone and moves on with another guy instead.

That’s why you need to call her and use some playfully challenging humor to make her feel attracted and think, “He sounds so different now. Maybe it would be fun to see him in person.”

For example: Imagine you’re on a call with her and she says, “I just can’t decide if it’s a good idea to see each other again.”

You then laugh and say, “You always had a problem with decisions, so let’s not decide. Let’s just catch up,” which is actually a decision of course, because you’re deciding for the both of you that you should catch up.

Alternatively, you could laugh and say, “Well, if you can’t decide, I’ll decide for us. We’ll catch up and have a coffee this Wednesday at 7pm. Meet you at Cafe Modern at 7pm on Wednesday.”

Alternatively, you can laugh and say, “It’s not a good idea. It’s a great idea. We’ll catch up, have a coffee, have a laugh and say goodbye. There’s no problem with that, so it’s not a big decision to make. See you at 7pm on Wednesday at Cafe Modern?”

Alternatively, you can laugh and say, “You’re so funny. Always struggling to make decisions. Let’s just have a coffee. No big deal. See you at Cafe Modern at 7pm on Wednesday for an innocent catch up between exes. You’re paying for the coffee of course” and then pause, let her feel shocked or ask, “Huh?” and then say, “Just kidding. The coffee is on me. Let’s catch up, have a laugh and a chat. No strings attached.”

If you have the courage to playfully mess with her, it will create sparks of attraction inside of her because women are attracted to confident, ballsiness and daring from men, as long as you are still being a good, respectful man.

As a result of feeling attracted, she will naturally want to meet up with you to experience more of this new, exciting and interesting side of you.

3. Surprise her with new, exciting feelings of attraction at the meet up

At the meet up, make sure that you continue to reawaken her feelings by saying and doing the types of things that will make her look at you in a more positive light.

For example:

  • Rather than being nervous and unsure of yourself around her, surprise her with your new, more confident and relaxed attitude.
  • Rather than being too nice, polite and on your best behavior, shock her (in a good way) by flirting with her, using some playfully challenging humor and allowing the sexual sparks to fly between you and her again.
  • Rather than pretending that you only see her as a neutral friend now, make it clear to her via the way you talk and interact with her that you still find her sexy and desirable.
  • Rather than let her control the dynamic of the conversation or interaction, stand up to her in a loving, but assertive way so she can you’ve manned up and are now able to handle her confident, independent personality.

The more you do that, the more she will realize that you aren’t the same guy she broke up with.
As a result, her walls will come down and she will begin to imagine what reuniting with you (sexually and romantically) would feel like.

4. Let her be the one who is hinting at or suggesting that you and her get back together

Many guys make the mistake of meeting up with an ex girlfriend and then pushing and trying hard to get her to agree to having a relationship again.

Yet, that approach almost always backfires because a woman doesn’t want to feel trapped, or like she’s being forced into something she’s not sure about.

This is why it’s important that you focus on making her feel very attracted to you at the meet up (i.e. by being challenging, flirting with her, remaining confident no matter what she says or does to make you doubt yourself), so she’s the one who starts hinting at getting back together again.

For example: She might say, “Seeing you again has made me wonder if we made a mistake by breaking up. What do you think? Do you think there’s a chance we can work things out after all?”

Alternatively, rather than saying something, she might give you signs that she’s open to hooking up with you sexually (e.g. touching you more often than she needs to, playing with her throat or hair while talking to you), because she knows that sex speeds up the reconciliation process.

You can then just lead the way and guide her to a hug, kissing, sex and then back into a relationship.

5. Allow her to have another chance with you

Once you’ve re-attracted her and made her want to be back with you, mentally put yourself in the position where it is you who is deciding whether or not she gets a chance with you.

Not only is that a better dynamic for you, but it’s also what a woman really wants anyway.

Women want a guy who makes them feel lucky to be with him, rather than reluctantly accepting a guy that they’re not really that into.

When you make that mental shift to see yourself as being in the position of power, she will begin to sense it based on your body language, what you’re saying, how you’re behaving and how you’re reacting to her.

As a result, she will begin to feel as though she’s the one who has to impress you to ensure that you and her get back together.

This makes her begin to turn on her charm to try to fully win you over.

You then allow her to have another chance with you.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Attempting to Reunite With an Ex Girlfriend

1. Coming on too strong about wanting a relationship when she doesn’t feel the same way

Women rarely respond well when a man is desperate for a relationship.

It’s just not attractive.

So, if you come on too strong about wanting a relationship, your ex girlfriend is likely going to feel uncomfortable, pressured and as though she is being forced into something that she’s not ready for, or doesn’t want anymore.

She might then begin to close herself off from you, cut off contact or ask that you and her don’t speak to each other for a while (i.e. she will ask for space, so she can start dating other men and move on).

This is why, if you want to successfully reunite with your ex girlfriend, focus on building up her sexual and romantic feelings for you during interactions, rather than trying to secure a relationship when she doesn’t even feel like being in one with you.

After you’ve had sex with her again, you and her will naturally begin to get back together if you’ve changed and she likes the new you.

Prior to that, don’t try to secure a relationship because she will almost certainly push you away, play hard to get or ask for space.

2. Not adjusting your approach to make her feel a new kind of attraction for you

If a guy tries to get his ex girlfriend back by using the same approach that he used before (e.g. being really nice and sweet to her, treating her like a friend, letting her call all the shots), she usually won’t be interested and will simply reject him.

This is why, to make your ex want you back, you need to start creating new feelings of sexual and romantic attraction inside of her (i.e. by being more of a challenge, being more manly in how you talk to her, behave around her and react to her).

When you make her feel attracted in new and exciting ways, she then feels compelled to give you another chance, because it’s interesting, appealing and arousing for her.

3. Being tense and anxious around her, rather than confident and lighthearted

Women are naturally attracted to confident, emotionally strong men.

So, if you’re being too tense and anxious during interactions with your ex, she will naturally feel turned off (i.e. her instincts tell her that a guy that can’t relax and be confident is emotionally weak or unstable).

As a result, she will instinctively decide that you’re not the right guy for her and push you away.

4. Asking her if she wants to get back into a relationship with you

It seems like an innocent, practical question to ask, “So, do you want to get back together?” or, “Do you think there’s a chance we could work things out?” but when you ask an ex woman something like that, she will usually give you an answer that is counter-productive (e.g. she’s not sure, she needs space to think about it).

Alternatively, she will reject your offer to avoid seeming too easy.

This is why, the best approach is for you to just interact with her and focus on sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

When you make her feel attracted, respectful and exited around you, then reuniting with her will naturally begin to happen because she will want it too.

5. Waiting too long to initiate the reconciliation

The longer you wait to begin the ex back process, the more chances you’re giving her to get over you and find a new man to fall in love with.

If you don’t want that to happen, you have to make sure that you don’t spend the next few weeks, or even months, ignoring her and hoping that she can’t replace you.

The best approach is to just call her and actively make her have feelings for you again.
Then, hook up with her sexually and guide her back into a relationship.

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