In most cases, a guy can get his ex woman back by simply going through the ex back process.

However, there are times when the woman really has moved on and there’s little to no chance of getting her back:

1. She gets engaged and is very happy and in love

An engagement is a pretty serious step in a relationship.

In many cases, it means that the man and woman see each other as being ‘the one’ and are getting ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

So, naturally, when a woman is engaged to a guy, it’s almost certain that she’s moved on from her past relationship and is now focused on making a new life with her fiancé.

Yet, even though your ex might be engaged and appear to be happy and in love with her new man, it doesn’t mean things can’t change.

In fact, according to a survey conducted on 1000 people aged 20 to 60 across the US, 20% of engagements are called off before the wedding.

Here are some of the reasons why that happens:

  • The woman isn’t as in love with him as he is with her. She just said yes because he proposed, but always had her doubts.
  • One of them is commitment phobic, so they back out of wedding plans, or call off the engagement because it’s too much pressure.
  • After being engaged for many months or years, they realize that they’re not truly compatible and want different things in life (e.g. she wants to focus on her career and not have children until far in the future, while he wants her to quit her job and start a family right away).
  • The relationship feels safe and convenient in the moment, but it’s not really what she (or he) wants.
  • One or both of them just got engaged to impress family. Then, after the engagement, that person began to lose interest in the wedding.
  • They end up having relationship problems that simply aren’t fixed by a ring (e.g. the guy becomes very insecure, jealous or controlling, their sex life dries up, she admits still having feelings for her ex, which the results in an argument that leads to a breakup).

So, even if your ex is engaged, there’s still a chance that things might not go well and he and her will breakup.

There’s also a chance for you to get her back if you are willing to interact with her, re-attract her and guide her through the ex back process.

If you don’t interact with her and reawaken her feelings for you, then’s she probably not going to come back to you if she leaves her fiancé.

A woman wants to be with a man that she feels very attracted to, so if your ex dumped you and no longer wants to be with you, it’s highly likely that she no longer feels much, or any attraction for you.

This is why it’s so important to re-attract an ex woman.

Don’t just sit around hoping that things go wrong for her and she comes running back to you.

Make her want to come back to you by re-attracting her.

Even if she is happy with her new guy, feeling attracted to you again can plant seeds of doubt in her mind, about whether her fiancé is really the right guy for her.

Then, all it takes is a meet up with you in person, which ends with you and her hugging, kissing and her feeling confused.

You can then get her back by not pushing for a relationship, but simply focusing on making her feel attracted to you in the moment.

If she doesn’t get back with you right away, she will go to him and be missing you, thinking about you and wondering whether or not she should go through with the marriage.

Another way to tell if your ex really has moved on is…

2. She gets married and is very happy with her husband

She gets married and is very happy with her husband

If a woman proceeds past an engagement and actually gets married to a guy, chances are high that she has really moved on and there’s little, to no chance of getting her back.

Of course, even in a case like that, it doesn’t mean her marriage is bulletproof.

According to multiple sources, approximately 40-50% percent of marriages end in divorce in countries like the US, Australia and UK.

So, even though a marriage might start off being happy, it doesn’t mean it will remain that way for life.

Yet, here’s the thing…

Are you going to wait around for your ex to fall in love, get engaged, get married and then get divorced before you make a move and get her back?

You don’t need to wait until things get that bad.

You can get her back now, if you really want to.

You simply need to go through the ex back process and she’ll be back in your arms within days, a couple of weeks or a month at the latest.

Most guys either get their ex woman back within days, but it really depends on the situation.

Even if your ex is currently saying that she hates you, or doesn’t want anything to do with you, it doesn’t mean she will continue feeling that way when you re-attract her.

Once you re-attract a woman, everything changes.

Suddenly, she feels like she is losing something that she really wants, which is why she then opens up and gives you another chance.

3. She starts a family with her new man and is very happy with him

Naturally, when a woman starts a family with a new man, it’s pretty obvious that she is serious about the relationship.

Most people don’t take having children lightly.

Additionally, a lot of people will remain in a boring, or unhappy relationship with a person for the sake of their children.

So, when a woman starts a family with a man, it’s likely a pretty big deal for her.

However, once again, it’s not necessarily a bulletproof situation for her that is destined to last for life.

In fact, a study conducted by a psychotherapist and marriage researcher found that 67% of couples reported a decline in relationship happiness and satisfaction after the arrival of their first child.

Additionally, other research indicates that having a baby can increase the likelihood of a breakup, or divorce by up to 37% due to the stress of raising a child.

So, there’s a chance that your ex might not remain together with her new man, even if they have children together.

That said, it’s not something you should wait around for because it might actually work out well for her.

If she’s not married or hasn’t had a family with a new guy yet, then take action and get her back now.

If you don’t, you may ruin your relationship life with new women (i.e. because you never truly open up, or fall in love due to wanting your ex back) and end up being alone, frustrated and depressed many years or decades to come.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Start re-attracting your ex right now, before it’s too late.

4. Her new guy understands attraction much more than you, which makes her want him so much more

Attraction is what brings a man and woman together into a sexual, romantic relationship.

The stronger a woman’s feelings of attraction for a man, the more she will want to be with him.

So, if your ex does get with a new guy, you will need to level up your ability to attract her, rather than relying on the same old approach you used, which she became bored of in the relationship.

Here are some ways you can level up, to be more attractive to her:

  • Instead of getting upset, or seeming rejected or unsure of yourself if she acts cold, distant or even mean towards you, just remain confident and easygoing. Let her see that you believe in yourself no matter what. Women find that kind of emotional independence very attractive. On the other hand, women find emotional dependence (i.e. you can only feel confident, happy, sure of yourself or worthy, if she shows you a lot of interest, or is warm, friendly and open) unattractive.
  • Instead of being nice and sweet towards her to hopefully suck up to her or make her feel pity, start being more of a challenge to her (e.g. not always agreeing with her, playfully teasing her), so she feels like she needs to impress you to keep your interest in her. Women prefer men who are a challenge, as long as the man also treats her well. When you get the balance right, a woman feels a magnetic, unforgettable kind of attraction for you.
  • Instead of being neutral like a friend when talking to her, flirt and create sexual tension between you, so she then wants to release it with hugging, kissing and sex.
  • Instead of letting her call all the shots during interactions with you, take control by being assertive in a loving, respectful way. Let her see that you are man enough to take the lead, but are also a good man about it at the same time.
  • Instead of taking everything she says so seriously, be confident and courageous enough to playfully make fun of some of the things she says, or does. Women love it when a man has the courage, or balls to be like that around her, rather than being on his best behavior all the time like a good little boy. Always remember that women aren’t attracted to fear. That said, don’t be overly arrogant about your confidence. Be a confident good guy. That approach always wins.

When your ex notices that she feels so much more attracted to you now, than she did in the relationship, she naturally begins to consider getting back with you.

You can then get her back and enjoy a new and improved relationship, rather than waiting around for her to fall in love with a new man and settle down with him instead.

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