When a woman says, “I don’t feel anything for you anymore” a guy will usually believe that it’s the end of the road for the relationship.

Yet, people’s feelings for each other change all the time and couples all over the world get back together every day.

If you’re in the position where you are now saying, “My girlfriend said she feels nothing for me anymore,” what you need to realize is that your situation is very common and much more easily fixable than you might think.

With the painful emotions that you’re feeling right now (e.g. you might be feeling worried, angry, betrayed, lost, confused, etc), it might seem unlikely that she’ll give you a chance to fix the relationship.

However, people don’t push away true love when it is really there.

Love is something that can be brought back to life under the right conditions.

If your girlfriend went from not loving you (when you met), to loving you (when you started dating), to not loving you again (when she told you she feels nothing for you anymore), then she can easily change how she feels again and go back to loving you if you just approach things correctly.

My girlfriend said she feels nothing for me now

To get her feelings for you to change again, you have to regain her respect and attraction for you. Once this happens, she will naturally open herself up to loving you again.

Failing to Notice the Signs Before it’s Too Late

Ignoring the warning signs

Most guys who say, “My girlfriend said she feels nothing for me anymore,” feel completely shocked by what happened. More often than not they’ll say, “I can’t believe this has happened all of a sudden” or “I never saw this coming; it was so out of the blue.” However, this is where they’re usually wrong.

When a woman begins to consider breaking up with her man, she will wrestle with the idea for a long time before she gets to the point of breaking up with him.

Along the way she will try everything she can to get him to change before it’s too late. She will give him numerous hints about why she’s not happy in the relationship and she may even say things like, “If you don’t change that, I’m going to break up with you.”

Here’s another video by Dan Bacon, which explains the process that a woman usually goes through before breaking up with her boyfriend…

Of course, we don’t get taught this stuff in school or by the people around us, so we are often left to fend for ourselves once we get a woman into a relationship. Most men simply don’t know how to behave in another way other than how they’ve already been behaving in the relationship, so they usually fail to change before it’s too late.

When a guy notices that his girlfriend (fiancé or wife) is losing interest in the relationship, he will often then make things worse by making some of these mistakes:

1. Asking her to explain what’s wrong.

Girlfriend losing touch with her feelings for her boyfriend

It’s only natural that when a guy notices his girlfriend acting differently, being cold and aloof and generally pulling away from him, for him to want to ask her what’s wrong. However, rather than solve the problem, this only makes her feel even more turned off and determined to get away from him.


A woman doesn’t want to teach her man how to be a man. She doesn’t want to be his “teacher”, or even worse, his “mother”, who has to teach him how to be the sort of man that will be attractive to her.

By having to tell you what she needs from you in the relationship, the relationship dynamic goes out of balance and she ends up feeling like she’s the “man” in the relationship. When this happens she naturally begins to lose respect and attraction for you.

A woman wants to feel like you’re in the lead in the relationship allowing her to relax and feel feminine in your presence, not have to “mother” you and guide you through the problems of life and relationships.

2. Promising to change.

Chances are that you and your girlfriend have had several fights leading up to this point and chances are high that, during those fights, you probably said something like, “I’m sorry. Just give me another chance and I’ll change.”

The truth is, you can’t say to her that you WILL change. You have to identify the real reasons that her feelings for you have changed and then make changes, improvements and adjustments. Anything prior to that is just mere words to her and your girlfriend is probably at a point where she’s lost in your ability to fix your issues and improve yourself.

You don’t have to fix everything and be a “perfect” man for her to be open to the idea of being with you again, but you do have to show her that you’re at least fixing some of the things that have been causing her to feel turned off by you.

In Dan Bacon’s program, Get Your Ex Back: Super System, he explains the 70+ reasons why a woman’s feelings can change and cause her to break up with a man. Some examples are:

  • Taking her for granted.
  • Being unable to control his feelings of jealousy.
  • Putting her in the position of power.
  • Failing to rise through the levels of life like a man.
  • Lacking self confidence.
  • Using the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential in life.

When she sees that you’re making an effort to truly understand what went wrong between you and making the effort to see things from her point of view, she will naturally drop her guard and she will feel more open and even happy to be interacting with you again.

3. Becoming needy and clingy.

What often happens when a guy who has little or no experience with women notices his girlfriend pulling away from him emotionally, is that he becomes even more needy for her affection.

The more she pulls away from him, the more desperate he becomes to make her happy and get her “approval”. When she doesn’t show him the love he wants, he becomes even more needy and clingy.

However, his neediness, insecurity and desperation turns her off even more. Her respect, attraction and love for him begins to diminish even more rapidly than before, eventually leading up to the dreaded “talk” where she says, “I don’t feel anything for you anymore” and “I think we should give each other some space for a while.”

Getting Her Love Back

Now, there’s no getting away from the fact that your girlfriends feelings for you have changed. She may even be saying things like, “I’m over you” and “I don’t love you anymore.”

Don’t worry.

Pretty much every guy who has successfully gotten an ex girlfriend back was dealing with a woman who no longer felt the same way.

Yet, he managed to change the way she felt by changing the way he approached conversations, interactions and arguments with her.

Instead of further destroying her remaining feelings of love, respect and attraction, guys who successfully get their ex back switch to only saying and doing the types of things that will make their girlfriend feel attracted.

You can do that too, before she breaks up with you.

Make Her Want You And Love You For Life
Make Her Want You And Love You For Life

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