What Women Want to Hear

What women want to hear from you as a man on a first date, in bed and when you first meet. How many compliments are too much? How do you make her feel sexual attraction and begin to fall in love with you?

What women want to hear from you during conversation is something that makes them feel desirable emotions. While the words you say to women are important, a woman is most interested in how a man makes her FEEL. If your conversation makes a woman feel bored, awkward or tense then you will find it difficult to attract and connect with her.

A great place to start with making women feel good during conversation is to use compliments. Everybody loves to receive compliments. When you compliment a woman, it brightens up her day, makes her feel sexy, confident and appreciative of you. When a woman appreciates you and feels confident around you, she is more likely to go out on a date with you.

Here are a few examples of simple, but effective compliments that are exactly what women want to hear:

  • During the day: "You walk with such grace and finesse. I like that..."
  • At a formal function: "You carry yourself with such class and sophistication. I like that..."
  • Any busy social setting like a bar, or party: "You are easily the most beautiful woman in the room. I had to come over and introduce myself...my name’s _________ what’s yours?"
  • After talking to her for about 30 minutes: "You know what? You’re the smartest woman I've met in a long time...maybe we could teach each other a few things..."
  • On a first date: "You're an interesting girl...intelligent and fun to talk to...that's cool..."
  • In bed: "Wow...you're so sexy...look at your tits" or, "Yeahhhm look at your ass...so sexy" or, "You're so beautiful..."

Of course saying what women want to hear is not the only technique involved here. You also have to deliver the line correctly. Make sure that you:

  • Make contact, relaxed eye contact with her: Telling her how great she looks while you dart your eyes around nervously only makes you look desperate and untrustworthy. Stare directly into her eyes with relaxed confidence when complimenting her and she will be all over you.
  • Be smooth: This method takes a little bit of practice. When delivering a compliment you should sound confident, but also uncaring about her response. If a woman thinks you are saying a line to 'sneakily' try and get her into bed she will probably walk away.
  • Pay attention to your tone of voice: Imagine walking up to a beautiful woman and delivering a compliment right now. Does your voice sound overeager for her response, or though you are expecting something in return? Fix it!

What women want to hear is also something that makes them feel sexy, but doesn't make you appear to be drooling over her. For example: "You look so sexy in that dress..." is often the perfect compliment. Women spend way more time on their appearance than we men do, because they know it is what attracts us men to them the most. When you compliment a woman on the effort she has made to look good for you, she instantly feels great around you. It’s also a great way to break the ice when first meeting a woman or when out on a first date.

The most important word of that compliment is the word SEXY. The tone of a conversation/interaction is set by a man. If you play it safe and 'nice' you run the risk of not creating enough or any sexual tension between you and the woman. Using the word sexy communicates your sexual interest in the woman and allows her to feel more comfortable talking about sex with you and moving in for the first kiss.

Now, I should point out: If you approach a woman who is wearing her casual clothes while out running errands during the day, you probably wouldn't lead with a comment about her looking sexy in her outfit! In a situation like that, what women want to hear is you using more discreet, charming language.

So, decide now to not waste any more money on flowers or expensive gifts to get women's attention. Save your time AND money by learning more about what women hear, how to a woman feel intense, sexual attraction for you and how to make her love you.

Learning what women want to hear will get you more dates, more sex and less rejections. If you want to learn more, click below to get started now.

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Dan Bacon Article by Dan Bacon. Founder and lead dating coach for TheModernMan.com
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“Hey Dan, you are a bloody legend! before i would used to go out on the town and wouldn't know what to do or say to a woman. i would be the nice bloke and say the old "what do you do?". or i would look at a gorgeous woman and say to myself " she wouldn't talk to me". I've already kissed one girl last weekend and I'm meeting up with another tomorrow! this is fantastic stuff and it works almost like magic - thanks!!”
Archie, New York
“For many years, I was your average, typical, boring nice guy just like many people before reading "The Flow." After letting the attitudes and techniques from The Flow sink in to my brain, everything began to come naturally and I very rarely had to even look at the book again because I was so successful. Just this past semester at my university I have met tons of girls, and so many of them have been literally CHASING me! One of my friends even told me that a girl I talked to one night after a band finished playing at a bar was very upset that I left to go somewhere else and didn’t get her number (I had my eye on a different girl and we’d only talked for a few minutes!). I now have a girlfriend and it's the best relationship I've ever had!”
Noah, Texas
“This is awesome guys! I was reading your book last week (I've had it for a month now) and something just clicked. I finally realised why nice guys finish last with women: Because they are BORING! Haha...now when I talk to girls they are laughing and having fun thanks to the techniques you teach. I look forward to a lot of success with this - thanks!”
Ryan, Sydney, Australia