There is pretty much always a chance for a guy to get an ex girlfriend back.

Countless amounts of men have gotten a woman back after a difficult, complex, or very unique breakup.

Even men who’ve gone through a horrible divorce with a wife, have also been able to get her back and then keep the relationship together.

For example:

  • According to a 2013 study conducted at Kansas State University, about 37% of couples living together, and 23% of married couples have broken up and then gotten back together again.
  • In another study at the University of Texas, it was found that approximately 65% of U.S. college students had broken up and then gotten back together again.
  • According to research conducted by Nancy Kalish, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, Sacramento, married couples that reunite after divorce have a 72% chance of staying together for life.

So, there is a chance with your ex girlfriend and here are 8 reasons why it is possible:

1. Feelings can be brought back to life

Feelings of romantic love can be brought back to life by reactivating a woman’s feelings of respect and sexual attraction.

Likewise, a woman’s feelings can remain dead if her ex isn’t able to make her feel respect and attraction.

For example: If a woman’s ex is insecure and unsure of himself around her, her feelings will remain turned off because women aren’t attracted to emotional weakness or fear in men.

On the other hand, if her ex is confident when interacting with her, especially when she is being difficult, moody, closed or distant, then she will naturally feel some respect and attraction for him.

As a result, her feelings for him will begin to come back to life.

She won’t be able to stop it from happening to her, because it’s a natural, instinctive reaction that women have to men.

As a result, she then naturally drops her guard and feels good about giving you another chance.

2. Women often go back to an ex out of familiarity, if he can create a spark again

Women often go back to an ex out of familiarity, if he can create a spark again

Most women prefer to settle with one guy for life and make it work with him, rather than drift from guy to guy.

This has a lot to do with a woman’s natural instinct of wanting to find one man then keep him for life (e.g. so they can have a family together, so he will protect and provide for her and any offspring they have).

If a woman has to start over with a new guy, she will need to invest more of her time to get to know him and then potentially discover that he’s not right for her.

During that time, she will have lost more of her youthful attractiveness, which will then make it harder for her to attract and keep a quality man.

So, if a woman breaks up with a guy and isn’t able to find a suitable replacement, she can begin to wonder if breaking up with her ex was the right decision.

Likewise, if she feels horny and hasn’t been able to find a man to date and have sex with, she may begin to think of her ex as a convenient option.

Her ex is familiar to her.

She knows his personality, knows approximately what the sex will be like and in most cases, still trusts him and wouldn’t mind spending time with him.

Yet, there’s a catch…

If she reaches out to her ex and he turns her off (e.g. by being insecure, self-doubting, needy, emotionally sensitive), then she can instantly change her mind and not want to see him.

So, it’s absolutely essential that you prepare yourself to create new sparks of attraction with your ex the next time you interact with her.

If you do that, then there is definitely still a chance for you and your ex girlfriend.

3. A woman can be made to feel like she regrets the breakup

When a woman breaks up with a guy, she usually feels certain that it’s what she really wants.

After breaking up with him, she has no doubts or regrets and wants to move on.

Yet, if he contacts her again, attracts her in new ways (e.g. being much more confident than he was before, being a playful challenge at times when talking to her, being more assertive in a loving way, being more charismatic), her certainty about wanting to remain broken up will begin to fade away.

She can then begin to feel like she has lost a man who makes her have real feelings.

As a result, she can regret the breakup and open back up to her ex, even if she was recently 100% certain that she wanted to break up with him.

4. The Contrast Principle can make a guy seem very attractive to an ex, even though he’s just at a normal level of attractiveness

The Contrast Principle influences a person’s judgment of something, by comparing it to something of lesser or greater value.

For example: Imagine an apple with 3 or 4 scratches on it vs. a clean, unmarked, unscratched apple.

It’s still just a normal, everyday apple, but the unscratched apple seems so much more valuable in comparison to the damaged one.

How does that apply to getting an ex girlfriend back?

If a guy who was clingy, needy, jealous and insecure in the relationship suddenly becomes confident, emotionally independent, self-assured, and so on, the sudden contrast will shock a woman into seeing him as being more valuable and attractive.

The obvious contrast makes her perceive him as having leveled up to become a catch that she could now lose.

