Here are 7 signs that suggest your ex is breadcrumbing you and what you can do to get her back:

1. She only texts you when she’s dealing with something difficult in life and needs your support

A woman who does that will usually be the type who uses her ex and men in general.

If her ex was a nice guy who treated her well, no matter how badly she treated him, then she will feel totally fine about reaching out and using him when she needs a shoulder to cry on (e.g. via text), or just wants someone to comfort her.

However, it can also mean something else.

Sometimes a woman doesn’t know how to show interest in her ex without seeming too keen, so she only contacts him if she’s dealing with something difficult, or going through a challenging time.

Why would she do that?

Sometimes, a woman worries that if she shows interest in getting back with her ex, he might reject her by saying he’s no longer interested in a relationship.

Then, she will feel like the one who has been rejected or dumped.

So, to avoid that, she will only contact him when she feels like she has a good enough excuse (e.g. she’s having trouble with a friend or family member, dealing with a difficult challenge at work and is stressed, dealing with a health issue).

So, what should you do if your ex contacts you during times like those?

Don’t just ‘be there’ for her like a friend, because that will place you in the friend zone in her mind.

Use the interactions you have with her to create new sparks of sexual attraction between you and her, by behaving in attractive ways (e.g. using humor, being a bit of a playful challenge at times, being assertive in a loving way, being very confident, making her feel girly in comparison to how masculine you are being).

When you make her feel new sparks of attraction, she stops looking at you as her support guy, or comfort friend and starts looking at you as a guy she wants to have sex and possibly a relationship with again.

2. She only texts you to see if you’re still interested and then loses interest

She only texts you to see if you’re still interested and then loses interest

If a woman is going through a slump in her dating life (e.g. she’s been on boring dates that didn’t work out, got rejected by a guy she likes), she might breadcrumb her ex to confirm that he’s still interested.

She’ll do that to make herself feel better, rather than feeling like a failure when it comes to dating or relationships (i.e. at least her ex still likes her, loves her, or wants her).

When she senses that her ex is still interested, or hoping to get her back, she then loses interest in talking or texting with him because she’s gotten what she wanted (a confidence boost).

So, what should do you to get an ex like that back?

Don’t eat up her breadcrumbs like a hungry, desperate ex and don’t ignore them either.

Instead, when she reaches out to you, make sure that you behave in ways that attract her, so she then feels drawn to being with you again.

For example: If she says that she hasn’t been enjoying single life as much as she thought she would have, or has been meeting the wrong guys, don’t be her shoulder to cry on.

Instead, use playfully challenging humor in a confident way so she feels attracted.

If she says, “I haven’t been enjoying single life as much as I thought I would,” you can laugh and say, “Nothing compares to me, I know. It’s okay to admit that you miss me” and have a laugh with her.

If she says, “I’ve been meeting all the wrong guys,” laugh and say, “Yeah, that sounds about right. You have horrible taste in men. Me for example” and have a laugh with her.

When you have the confidence and courage to joke around in moments like that, rather than being her shoulder to cry on, she feels sparks of attraction for you.

She then begins to realize that she is feeling drawn to you in a sexual way, which then causes her to become open to meeting up with you and hooking up to see how she feels afterward.

3. She texts you and/or calls you, but isn’t ever willing to meet up

Sometimes a woman still has some feelings for ex, so she texts or calls him from time to time to see what happens (i.e. Does she feel more of a spark when talking to him? Does he have the courage to get her to catch up with him in person?).

If she doesn’t feel much or any sparks of attraction for him, she will then begin to lose interest and resist his attempts to get her to meet up with him.

From her perspective, the meet up would be a waste of her time because he’s still using the same old approach to attraction that she became bored of in the relationship.

So, she avoids interacting with him for while and eventually reaches out again, to see if anything has changed.

If she still doesn’t feel sparks, she usually still won’t be interested in meeting up.

This is why, it’s essential that you prepare yourself to re-attract your ex when she reaches out, or gives you breadcrumbs from time to time.

Don’t just reply in a neutral way like a friend, or worse, assume that she will come running back to you if you ignore her breadcrumbs.

Re-attract her so she feels compelled to see you and hook up with you again.

Another possible sign that your ex is breadcrumbing you is…

4. She talks about the good times you and her shared, but rejects your attempts to meet up with her

When a woman talks about the good times you and her shared when in a relationship, it usually means that she’s open to giving you another chance.

