Here are 5 common reasons why an ex woman won’t respond to a happy birthday text from her ex guy:

1. She doesn’t feel attracted to him anymore and a birthday text isn’t going to change that

When a woman has disconnected from her feelings of respect, attraction and love for a guy after a break up, she usually won’t suddenly feel attracted to him again and want to talk to him as a result of a getting a happy birthday text.

Instead, in many cases, she will either feel nothing and just ignore it, or may see it as a weak attempt from him to open communication with her, because he’s too afraid to text her on a normal day, or give her a call and create a spark with her on the phone.

Of course, sometimes a guy isn’t afraid of contacting his ex, but has simply been waiting for what he sees as ‘the perfect time’ to contact her.

He hopes that by sending her a birthday text, she will feel sad that he’s not there for her birthday, miss him and then want to start texting back and forth.

Yet, the reality is that if she is over him, or had lost a lot of attraction for him leading up to, during and after the break up, a happy birthday text isn’t going to change her feelings.

Instead, a woman will usually ignore it, or think something like, “Yeah, nice try” and continue moving on.

She doesn’t feel attracted to him anymore and a birthday text isn’t going to change that

So, if you want her back, you’re going to need to be braver and more courageous enough to send more than just a happy birthday text.

On that note…

2. She was impressed, but wants to see more than just a birthday text before she shows some interest back

She was impressed, but wants to see more than just a birthday text before she shows some interest back

Even if a woman is happy to get a text on her birthday from her ex, she won’t always want to show that to him.

Instead, she will wait to see if he’s got the confidence to text her further, get her interested and then get her on a phone call or video call, even though she initially appears to not be interested in texting back and forth with him.

A common reason why a woman will do that is if one of her reasons for breaking up, was due to him being too insecure and unsure of himself in the relationship.

So, to test whether or not he has changed (i.e. he is now able to maintain confidence in his attractiveness to her, or ability to attract her, despite her not giving him clear signals all the way), she will ignore him and see how he reacts.

If she doesn’t hear from him again, she may assume that he doubted himself (as usual) and as a result, it still essentially the same guy, so a relationship with him would end up being the same.

On the other hand, if he texts her again and begins to flirt with her and make her feel interested to be texting with him, despite her somewhat cold or distant approach, she will begin to feel curious.

As she continues to text him, or when they get on a phone call or video call, she will see that he is so much more confident than he used to be, which will automatically cause her to feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him.

When that happens, she will naturally feel drawn to him and become open to catching up with him in person, to see what happens.

Then, he can give her a birthday present if he wants to, or can allow her to enjoy exciting, passionate, emotionally charged make up sex with him.

There’s nothing quite like make up sex, where you and a woman hook up again after being broken up.

If you’ve leveled up as a man (i.e. more confident, more masculine in your behavior and approach to her), she will feel so attracted and turned on, that it will be one of the most enjoyable, exciting, sexual experiences of her life.

Of course, it will be amazing for you too.

Yet, you’re not going to get there, if you give up after texting her on her birthday and not getting a response.

You need to be more brave and courageous than that, if you truly want her back, or at least want to get to the point where you and her hook up again.

Another reason why a woman might not respond to her ex’s text is…

3. She was worried that he might be just sending her a happy birthday text to be polite, but isn’t actually interested

She was worried that he might be just sending her a happy birthday text to be polite, but isn’t actually interested

Even though a guy might sincerely interested in getting his ex back and then send her a birthday text to hopefully get the process started, she might not see it that way.

Instead, she might think something like, “He’s probably just being nice to me, but it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll ignore it. If he texts me more, then okay, but I’m not responding to that. It’s probably just a polite text to be nice, or to make himself feel like a good person. Who knows. I’ll ignore it though and see what he does next.”

Essentially, she is worried that if it is just a polite text and she then shows interest, or starts texting and becomes interested again, only to find out that he’s not interested, she will end up feeling rejected.

Then, it will be like he has broken up with her, which will cause her the kind of emotional pain that you’ve been experiencing since the break up, (not exactly, but it will still hurt her).

So, if that’s the case with your ex, then she is currently waiting for you to do more than just send her a potentially polite birthday text that doesn’t really mean you like her.

4. She was busy having a great time on her birthday and didn’t feel motivated to reply to him

If a woman is having a party with her friends and is around men who are flirting with her and making her feel special on her birthday, she usually won’t be worried about her ex who she no longer has strong feelings for.

Even if he sends her a text to wish her a happy birthday, she usually won’t pay much attention to it because she’s having so much fun without him in that moment and needs to focus on the people around her.

However, that doesn’t mean she won’t respond if he gives her a call later on that night or a couple of days later and makes her smile, laugh and feel happy to be hearing from him again.

Yet, the problem is that so many guys these days just don’t have the guts to call their ex girlfriend and simply stick to text.

A phone call, or video call just seems like too much, whereas a text is so much easier and less risky for him.

So, he either tries texting her again in a few days or weeks, or just waits and hopes that she will eventually miss him and text him.

He then discovers that she has moved on and is happy without him.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want her back for real, now is the time to be courageous, not afraid.

Text her again asap and flirt with her via text, or give her a call.

5. She got a lot of birthday texts and posts on her Facebook wall from friends and family and didn’t end up having time to reply right away

Then, after leaving it for a few days, she felt as though it might be too late to reply to him.

She worries that if she replies, it might make her look too keen or lonely, or whatever.

Women have all sorts of insecurities and worries, which is why it’s so important to be confident, courageous and brave as a man.

Text her again and flirt with her, or call her asap.

