Conversation Starters That Get Women Interested Immediately

What should you say when you first meet a woman? What are the best conversation starters to use if you want to make a great first impression with a woman? The answer may surprise you...

When it comes to approaching women, it is essential to have great conversation starters that will get a woman interested in talking to you immediately. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting rejected and ruining your opportunity with her.

The best conversation starters to use are funny conversation starters and natural conversation starters. Here are two examples of each:

Funny Conversation Starters #1

The next time you see a guy approach a woman, fail and then walk off looking a little rejected - Walk over to the woman, smile and jokingly ask, "Hey, how did that last guy go?" This always gets a laugh and also shows that you realize that when most other guys approach, they are sleazy or say the wrong things.

Funny Conversation Starters #2

The next time you see a woman in the vegetable section of a supermarket, or in a green grocer. Walk up, smile and jokingly ask, "So...what are you cooking me for dinner tonight?" This shows a lot of confidence and if you smile and ask in a joking way, women see it as charming.

Natural Conversation Starters #1

My favorite natural conversation starter is to just say, "Hey, I thought I'd come over and be social and say hi...I'm Dan - what's your name?" Women appreciate this because you are not trying to pick them up in a sneaky way. You're just being cool, social and friendly.

Natural Conversation Starters #2

Another great natural conversation starter is to walk up to a woman in a shopping mall and say, "Hey, y'know - I'm here doing some shopping at the moment and I saw you and thought - man, I have to come over and say hi...I'm Dan, what's your name?" More conversation starters.

No doubt you've been in the following situation before: You see an attractive woman that you'd love to meet, but you simply don't know what to say to her to start a conversation. An hour later, or even the next day, you finally come up with the perfect conversation starter you could have used...but, it's too late.

Can you relate to that situation? Don't worry most guys can these days - the dating scene has changed and men now need to be a lot more skilled at talking to women if they want to attract women and get a girlfriend.

Another reason why you might not start conversations with women you find attractive, is due to your fear of rejection. You might think that if you walk over and use a conversation starter to meet her:

  • She might laugh at you.
  • She might ignore you.
  • You might feel humiliated in front of others if she turns you down.

About 5 years ago, I used to think the same way about using conversation starters and meeting women. When I saw a woman I found attractive, I'd literally become completely immobilized by fear. It was a VERY frustrating and lonely time in my life. I also used to believe that I needed to say something unique, funny or original…something that women sweep her off of her feet.

I now know that's not actually the case. You DON'T have to come up with a fantastic line that blows the socks of her cute, little feet. Yet, back when I was hopeless with women – I just didn't know that. I would to get nervous when I wanted to start a conversation with a woman, because I'd be thinking silly thoughts like:

"Well, if I do manage to start a conversation…what will I say after that?? What if it just turns into one of those awkward moments, where there is just me, here and a whole lot of silence?!"

I didn't want to ever have to experience a negative situation like that with a woman, because I knew it would further damage my confidence. I just wanted to know the right conversation starters to use and how to keep a conversation going so my approach WORKED the first time. Fast forward to today…

I now know how to start a conversation and have a woman become extremely interested in me within seconds. I also know how to keep conversations going and keep them interesting and how to have women begin to fall in love with me during the first conversation.

If you click the link below, I will give you access to my very BEST conversation starters, as well as all the techniques you will need to go from a conversation into a loving, sexual relationship with the woman of your choosing...

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