He’s still the same guy as he was before (i.e. same appearance, same personality, same financial position in life, same job, same clothes), but because he’s upgraded his actions, behavior and approach to her and life, he suddenly appears so much more appealing to her.

In the same way, when you make some adjustments to yourself (e.g. become more confident, less needy, more of a challenge), your ex girlfriend will compare the attraction experience she got from you in the past, to what she’s getting now.

She will then naturally feel compelled to give you another chance, rather than letting you go, missing you and regretting it later on (i.e. when you move on with another quality woman).

5. Your gut instinct tells you that you could be a much better boyfriend and make her so much happier this time around

If you have learned from your mistakes and made changes and improvements, you probably realize that it’s now possible to give your ex girlfriend the kind of attraction experience she always wanted from you (e.g. your newfound confidence will ensure that you won’t be insecure or needy like you were before. Alternatively, you’re more loving and appreciative now and won’t take her presence in your life for granted anymore).

If you know that you can do better, but don’t try to plead with her, or sell yourself to her based on that, she will naturally feel attracted to you.

Just let her pick up on the changes in you as you talk to her and interact with her.

Also, let her sense how confident and sure of yourself you now are.

That will positively affect your energy, behavior, conversation style and actions around your ex, which will naturally make her feel some respect and attraction for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t believe you could do better this time around, your lack of confidence will come through instead.

She will pick up on that and naturally feel turned off because women aren’t attracted to emotional weakness in men; especially in an ex that she is no longer attracted to, or interested in.

6. You have leveled up your ability to attract her, or are at least willing to do so

You have leveled up your ability to attract her, or are at least willing to do so

When a woman breaks up with a guy, it’s almost always because he has been behaving in ways that don’t attract her.

For example: A guy might have come clingy, needy, insecure, stopped being manly, become too emotionally sensitive and so on.

If he tries to get his ex back without changing, a woman will often feel angry, resentful and disappointed that all he’s thinking about is himself and what he wants (i.e. to get her back).

He hasn’t changed and just expects her to give him another chance because he loves her and misses her so much.

Yet, she doesn’t feel attracted, so she closes up even further and focuses on moving on without him.

On the other hand, when a guy levels up his ability to be attractive to his ex woman (e.g. he becomes a lot more confident, starts being more manly in his behavior, conversation style and emotional state, flirts with her), it automatically regains her respect and makes her feel some attraction.

She then lowers her guard and wants to give him another chance, rather than taking the big risk of walking away and then never finding another man like the one he has become.

Note: If you haven’t yet leveled up your ability to attract her, but are willing to do so, then I recommend that you watch Get Your Ex Back Super System for step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques.

If you follow the steps and use the tips and techniques, you will be able to attract her in many new and exciting ways.

As a result, she will feel compelled and motivated to give you another chance.

7. When a woman feels attracted to you again, she then becomes motivated to forgive you

When a woman isn’t attracted to her ex, she usually won’t want to forgive him right away.

The reason why, is that forgiveness tends to soften the heart and open a person back up, which she doesn’t want to do with her ex at that point (i.e. because she’s not attracted to him anymore).

So, to help herself move on, she will remain cold, distant and try not to think about him anymore.

Yet, if he interacts with her and makes her feel attracted to the new and improved version of him, she then has a reason to forgive him.

If she forgives him, softens her heart and opens back up, she will be giving another chance to a man that she has feelings for again.

As a result, she is more motivated to do it and the guy can get her back so much easier.

However, if a guy tries to get a woman back, or tries to get her to forgive him prior to re-attracting her, he will almost always get rejected.

Sometimes a guy is able to get a temporary chance without re-attracting the woman, but she then dumps him again when she realizes that he still doesn’t understand how to make her feel the way she wants to feel (i.e. attracted, respectful of him, in love with him).

8. If she truly loved you, then that love still exists in the background

The love that a man and woman create and experience together in a relationship doesn’t die when they break up.

Instead, it gets pushed into the background and covered over by negative emotions such as anger, blame, disappointment and unhappiness.

It can also be ignored and then replaced by a new love, or focus in life, but it doesn’t ever die.

The unique love and connection shared, is always there in the background and can be brought back to life.

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