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How to Be a Player: Dan Bacon

This is me when I first learnt how to be a player (about 7 years ago). Since then, my life has been FULL of hot women.

If you want to know how to be a player and get all the sex, love and attention from women that you can handle - this is the most important website you'll ever come across in your life.

Let me ask you: Are you ready to live the lifestyle with women that you've always been dreaming of? Do you really want to know how to be a player? Are you sure that you want lots of sex, love and good times with women? I hope you're saying, "YES!" because I really am going to help you become a player. If you spend time on my site, I will teach you a LOT of free stuff and give you secret links to free video training. However, first let me tell you my quick story of becoming a player.

How I Became a Player With Women

I can still remember the time when I first began trying to achieve more success with women. I was sick and tired of only being able to get lucky every once in a while and I wanted to be a true player so I could get laid all the time by sexy, hot chicks and have my pick of women for a girlfriend. I wanted to be like the players that I saw in the clubs who always seemed to have a bunch of hot women hanging off them, competing for the player's attention. You know the kind of guy I'm talking about, right? The one who stands there with several beautiful women around him who all seem to be super-interested in him, while he's just relaxing, having a good time and enjoying all the attention.

I wanted to know how to be a player and enjoy the fun, sex-filled lifestyle that almost every guy wishes he could have. So, I decided to find out HOW to do it. At first, I thought, "Okay, well, I guess I need to work on becoming a smooth character, wear all the player clothes and get some 'shines' (bling / jewellery)...and start treating women like bitches and stuff..."

Initially, I saved up money to buy new clothes, a nice watch, etc, but no matter how well I dressed, nothing happened because I wasn't actually approaching and talking to women because I was too afraid and didn't know what to say or do to go from a conversation to kissing and then sex that night. Women would look at me, but they didn't approach me no matter how well I dressed, so nothing would ever happen. Eventually, I decided to go out to the hottest clubs on weekends and watch the players in action to try and copy what they were doing around women. The irritating thing was that no matter how much I tried to copy the players, women still rejected me and didn't ever chase after me like they did to the players. If anything, trying to be a player actually decreased my success with women, because I was initially putting on the "player act" and coming across as an awkward wanna be. As you can imagine, this was a pretty confusing and frustrating time in my life! To add to the frustration, my friends laughed and told me to just WAIT for a woman to come my way one day. I hated that, because I wanted women in my life NOW, not in 10 years time.

I thought, "Well, what’s going on here? I'm doing all the things that the players are doing, but women don't want to date me and I'm not getting any phone numbers...or sex!" I eventually realized that no matter how much you ACT like a player, your true self is always going to be coming through via your words, body language, behavior, actions, vibe, etc. In order to be a true player, you first have to fix any insecurities and anxieties you have because if you try to pull off the moves that players do in the clubs and you are NOT truly confident, women will reject you pretty much all the time.

So, I started working out how to get rid of all my insecurities, anxieties and fears around socializing and with women. When I discovered how to do that and began eliminating my fears and anxieties one by one, things really started to change. The best part is that is all happened naturally. The more truly confident I became, the easier it got. Women weren't putting up all the barriers like they used to when I wasn't confident. Instead, they opened themselves up to conversations with me and were totally comfortable with me touching them and escalating to a kiss within about 10-20 minutes. Within 2 months, I had at least 2 women coming over to my place each week for sex. I also had a few women who were trying to make me choose them as my serious, long term girlfriend. It was amazing. I eventually got to the point where ANY time I went out to a club, I would successfully pull a woman back for sex. I was no longer the confused, frustrated guy who had to approach 100s of women to eventually get lucky with one of them. I was getting laid like a player...even though I'm just an average, normal, every day guy. I'm not tall, I'm not good looking, I'm not rich, I don't have a nice car, etc. I'm just a normal, average guy.

Do You Want to Watch My Free Video Series Right Now?

If you sign up to my free newsletter (over 60,000 guys are subscribed worldwide), I will instantly send you an e-mail to a free video series I created that will teach you a LOT about how to be a player with women. You'll learn things to say, body language techniques, flirting techniques, etc. You can begin living the player lifestyle with women VERY easily. All you need to do is use my tested and proven techniques. It's all about the techniques. You can still be yourself, but you just need to change what you're doing when talking to women - don't worry, it's easy.

You don't have to try to work out how to be a player for the next 5-10 years of your life. This is something that you can do TODAY. You can start enjoying the player lifestyle now. All you need to know are the techniques and the rest will take care of itself naturally.

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  • Koketso  

    I so wish i could be just like you but i just don’t know where to start.

    • Hi Koketso

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sign in to my newsletter and I will teach you what you need to know to get started on your journey to being a player. I’ll send you free videos, audio clips and interviews, articles and reports via e-mail every few days.


  • ray brandon  

    ay man, i tend to play the hard to get you know just be cool with them all and flirt here and there but for some reason i still feel like im not getting anywhere. need help asap email me or what ever just need you broooooooooo!!!!!

    • Hi Ray

      Thanks for your comment.

      It’s not about playing hard to get. There is a 4-step process you need to go through that I call “The Flow.” When you go through that process, a woman will be naturally attracted to you (without you having to play games/play hard to get), want to get to know you and want to escalate to kissing and sex. Sign up to my newsletter to learn more.


  • t man  

    Hw do I sign up 2 this page

    Because I would love to know all the tricks of being a player

  • Pheello  

    I liked you advises and i wish i could be like you right now, and have all the attention from the women

    • Then get started! :)

      Waiting, procrastinating and delaying doesn’t turn you into a player. You become a player by taking action. At least sign up to my newsletter and let me teach you what I say and do around women to live the player lifestyle:


  • Roger  

    I’m sick and tired of ma lyf not havin hot chicks dat i want, plz help i’d lyk 2 hv az many gal i can get

  • Adex Emmex  

    man i also need help here a good lookin guy wit problem wit hot gurlz

  • Junior  

    I signed up to ur program years ago my email if filled with your news letters and im not proud of it,my biggest problem is that im having a hard time purchasing the flow online,maybe its because im not familiar with any of the terms when im supposed to pay for the product… from Africa by the way… i was wondering if you had another way of buying the product besides online

    • Hey Junior

      Thanks for letting me know.

      Actually, many African guys say the same thing because they don’t usually have a credit card. I will have to try to make it a bit clearer on the site. Go to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page here and look at Question 9:

      You can pay via Pay Pal or by making a direct transfer from your bank to ours.


  • kevin  

    Dan I really wanna improve my game, I know the basics but I would like you to teach me how to master my game. I always feel that other guys will get a lot of chicks more than me. because of their good looks and etc. need help

  • Ali  

    I understand that you actively need to approach women to get one. But the problem is that I go easily back into my shell so to speak, after getting rejected a few times. And then I may not approach for a month or so. I’m not so good at attracting the opposite sex so well and I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.


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