When a woman dumps her boyfriend, she will usually go through the following 8 stages, which can take up to a couple of weeks, or even months.

However, in some cases, a woman will skip past many of the stages and go through the entire process within hours, or days.

In other cases, a woman will immediately go from breaking up with her boyfriend to feeling relieved and then excited about moving on.

Women like that really don’t care about losing their ex at all.

Yet, if a woman did love her ex and was hoping that the relationship would work, she will usually go through these 8 common stages after dumping him:

1. Disappointment

She feels disappointed about having invested so much of her time on the relationship, only for it to not work out.

Many guys don’t realize this, but women hate wasting time on a guy who doesn’t live up to their expectations, because women know that their attractiveness fades as they age and they become less fertile.

So, unlike men who become more attractive as they age and can make a woman pregnant even in their 70s, women are in much more of a rush.

Of course, they don’t show that because they don’t want to look desperate.

Yet, they feel it.

Women have a natural instinct to find the right man (rather than just a man for now), get him to fall in love and commit, so he will then protect her and provide for her, if they should ever have any children.

Even if a woman doesn’t want to get married or have children (and even openly says that), her natural instincts control her behavior when it comes to relationships.

This is why most women will give a guy many chances before breaking up with him and walking away for good.

Her natural instinct is to try to make the relationship work, rather than jumping from guy to guy, so she will almost always try to make it work.

Then, when she realizes that it’s not working out, she naturally feels disappointed about wasting her time and some of her youthful attractiveness.

She also feels disappointed that she has to get back out there into the dating scene, date guys and hopefully find a man who will be ‘the one.’

Once the initial feelings of disappointment wear off, a woman will usually then begin to feel…

2. Sadness

At this point, she might…

  • Cry a lot about losing him, wasting her time, being unlucky in love, being a failure when it comes to relationships or because she is confused, frustrated and lonely.
  • Talk about him, the relationship and how she feels with her friends and/or family, to hopefully make herself feel better.
  • Keep looking at old photos of them together and feeling sad that the relationship ended.
  • Remember the good times they shared and miss the connection she felt with him.
  • Check his social media to see what he’s up to.
  • Drunk text or call him.
  • Secretly wish he would call her.
  • Worry that she will always be unlucky in love.

The stage of sadness can last for anywhere from a day, to many weeks or even months.

Once she gets over her sadness, she will begin the stage of…

3. Introspection


She will ask herself questions like:

  • Why did the relationship turn out the way it did in the end?
  • Did I make a mistake by being with him?
  • Did I miss the signs that it wouldn’t work in the end, or did I just ignore them?
  • Should I be more willing to break up with a guy immediately if I see signs like that in the future?
  • Could I have done anything differently to make the relationship work?
  • Was it all his fault, or did I also make mistakes that I need to be aware of if I want my next relationship to work?
  • What traits and qualities do I really want in a man?
  • Could he have been that kind of man, if I just gave him a little more time?
  • Am I being too picky?
  • Should I give him another chance, or just move on?

4. Acceptance

At this point, a woman will usually feel that what’s done is done (i.e. the relationship is over and that’s it).

Although she may have made mistakes that contributed to the breakup, it’s over now and she should try to move on.

Of course, she might still miss her ex a little bit and possibly even wish he’d call her to say “Hi.”

Yet, in almost all cases, a woman won’t do anything about it.

She will wait to see if he has the confidence, or interest in her to get in contact and get her back.

If he does contact her and begin re-attracting her in a new and interesting way (e.g. he’s more challenging than he was before, so she now feels motivated to impress him to maintain his interest. He makes her laugh and smile and feel good to be interacting with him again, rather than making her feel tense, annoyed or turned off. He is much more confident than before and no longer seems to be insecure, needy or unsure of himself when interacting with her), she will naturally feel drawn to the idea of getting back with him.

However, if he doesn’t contact her and re-attract her, she will move on to the next stage…

5. Strategizing

She will start thinking about…

  • How to make herself feel better (e.g. date new men).
  • What she needs to do to move on.
  • What she needs to do to get over her ex, or stop thinking about him and missing him.

She may then…

  • Start going out with her single girlfriends to clubs and bars where she can flirt with new guys and potentially hook up with one of them.
  • Focus on her career or studies.
  • Pursue a new hobby that involves her being around new people.
  • Use an online dating site, or an app like Tinder to meet new guys that she can hook up with, date and get into a relationship with.
  • Accept dates from guys who are interested in her (e.g. a guy at work or university, a friend that has had his eye on her for a while, a neighbor, an ex that she still has some feelings for).

6. Optimism

When she begins to move on, she naturally starts to feel more optimistic.

Her time is filled doing new things and as a result, she finds herself feeling happier each day without her ex.

She may also notice that even during her loneliest times (e.g. in the evenings, on weekends), she no longer misses her ex, or even thinks about him.

The feelings of sadness, loss, disappointment or depression that she used to feel have faded away and her life starts to feel like it’s headed in the right direction again.

As a result, she begins to feel…

7. Excitement

She feels excited about all the possibilities opening up in front of her.

For example:

If she had gotten into the habit of dressing plainly with her ex and not wearing any makeup (e.g. because he didn’t approve of her dressing in a sexy way, or became jealous or overly protective of her if guys looked at her when she was wearing make up), she will feel excited about looking sexy and appealing again.

Alternatively, she might feel excited about being able to flirt and create sexual tension with random guys and then hook up for casual sex, without needing to commit to an ongoing relationship.

That then leads to feelings of…

8. Freedom

No more relationship responsibilities.

No more boyfriend to think about and have to take into consideration when she makes decisions.

No more toning down her real personality to suit him.

She’s now free to do whatever she wants, with whoever she wants, whenever she wants and that feels good to her.

At this stage, she’s fully ready to truly move on without feeling sadness, pain or regret.

This is why, if you want an ex back, it’s always best to focus on getting her back quickly.

Give her 3 to 7 days of space and then contact her, re-attract her and get her back.

That’s the easiest and most effective way to get an ex woman back.

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