Back when I didn’t have many friends to go out approaching women with, I used speed dating as an easy way to meet women, build up my confidence and experience with women and get some sex.

Initially, I wasn’t a very confident guy and didn’t know how to attract women, so I was only able to get 1 or 2 women to say “Yes” to seeing me again (at the end of a speed dating event, participants submit a list to the organizers of who they would like to provide their contact information to, with a “Yes” or “No” mark next to their name).

As I built more confidence and improved my ability to attract women during a conversation, I got to a point where at least 5 out 10 of the women would tick “Yes” on their forms to be able to meet me again and would then follow up with a few of them to have some casual sex.

Not all of the women are extremely beautiful at speed dating, but there are usually at least a few that are hot, cute or pretty enough to have sex with. So, if you’re not getting any results with approaching women in bars, then I recommend that you give speed dating a go.

Speed dating helped give me a good start when I wasn’t getting the best results in bars and clubs early on. I then used that experiences I had with speed dating to improve my results with attractive women in bars and clubs.

In the section on speed dating in our program, 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, I provide you with all of my best speed dating conversation starters and techniques to use when interacting with the women, so they choose “Yes” on their forms to give you their contact details.

Here is just some of what you’ll learn when you listen to the section on speed dating in 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend:

  • 7 attractive conversation starters that you can use to immediately make the woman interested in you.
  • A common body language error to avoid when you are standing around prior to the start of the speed dating event.
  • How to get women to forget about all the other guys at the speed dating event and just want you.
  • What to focus on when interacting with women at speed dating, to ensure that you remain confident and are able to get maximum results from the event.
  • How to completely eliminate any nervousness or anxiety when you are speed dating.
  • The biggest “mental barrier” that will prevent you from success with women. You can change this in an instant and it will improve your results immediately.
  • An advanced and EXTREMELY powerful attraction technique that most guys will never know. Use this technique to make women want you more than any other guy.
  • How to keep the conversation fun and interesting while speed dating to avoid those annoying ‘awkward pauses and silences’.
  • The single, most IMPORTANT factor that will determine whether or not a woman will be interested in you at a speed dating event. This is something you can change that will have an instant effect on your results with women.
  • What to do before the speed dating sessions begin, to ensure that women are ALREADY interested in you before you speak to them. This will give you a huge advantage over all the other guys.
  • How to feel confident at the speed dating event so you feel good and women feel naturally attracted to you.
  • How to be seen as the alpha male (or at least one of the alpha males) amongst all the other guys, so women automatically want you as potential lover or boyfriend.
  • The 2 most important things that you should do when you first sit down to speed date a woman.
  • How to use eye contact to make a woman feel an instant SEXUAL attraction for you, without coming across as sleazy.
  • The reason why many good guys fail with women. Plus, why Ben (from The Modern Man) now enjoys easy, natural and consistent success with women and how you can do the same.
  • A rarely known secret that beautiful women DON’T want you to know, because it gives you the upper hand when talking to them.
  • How to completely eliminate awkward silences and moments between you and a woman during speed dates.
  • How to use flirting when talking to your speed date. Use these correctly and almost every woman at the event will want you.
  • Questions to avoid asking a woman when you’re speed dating…and why.
  • Various conversation topics that you can use to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting.
  • An essential, emotional effect that you need to have on a woman to increase the chances of her wanting to see you again.
  • A conversation example that will impress women and get them wanting to know more about you. This conversation example is easily modified, so it will be 100% true to you and your life.
  • How to demonstrate that you are a fun, cool guy so that women feel PROUD to be talking to you.
  • What to say if a woman asks you about what you do for a living, or what you study. Use these examples to get women laughing and wanting to see you again.
  • Mistakes that other guys make at speed dating event, which you can now use to your advantage so women are more attracted and interested in you in comparison to them.
  • How to approach the whole speed dating experience so it is fun and enjoyable, rather than terrifying or embarrassing.
  • How to interact with other guys at the speed dating event, so they respect and admire you.
  • Exactly how to increase the chances of a woman picking you over all the other guys.
  • A fun conversation game to play with a woman that will make her laugh, giggle and feel great around you.

If you’d like to get some easy sex and find a girlfriend at speed dating events, listen to 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend, try our techniques and it will happen.

What Type of Guys Should Try Speed Dating?

These days, a lot of guys are very busy with work or study and don’t necessarily have the time to go out approaching women every weekend. Likewise, a lot of modern men don’t have many close friends who are single, so there isn’t always someone to go out approaching women with.

Based on that, we’ve found that the following types of guys really benefit from the ease and efficiency of speed dating. Guys who:

  • Work or study long hours and don’t have much free time.
  • Are getting back into the dating scene after a break up or divorce.
  • Want to build up their experience with women by having a few, quick sexual relationships before settling down.
  • Want to reduce the odds of being rejected by only meeting women who are single.

If any of that applies to you, we highly recommend that you give speed dating a go. If you need tips on what to say and do during the speed dating event, listen to the section on speed dating in 21 Great Ways to Get a Girlfriend.

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