Here are 4 of the most common reasons why a woman will do that to her boyfriend:

1. She didn’t want him to do something romantic for her because she was no longer in love with him

Romance is only appreciated and enjoyable for a woman, if she has feelings of respect, attraction and love for a guy.

When a woman is in love with a man, it feels great for her to be cared about him, given something nice or treated to something on her birthday, or any other day.

Yet, if those feelings aren’t there, she doesn’t want romantic gestures and isn’t going to like it when he’s showing her love and expecting her to show him love in return.

As a result, the idea of pretending to be impressed and excited by his romantic gestures on her birthday will feel stressful and even annoying to her.

She doesn’t want to have to act like she’s in love with him when she’s not and have to kiss him, hug him and seem very appreciative of whatever he gives her or does for her.

It will be all too fake for her and she just doesn’t want to feel that way on her birthday, when she could be feeling happy and being her real self around friends or family.

So, rather than waiting to break up with him at a later date, a woman will often just go through with it before her birthday to save herself all the unnecessary stress and unease.

However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for her ex boyfriend.

Feelings change all the time.

Think about it…

Your girlfriend went from not knowing you or caring about you before you met, to feeling attracted to you and beginning to like you when you met and then to falling in love with you.

She then went though a phase where she began to fall out of love, which resulted in her going through with a break up.

As you can see, her feelings have changed multiple times in the past and they can easily be changed again.

Women can and do fall back in love with an ex boyfriend.

Every day, it happens millions of times all over the world.

You can do it.

You can be one of the men who get their ex girlfriend back.

Another reason why a woman will break up with a boyfriend before her birthday is…

2. She didn’t want to have to fake being happy with him in front her friends and family

She didn’t want to have to fake being happy with him in front her friends and family

In most cases, when a woman is in love with a guy, she will be happy to let her friends and family see her together with her boyfriend.

She will feel proud of having a relationship that is working, with a man that she looks up to and respect.

She will feel complete and not have to worry about being seen as a lonely, single girl, or a girl who still hasn’t figured out how to make a relationship work.

So, her birthday is a happy, special and proud time for her, if she has a boyfriend that she loves.

On her birthday, a woman’s friends might ask, “What did he get you?” or, “Is he doing something special for you later tonight?”

She then can show off her special gift from him or talk about his romantic plans for her.

Yet, when she’s lost touch with her feelings for boyfriend and is no longer in love, a woman will usually want to avoid putting on an act and looking happy and excited when she’s not.

Additionally, in most cases, a woman doesn’t want to lie to her family and friends about how happy and in love she is with him, only to then have to explain herself to them when she dumps him a few days or a week later.

She wants to keep her family and friends on her side, trusting in her and seeing her as a reliable, honest person.

One of the many reasons why, is that even though she will be breaking up with him, it’s not as if she’s not going to experience some emotional pain and feelings of loss.

Many women do struggle emotionally after a break up, even if they are sure about ending the relationship.

So, when a woman breaks up with him before her birthday, she wants to know that her family and friends will be there to support her and help her enjoy her birthday as a single woman.

As a result, she can have fun and enjoy herself with family and friends rather than pretending to be in love or happy with her boyfriend (when she’s not), or feeling upset and lonely because her friends and family don’t really want to support her through it and think that she needs to learn a lesson about being honest about her feelings.

That said, it doesn’t mean that her ex boyfriend no longer has a chance with her.

Remember: Feelings can and do change.

You can re-attract her and get another chance with her, if you are willing to approach the ex back process in a mature manner (i.e. don’t make the mistake of cutting off contact and expecting her to come running back to you. That rarely, if ever works and is an immature, native approach. The mature, effective approach is to quickly fix your issues/improve yourself over the next week and then have the courage to call her, arrange a catch up and then re-attract her and get her back).

Another reason why…

3. She was interested in another guy and wanted to hopefully hook up with him at her party

Sometimes, a woman will already have her eye on another guy that she’s secretly hoping to get into a relationship with.

So, inviting him to her party and making sure that she’s single can be a way of her hopefully getting what she wants.

If she’s single, she is then free to go crazy, flirt with her crush as much as possible on the night and if things work out, hook up with him sexually.

This is why, if you want your girlfriend back, you shouldn’t sit around hoping she will change her mind on her own.

If you wait too long to begin re-attracting her and making her feel sexually and romantically attracted to you again, it can make the process of getting her back more difficult for you (i.e. because she’s already hooked up with her crush and they’re now in a relationship).

You can still get her back of course, but there’s no need to make it more difficult by waiting to begin the re-attraction step of the ex back process.

So, take control of the situation today and begin making her feel the kind of emotions that she wants to feel with a guy (e.g. attracted, attracted, excited, turned on, aroused), so she won’t be able to stop herself from feeling drawn to you again.

When she experiences that, she will realizes that her feelings for you aren’t dead and that it would actually be interesting and exciting to give you another chance.

Yet, if you just wait and hope that she remains single and comes running back, you might end up feeling disappointed and heartbroken when you hear that she has been moving on without you.

4. She had been planning on breaking up with him for a while and her upcoming birthday gave her extra motivation to do it

Some people like to make New Year’s resolutions and start the new year with a clean slate.

However, others tend to use their birthday as a day that inspires them to feel motivated to follow through on goals, or go after what they really want in the coming year.

So, if a woman has been feeling unhappy in a relationship with her boyfriend, she might decide that she doesn’t want to begin the next year of her life with old baggage dragging her down.

