If you want to meet women for sex, your first thought might be, “Where do I meet such women?” If you look online, you will find endless lists of places to meet women, but that isn’t the answer.

As you may know (if you’ve already tried), going out to meet women doesn’t result in anything unless you actually know how to approach, attract and pick up women. If you are serious about learning how to meet women for sex, you first must learn how to:

  • Approach women and start a conversation.
  • Keep the conversation going and keep it interesting.
  • Create a sexual vibe between you and her by flirting.
  • Go from a conversation to a first kiss.
  • Have sex with a woman on the first day or night that you meet her.

If you refuse to learn those things and to improve your confidence and skills with women, then the best you can hope for is to get lucky. However, getting lucky is not the answer to success with women either and usually results in the guy getting dumped by the woman later on.

Fact: Most Women Are Open to Having Sex on the First Night

I used to get rejected ALL the time and because I couldn’t get laid, I had to resort to dulling my built up desire every week with porn.

I eventually got sick and tired of my lack of success with women and transformed myself from a nervous, shy, insecure guy who felt intimidated around beautiful women (and got rejected as a result) into a confident, charismatic, alpha male who has his choice with women.

I had sex with more than 250 women before recently settling down with my perfect woman.

When I first started approaching women and trying to get laid, I thought that it was just ME who wanted to have sex. I felt as though I would be getting lucky if I found a woman who was open to having sex on the first night.

Yet, when I became a confident guy and improved my skills with women, I realized that most women are at least open to kissing you the first time they meet you. Then, if you stick with the interaction for about an hour, most of those women will then become open to having sex that night. Other women are a lot easier and will leave the bar or club with you within minutes.

My record for the quickest one night stand was literally 30 seconds (before leaving the venue with the woman). Here’s how it went:

  • I saw a pretty, young woman walking through the busy bar. I outstretched my arms a bit and said, “Ohh! There you are. Where you have been?” as though we had been looking for each other or were already planning to meet at the bar.
  • She laughed, smiled and we then hugged as though we already knew each other.
  • I then, pulled back, looked her in the eyes for 1-2 seconds and then went in for the kiss.
  • After that, I said, “Well, I guess we should get out of here then. Want to go grab a coffee?”
  • She said, “Sure, let’s go.”
  • It was about 11pm and when we got outside, we realized that there were no coffee shops close by, so I said, “How about we have coffee at your place or mine? Where do you live?”
  • She said, “A couple of minutes away” and I replied, “Cool, let’s go.”
  • 30 minutes later, we were having sex at her place.

However, it doesn’t always happen that fast. My usual time from approach to sex is anywhere from 1-2 hours. Most women will want to get to know you a bit, kiss you for a while and then, if you have the conversation skills that allow you to say the right things to get them out of the club, you will then be heading off for sex.

Two Basic Requirements

If you want to meet women for sex, most websites will tell you to go and volunteer, join a group or take up a dancing class. However, that will not get you laid unless you can at least meet these two basic requirements:

  1. You know how to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you.
  2. You know how to go from a conversation to a kiss and then to sex.

You can go to as many places to meet women as you want, but if you can’t do those two basic things, then you will be heading home to jerk off to porn as usual.

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