The art of seduction is all about using your natural sex appeal to flirt and convince any woman that you’re the guy she wants.

If you feel as though you don’t have much sex appeal to women, then it’s highly likely that you don’t think, behave and act like an alpha male.

If you did, you’d already know that seducing women is the easiest thing in the world.


Women are naturally attracted to alpha males and automatically feel sexually aroused when interacting with one.

If you behave like a lower ranking male around a woman or make her feel as though she is stronger than you (mentally and emotionally), she will find it difficult, if not impossible (depending on the woman) to feel sexual attraction for you.

Learning the Art of Seduction

When you seduce a woman, you learn how to spark an instant sexual attraction and put the power of the relationship firmly in your hands as the alpha male.

When done right she sees you as attractive, fun and smooth.

However, there is a delicate balance that you must know about the art of seduction, to avoid it from coming off as a sleazy.

The techniques used here at The Modern Man will quickly help you learn how to seduce a woman you just meet.

The fine art of seduction will help you to gain confidence and remain confident, no matter what happens.

In no time at all you will have the confidence to walk up to the prettiest woman in the bar or always have your pick of the hottest woman around you.

Maybe you just can’t close the deal on your own.

You can persuade and encourage a woman to have sex with you even on the first date.

I know how frustrating it can be to spend all night trying to seduce the woman you want into going home with you, only to watch as she walks off with some other guy.

That used to be my life, but not anymore.

The key to seducing your way into a woman’s heart and mind is to make her see you as exciting, desirable and mysterious.

A woman’s sexual attraction to you increases when you know what to say and do at the RIGHT MOMENTS.

Imagine staring into a beautiful woman’s eyes and making her melt without saying a word, making her desperate and aching to have you… it’s all in the art of seduction.

At this point, you’re probably wondering who I am and what makes me an expert.

My name is Dan Bacon, and for the last 10 years, I have been teaching men in your exact situation how to win at the dating game.

Yes dating is a game and unfortunately, there are winners and losers.

Which one do you want to be? With my program, you learn how to make a woman ask to have sex with you on the first night she meets you.

Learn the right strategies and you can have her desperately waiting for you to call her or ask her out on a date.

My proven system can quickly have you spotting the small signs a woman gives off when she wants to kiss you.

You don’t have to play mind games, tell lies or pretend to be someone else in order to get the woman you desire.

The art of seduction is about building on the level of intimacy you currently enjoy, helping you to come outside of your comfort zone and see all the possibilities.

Woman will no longer see you as their buddy or pal, instead you become the attractive guy who treats them with respect, listens to what they have to say and can always make them laugh.

How your male friends see you will change as well, no longer will you be the dateless shy guy unafraid to make a move while they get all the numbers.

You will be the alpha male of the pack, respected and admired by all man for your ability to seduce any woman into giving you what you want.

So what are you waiting for?

A better dating life, a long-term relationship and a great sex life can be yours.

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