For example: If you call her, you might start the call off by saying something like, “Hey, how you doing? Just thought I’d call and say hi.”

If she then responds with something like, “Oh, hi. Thanks for the birthday text by the way…” you can then jokingly say, “No problem. I’ll be around later on for my piece of the birthday cake. I hope you didn’t forget to save me a slice,” have a laugh and tell her that you’re just kidding.

If she has been missing you, enjoys that you have the balls to joke around with her like that and still has some cake, she might even say, “Well, there is still some cake if you want.”

You can then arrange to catch up with her for a coffee at her place, have some cake then progress to a hug, kiss and sex.

If she doesn’t say something like that though, she will still be impress that you had the balls to call her, even though she didn’t respond to your text.

You can then chat with her for a little while in an easy-going, relaxed way and then after a few minutes go ahead and get her to agree to meet up with you so that you can wish her a Happy Birthday in person.

At the meet up, continue to build her feelings of sexual and romantic attraction for you.

From there, get to a hug, kissing, sex and back together again.

5 Mistakes That Guys Make When an Ex Girlfriend Doesn’t Reply to the Birthday Text He Sent

1. Giving up because his birthday text didn’t do the trick

The reality is that a birthday text is a nice gesture and it can sometimes open the lines of communication between a guy and his ex girlfriend, but it’s not the only trick in the book, or the only move you can make.

It’s just one of countless things you can do.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t realize that and then give up too easily when they see that their text didn’t work.

He was hoping that she would be grateful that he remembered her birthday and then call him or text him, or that she’d feel sad that he wasn’t around anymore and want to reach out to him.

Yet, here’s the thing…

In almost all ex back cases, a woman won’t make it easy for an ex boyfriend to get her back right away.

Some of her reasons for behaving in that way, can be:

  • She doesn’t want to seem desperate.
  • She wants to test if he’s man enough to pursue her, even when she’s initially being closed off or cold.
  • He hasn’t reactivated any of her feelings of respect and attraction yet, so she’s just not interested.
  • She’s worried he might be stringing her along to get revenge on her for breaking up with him.
  • She wants to see how interested he really is, before opening up to him and showing some interest back.

This is why, if you want her back, you can’t lose hope just because she didn’t respond to your “Happy Birthday” text.

2. Assuming that he has to stick to text to get her back because she prefers texting

It doesn’t matter what she prefers.

What matters is what works.

What works the best, is when a guy reactivates his ex woman’s sexual and romantic feelings over the phone and face-to-face.

Text is fine to start things off, but don’t make the mistake of sticking to text.

If you do, your ex might respond once or twice, or even be interested for a while, but if you don’t progress to something more (i.e. a phone call, video call or face-to-face catch up), she will almost certainly lose interest or play hard to get by responding less and less to your texts.

So don’t be afraid of making a call, even if you think she prefers text.

Get her smiling, giggling and enjoying to be talking to you on a call and she will be so much more likely to agree to catch up with you in person, compared to if you just ask her to catch up via text.

3. Not realizing that she can easily see him texting as being afraid to call her

If a woman has a low opinion of her ex (i.e. currently sees him as being insecure, self-doubting, afraid of being rejected by her, has low self-esteem), then him just sticking to text can easily be misinterpreted by her as him not having the balls to get her on a phone call.

From her point of view, she perceives him as being insecure, unsure of himself and probably a little bit afraid of her, even if he isn’t afraid of her and is actually feeling very confident as he texts her.

Think about it…

How can she honestly tell how he is really feeling via text?

She has to make assumptions because it’s just text, rather than his voice on a call, or his body language and facial expressions in person, or on a video call.

If her current opinion of him is negative, then she will usually make negative assumptions about his texts, which will keep her guard up and result in her being more likely to reject him.

4. Not realizing that she’s probably using the No Contact rule to help herself get over him

The No Contact Rule (i.e. cutting off contact with an ex for 30 to 60 day) was something that relationship counselors, therapists and psychologists created as a way of helping couples get over each other and move on.

Almost all women are aware of it and those who aren’t, quickly find out about it when they begin searching online for advice on how to get over a break up.

It doesn’t take long for a woman to encounter advice like, “Ignore him for 30 days” or, “Cut off contact completely for 60 days” that is designed to help women move on from an ex boyfriend.

So, it’s quite possible that your ex is using the No Contact Rule on you right now.

Of course, she might still have an interest in getting back with you, but is slowly getting over you, day by day.

If you don’t find a way to contact her and reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings, she’s most likely just going to move on.

Finally, another mistake that other guys make in your situation is…

5. Assuming that a woman pretty much ‘has to’ respond to a happy birthday text from her ex

The truth is, when a woman breaks up with a guy, she doesn’t have an obligation to stay in contact with him anymore.

She doesn’t have to reply with, “Thanks” or anything else if her ex wishes her happy birthday.

She can if she wants to, but she doesn’t have to.

So, in some cases, a woman will decide that responding to her ex’s birthday text might open the lines of communication with him again and therefore, prevent her from getting over him and moving on.

She knows that he could re-attract her if he played his cards right, so she ignores his text and hopes that her feelings for him continue to fade.

Unfortunately, some guys don’t realize that and end up feeling ‘offended’ or hurt that their ex girlfriend didn’t reply to an honest, kindhearted text for her birthday.

Yes, it sucks that she didn’t reply, but you should know by reading through the reasons in this article, that there are many possible reasons why she didn’t reply.

So, rather than taking it personally and feeling hurt by it, or losing confidence, just focus on doing what you need to do to get her back.

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