As a result, she decides to just break up with him before her birthday.

It sucks that she did that to you, but don’t worry.

You can turn things around.


By changing your approach to attraction with her from now on, so she starts to feel drawn to you again in a new and good way.

Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Becoming more confident and self-assured, rather than feeling insecure and unsure of yourself.
  • Improving your ability to make her feel like a hot, sexy woman in your presence (by flirting with her, by being manly so she can feel girly in comparison to you), rather than turning her off by treating her like your buddy or friend. It takes courage to do that, but it works. Pretty much every you need to do in terms of re-attracting her will feel outside of your comfort zone initially. Yet, that’s just the point. You need to level up and attract her in new and interesting ways. You have to have the courage to do that.
  • Using humor when she is being uptight and tense, rather than worrying that she will get angry at you for it. Don’t follow her mood and become timid in response to her negativity, tenseness or anger. Be confident, bold, strong and loving enough to get her to crack a smile and laugh, so she switches out of being in a bad mood, to feeling happier, more open and more attracted to you. Always remember that women are attracted to emotional strength in men. As long as you are being a good man to her, you’re not doing anything wrong by getting her to smile, laugh and get out of bad mood. She might say you are to stop you from being attractive to her, but you’re not doing anything wrong.
  • Adding to your strengths and improving your weaknesses, rather than remaining the same and expecting her to just accept it.
  • Creating a new relationship dynamic between you and her, where you treat her well and make her feel loved and appreciated, but also make her feel motivated to impress you and keep you happy, or else you will lose interest in her.
  • Being more emotionally masculine in how you think, behave, talk and act, rather than being too nice and soft with her and allowing her to dominate you with her confident personality.

When you start making her feel sexually attracted to you again, it then becomes a lot harder for her to walk away from you for real because she risks regretting it later on.

As a result, she opens back up to talking to you over the phone and seeing you in person to see if you and her can work things out after all.

4 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Get Her Back

1. Buying her a great gift to hopefully make her feel guilty, or to warm back up to you

Your ex girlfriend may appreciate the gift, but it’s almost certainly not going to make her suddenly have feelings for you and want to get back together.


She may see the gift as a desperate attempt to ‘buy’ back her love as a form of manipulation (i.e. trying to make her feel bad for breaking up with such a nice, honorable and generous guy).

If she senses that’s your motive (even if she’s wrong), she will feels even more determined to remain broken up with you, because she doesn’t want to fall for your mind games.

Alternatively, she might see it as nice that you bought her a gift, but she knows the reality of the situation as well (i.e. she’s not going to be getting back into a relationship with a gift. It’s just an object or thing. You are the person she broke up with and no gift changes who you are, or how you make her feel when you interact with her).

This is why, the most important thing to focus on is your ability to attract her during interactions.

Nothing else really matters because the most important thing to her now is how she feels.

If she feels attracted to you, she will feel open to getting back with you.

If she feels turned off and you give her a gift, she’s almost certainly going to remain feeling turned off.

The gift is just an object or a thing. It’s not you.

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Asking her why

Even though you might feel like you deserve to know why she broke up with you before her birthday, it’s not something she will want to honestly share with you.


She doesn’t want to give you clues on how to get her back, or potentially reveal her disloyal act that lead to the break up (i.e. liking another guy and leaving you so she could date him, inviting her crush to the party and hooking up with him).

If you ask her, she may give you a response, but in almost all cases, a woman won’t be honest about her reasons why.

So, when a guy is asking, “How could you do this to me? Why did you leave me like that?” in an emotional way where he clearly seems confused and hurt, it just highlights to her that he doesn’t know how to be the man that she wants without her guidance, input and direction.

Instead, he needs her help to help him become the kind of man that he should be to effectively attract her.

That makes her lose even more respect for him because it makes her look at him as a confused guy, who doesn’t understand women and what they want.

Women don’t want to take on the role of being a mentor to a guy, especially an ex.

As a result, she then doesn’t want anything more to do with him, because from her point of view, she’s just wasting her time with a guy who might never be the kind of man she wants and needs him to be.

So, don’t ask her why she left you.

Figure it out by continuing to learn from me here at this site.

I will teach you that and how to re-attract her, but you have to be willing to learn and do this right, otherwise you will almost certainly lose her.

Another mistake to avoid…

3. Sending her a romantic card expressing your love (if she is currently not in love with you)

Sending a romantic card, love letter or note might work in romantic movies or books (fake reality), but in the real world, when a woman has lost touch with her feelings for a guy, him being romantic and pouring his heart out to her doesn’t change her mind about being broken up.

Remember: Romance is only enjoyable to a woman if she has feelings for a man (i.e. she respects him, feels attracted to him and is either falling in love with him, or is in love with him).

Romance outside of that is not welcomed by women.

So, for your ex to want to get back together, the feelings have to be mutual or at least close to mutual between you and her.

It can’t just be about you loving her and wanting her back for your reasons.

Instead, she has to feel like she will be missing out on a great thing if she doesn’t get back with you.

That’s what motivates a woman to want to get back with a man and it does not come from being romantic.

It comes from reactivating her feelings by attracting her in new and interesting ways.

So, forget about the soppy cards and love letters because it won’t work.

4. Waiting around for her to change her mind and she then moves on without you

You might feel hurt that she left you and want to teach her a lesson, by not contacting her.

Yet, here’s the thing…

If your ex has disconnected with her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you, she’s not going to care if you don’t contact her.

She will simply move on.

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