As Einstein once famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Since that’s an obviously wise observation, it might be said that many men who don’t know how to win a girl’s heart but keep doing the same wrong things over and over to try to attract a girlfriend are a little “crazy.”

Fortunately, here at The Modern Man we have the “cure” for this unhappy mental state. We can teach you the “sane” way to get virtually any woman to fall in love with you. Best of all, it’s a very easy thing for you to do.

How can you win a girl’s heart? Simple: Trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you and then win her over with charming behavior. She will be yours before you know it.

Okay, so now that you understand what is required to attract the girl you like, let’s review a few “insane” actions that too many men repeatedly make when it comes to getting the girl of their dreams…

Movie Madness

At any given time there is some romantic comedy showing in the theaters or on television where some hapless and hopeless romantic guy does all sorts of crazy things to win the girl he desires and, by the end of the film, he does!

The problem with looking at these unfortunate movie or TV characters as role models for advice on how to win a girl’s heart is that these guys aren’t real, they’re fictional! They all evolved out of the imagination of some writer.

Often, these film or TV guys are very much like the screenwriter. Then, since the author had “control” of the foolish character on a sheet of paper, he makes the “crazy” decision to let this lovable loser win the girl in the end. The audience might love that setup and root for the “crazy-in-love-loser,” but that sort of thing virtually never happens in real life.

Unlike “reel” women in these movies or TV shows, real women in real life don’t want guys who show their insecurities or who make fools of themselves to win a woman over.

They want a strong, confident alpha male who isn’t afraid to have a good time, but who is absolutely rational and sensible when it comes to attracting and winning the woman they desire. In other words, they know how to win a girl’s heart in a sane, sensible and most importantly effective way.

Cash and Credit Card Crazy

It’s important to understand that it’s not with cash or credit cards that you’ll attract a woman. It’s “crazy” to think that you have to try to buy a woman’s love by getting her pricey gifts, taking her on luxury trips, spending money in expensive restaurants and so forth. That’s not the way to win a girl’s heart.

A quality woman only wants an alpha male that is strong, sensible, sensual, dynamic and emotionally powerful. That’s all he needs to have to win her over. She won’t care whether he has money or whether he is “crazy” enough to run up his credit card bill.

She wants to try to win him over because he’s a man of such high personal value and he has brought out such a strong sexual attraction in her that she must have him at any cost.

Hopeless Handyman

Some guys are a little “nuts” because they think that when some hot chick calls him up and asks him over it’s because she wants and needs him and she’s sexually interested. The only thing she “needs” from him is help moving a couch, changing a light bulb, hanging a picture or fixing her toilet.

Sure, she might give him a chaste thank you kiss, bring him a beer or make him something to eat, but that’s just as payment. In her eyes, he’s simply more affordable than a professional handyman. She doesn’t feel an attraction for him that extends beyond the tool box he brings to her place.

It’s one thing if you’re in a relationship and have the tools and skills to help out your girlfriend with some household repairs, but it’s crazy if you think that there’s something more to your relationship than being a cheap “Mr. Fix it” for a woman you’ve never slept with.

If you first had established a sexual relationship with her, you have other “tools” that would “help her out” in more fun ways. Yet, to just go over to her place to constantly repair this or that or to help her move furniture without having developed a sexual connection with her first is “nuts.”

You’re only her friend and she’s just using your body, but not in the way you want it to be used.

Contact Crazy

Huh? Why is he texting me this insecure crap?

When meeting a new woman some guys will ask and receive her contact information and get a little “nuts” keeping in touch with her. He’ll repeatedly post messages on her social media pages and he’ll call, text and e-mail her constantly.

He’ll show up wherever he reads on one of her social sites that she’s going to be. In short, he’ll always be “in front” of her whether it’s on her answering machine, her computer, her iPhone or in person.

He’s crazy enough to think that she’ll see that type of behavior as a “sign” that they should be together since he’s always there. The only sign she’ll see is that she has some insane guy stalking her and she has to be more careful about who she gives her contact information to.

When a man appears that desperate to be with a woman by exhibiting one or more of the above-noted “insane” behaviors that is not what a woman is seeking in her relationship with a man.

She is looking for a guy to show his interest in a mature, alpha male way where he seduces her with his natural charm, masculinity and sexual charisma until she is “crazy” about him. When she feels that type of magnetic attraction for him, she will do everything she can to entice and secure him as her own.

When a woman is with a man whose persuasive alpha male personality draws her to him in the right way, they can soon be “crazy in love,” but acting in any other irrational way will drive her far, far away…

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