Discovering how to change your life so that it can becomes what you REALLY want it to be is more than making a few minor adjustments to what you do every day.

It’s about changing who you are at your core. It’s about digging deep and finding your true purpose in life and becoming the best man you can be.

It’s about discovering what type of man you really want to be so that your life brings you greater satisfaction now and in the long run. If you are lost, confused man who doesn’t really know what he wants, most women will feel turned off by you on an instinctive level. Women are naturally attracted to confident men who know what they want and go after it with unrelenting confidence. .

If you’re not satisfied with who you are and don’t know how to change your life, the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s old song, “Man in the Mirror,” will undoubtedly speak to you.

I’m starting with the man in the mirror.
I’m asking him to change his ways.
And no message could have been any clearer,
If you wanna make the world a better place,
Take a look at yourself and then make that change.

If you want to change your life, you have to start looking at who you are and how you think, behave and act like a man. You may already be a good guy, but are you the sort of guy that women feel attracted to and men respect? Are you the sort of man that people look up to and want to be like?

As a man, one of the most important skills you will ever learn is the ability to attract women. Your ability to attract women determines the quality of woman that you can have access to and it’s also one of the major things that determines her desire and willingness to stay with you when in a relationship.

Don’t Assume That You Fail. Assume That You Will Do Well

Your life will get so much better if you can just develop the type of belief in yourself that you never give up on.

Men who have an unrelenting belief in themselves go on to do amazing, extraordinary things in life. Yet, how do you build up that belief?

Well, let’s say for example that you’re one of the many guys who fear approaching women. You don’t have the confidence to approach women that you find attractive because you feel like you’d get rejected or fail.

How is that fear going to get you what you want?

It’s not!

So, what should you do instead? How can you build up the confidence to approach women that you find attractive? Watch this video to find out…

If you are the type of man who thinks about changing his life but starts by assuming that he’ll fail at whatever he attempts, all you will accomplish is a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. You will fail again and again and you will say, “See! I told you so…life is too hard…why even bother trying?”

However, if you start on a new path toward self-improvement with the mindset of “I know I can, I know I can…” you are much more likely to succeed. One of the key ingredients of success is the belief that whatever obstacles you come across, you can and will overcome them.

Think about what your mindset was like when you first learned a new skill such as riding a bike or driving a car. Chances are excellent that you made more than a few mistakes. However since you had such a strong desire to acquire those skills, you were willing to keep trying until you got it right.

Basically it was that old motto, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” If you believed that then, you must believe it now if you plan to make a true change.

Not Sure What Your Biggest Dreams Are?

You won’t know how to change your life if you don’t know what you want out of it. It’s more than simply wanting a different career or finding your dream woman; it’s also about choosing your life’s purpose and creating a plan to achieve it.

That requires being introspective and searching for what it is that will start you on your way. To help you with that, watch “Better Than a Bad Boy” and go through the Purpose Discovery Exercise that I’ll guide you through during the program.

I Don’t Know What I Want to Do With My Life…Should I Take Up a Hobby or Something?

How to change your life

While developing an interest in a new hobby can bring you some personal enjoyment as a recreational outlet, it likely won’t do show you how to change your life. It’s true that a few people, very few people, have turned a hobby into a new profession that they can pursue with passion; however most men aren’t willing or able to use a pastime as a doorway to one major life change.

In reality, many hobbies are often used only as a minor distraction to avoid dealing with those major areas of a man’s life that need to be addressed and changed. It may be an enjoyable outlet but it’s not how to evolve your life for the better.

Is Making New Friends the Answer?

It’s great to make new friends and to create a wider circle of people you enjoy being with, but simply knowing more people isn’t how to change your life or what you need to achieve to be your best self. Merely making new acquaintances is another superficial change that won’t help you to become a better man at your core.

What Would You Like to See Happen?

Just as children make fanciful wishes of what they want to be when they grow up, too many men desire to have a dream job, but they often are too scared or insecure to work toward achieving that goal.

In the classic sitcom, “Seinfeld,” Jerry Seinfeld, who basically portrayed himself in the series, had the character “George Costanza” (played by Jason Alexander) as his best friend. “George” was one of those men who was so dissatisfied with who he was that he often used a series of aliases when he was trying to impress someone – usually a woman.

Although, throughout the series, “George” created a number of personas for himself to make up for the fact that he had no real profession or true passion, one of his “go to” names was “Art Vandelay.”

Vandelay was often portrayed to be an architect (“George’s” most desired occupation that he never strove to become) along with several other revered professions. However by simply pretending to be someone he was not rather than becoming his best self, “George” often messed up and invariably lost the girl.

While it was fun to watch such a hapless character on a TV sitcom, being such a self-loathing person in real life is a sad state to be in.

Going after what you truly aspire to be takes determination. Without that passion, effort and drive to achieve what you desire, like “George Costanza,” you can’t just pretend to be what you wish to be. You must work for it.

The Consequences of a Life Without Purpose

When you are a man who lives life without purpose, you will only live a half-existence. You will never feel the pleasure of getting out of bed and looking forward to the day ahead and wondering what new discoveries you will make and what accomplishments you will achieve.

You will never know how it feels to be admired by others and have people envious of not only what you have acquired but of who you are as a man. Perhaps, most importantly, you will never find the woman you desire and create a long-lasting, loving relationship.

Although a woman will get into a relationship with a man who lacks purpose, she will never love him, respect him and feel attracted to him as much as she would a man of purpose…

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