Yet, if she does that, but also rejects your attempts to meet up with her, it can either mean that she’s just leading you on (i.e. breadcrumbing you), or is interested, but has doubts about whether the relationship could work this time around.

Alternatively, she might be worried about getting her heart broken (e.g. if she gets back with you, is enjoying the relationship and you then decide to break up with her to get revenge).

As a result, she keeps rejecting your attempts to secure a meet up, or says yes, but then cancels shortly before it.

If you’ve read the previous sections in this article, you probably know what you should do to ensure that she wants to meet up with you, right?

Re-attract her.

It’s the only guaranteed way to make a woman feel compelled to want to see you and be with you.


Attraction is actually what brings men and women together into a sexual, romantic relationship.

Without attraction, it’s just a friendship or less.

So, if she does give you breadcrumbs, make sure that you’re prepared to re-attract her and then guide her through the rest of the ex back process.

5. She regularly asks if you’re seeing someone else, but isn’t interested in seeing you again

She regularly asks if you’re seeing someone else, but isn’t interested in seeing you again

Some women don’t like the idea of their ex finding a new woman and moving on before they do (i.e. because it can then make her feel like the one who got left behind).

This is why a woman will often breadcrumb her ex guy by asking if he’s seeing someone else, to give him false hope that she still has feelings for him.

He might say something like, “No, I’m not interested in dating right now” to show her that he’s only interested in her.

Yet, although she will show some interest, she will be secretly focused on finding a new man to move on with before he has a chance to find a new girl.

When she does find a new man, she will usually stop contacting her ex altogether.

If he then texts or calls to say hi, she will tell him that she’s now with someone else and ask him to leave her alone because she doesn’t want to ruin her new relationship.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Use the breadcrumbs to re-attract her.

For example: If she asks, “Are you seeing anyone else?” you can laugh and say, “Why? Are you worried that I’ll move on before you, or do you miss me? Which one is it?” and have a laugh with her.

Alternatively, you can jokingly say, “Yes, I’m seeing 3 different women at the moment. Is that okay?” and have a laugh with her.

Alternatively, you can say, “I probably shouldn’t tell you” to make her suddenly feel heartbroken that she is losing you and worried that you’re moving on before her.

Then, when she presses you to tell her, you can laugh and say, “No, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment. So, you can still cook me dinner sometime this week if you want.”

Essentially, you re-attract her by being confident and using playfully challenging, or ballsy humor.

Women love that kind of humor and it immediately causes them to feel sparks of attraction.

When a woman feels sparks of attraction for you, she can’t help but want to see you and experience more of it.

6. She only texts you when she’s feeling lonely, bored or drunk

It’s not always possible to tell that an ex is lonely, bored or drunk, but in some cases, you’ll be able to pick up on it, or she will mention or hint at it.

If she texted you when drunk, she will likely feel a bit embarrassed the next day, or when she sobers up.

Either way, the best approach to use is to assume that her texts mean she is interested.

Then, use the opportunity to re-attract her.

For example: If she says that she’s drunk, or very tipsy, just assume that she’s contacting you because she’s horny and wants to hook up with you.

Simply reply with, “Drunk sex?” with a winky smile emoji 😉

Many women prefer to hook up with an ex boyfriend, rather than hooking up with a new guy because their ex is safe, familiar and it’s also interesting and exciting.

So, don’t be afraid to grab the opportunity with both hands and hit it out of the park.

Another possible sign that she’s breadcrumbing you, is…

7. She becomes annoyed when you talk to her as anything other than a friend

Sometimes a woman just wants to reach out to her ex to make herself feel better, but he then replies and starts talking about the relationship.

Since he hasn’t re-attracted her yet, she isn’t interested.

So, to show disinterest, she becomes annoyed and says that she doesn’t want to talk about that topic.

So, what should a guy do?

Don’t try to discuss the relationship prior to having sex with her again, or at least kissing her.

It’s fine to talk about the relationship if she brings up the relationship, but make sure you steer the conversation towards re-attracting her, rather than exhausting her with a stressful conversation about the relationship.

Remember: Attraction is what brings men and women together into a sexual, romantic relationship.

So, focus on re-attraction until she is back in your arms.

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