Many women do forget about their ex and move on when he uses No Contact.

Here are the 5 main reasons why:

1. She feels excited to be single and meeting new men who she finds attractive

If the sexual spark died with her ex and she ended up feeling more like his friend or roommate, a woman will usually feel excited about being looked at with desire by another man, flirted with and seen as sexy, desirable woman once again.

Additionally, because she didn’t feel that way near the end of the relationship, she doesn’t really have much to hold on to, remember or miss when he’s ignoring her for 30 or 60 days.

So, rather than sitting around missing him and wondering why he’s not calling her, a woman will simply begin exploring her new-found freedom.

In other words, she might:

Stay out late and party with her single friends.

Flirt with random guys that she meets at bars, clubs, parties, the gym and so on.

Hook up with any guy she wants to, just for the fun of it.

Not have to compromise on what she wants to do.

Hang out with whomever she wants, whenever she wants, wherever she wants and do anything she wants without the burden of responsibility that comes with being a guy’s girlfriend.

Get on dating apps, line up a bunch of dates and start seeing guys that she likes.

As a result, she had fun, begins to forget about her ex during No Contact and just gets on with enjoying life without him.

If he then calls her after a few weeks or months to try and get her back, she usually won’t be excited to hear from him.

Instead, she may feel as though he’s finally built up the courage to talk to her, or hasn’t ben able to get laid or find a replacement girlfriend, so is trying to get her back now to stop feeling so lonely and rejected.

As a result, she might say something like, “Look, I haven’t heard from you in ages and to be honest, I’ve realized now that I prefer being single. I’m having so much fun again and I’m not going to give that up. I’m sorry, but you need to accept that what we had is over. I wish you all the best. I’m sure you will find someone special who loves you. Goodbye.”

He then realizes that he wasted 30 to 60 days sitting around, hoping that she would miss him and come running back to him and lost her in the end as a result.

Don’t let that guy be you.

Know right now that the No Contact Rule rarely works to get a woman back.

In almost all cases, the woman simply moves on.

Another reason why a woman will forget about her ex during the No Contact period is that…

2. She develops an exciting crush on a guy, or falls in love with a guy and gets into a relationship with him

Even if a woman does still have feelings for her ex and is secretly hoping they’ll work things out, she won’t wait around forever for him to re-attract her and get her back.

So, if her ex uses No Contact and goes silent for weeks or months, she will almost certainly start to focus on getting over him, by hooking up with and dating other men.

Then, somewhere along the line, she may meet a guy who gives her the kind of attraction experience that causes her fall in love with him (e.g. he makes her feel like a desirable woman, he’s confident and self-assured, he’s enough of a challenge to her, so she feels motivated to impress him to keep his interest).

When that happens, she will begin to forget about her ex and focus instead on making things work with the new guy.

So, if you want your ex back, using No Contact on her is a risk you probably shouldn’t take; especially when there’s another better, more effective way.

What way?

Confidently, calmly contacting her right away (even if you’re not 100% sure if she still has feelings for you or not) to make her laugh, smile and feel good to be talking to you.

Not just via text though.

Women can’t really sense how confident you are via text, so you need to have the balls to call her and have a conversation, get to a video call or at the very least, send her voice texts, so she can sense your confidence.

Let her feel attracted to how you’re coming across (i.e. confident rather than nervous, funny rather than boring, flirtatious rather than neutral, daring rather than hesitant, masculine rather than submissive, timid or feminine).

Then, once you’ve made her smile, laugh and feel attracted, get her to meet up with you in person.

Meet up with her, re-attract her, hug, kiss and then have sex with her again.

When you get to that point, you will naturally get back together.

On the other hand, if you sit around waiting for weeks and months using the No Contact Rule, she will probably just get seduced by another man and fall in love with him instead, or at least have sex with him for a while and open herself up to dating other guys.

Another reason why the NC rule can make a woman forget about her ex and move on…

3. She never really loved her ex that much, so she doesn’t really care about the break up

She never really loved her ex that much, so she doesn’t really care about the break up

In some cases, a woman will get into a relationship with a guy she’s not 100% attracted to, or compatible with.

Some of her reasons might be…

  • He is a rebound (i.e. she’s using him to get over her ex).
  • She’s tired of seeing all her friends, family and coworkers in happy relationships, so she decides to give him a chance rather than being the only single one.
  • He pursued her so much and showered her with attention, compliments and even flowers and gifts, that she eventually gave in and agreed to date him, even though she never really felt romantically drawn to him.
  • She was going through a lonely phase and wanted some company for a while, but he ended up falling for her and not wanting to break up.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she didn’t care about him at all while in the relationship.

Secretly, she may have been hoping that he would eventually be able to create a relationship dynamic that caused her to fall deeply in love, want to treat him well and be a good, loving woman to him.

Yet, when that didn’t happen, she realized that she was never really able to open up and give him her full devotion and love.

So, when they broke up, it wasn’t a huge loss to her.

In fact, she may have even felt a bit relieved to be out of the relationship.

As a result, if her ex then uses No Contact on her as a way to hopefully make her miss him and want him back, it actually ends up having the opposite effect.

The No Contact period simple gives her the time and space she needs to move on without him.

Here’s the thing though…

Even if your ex never fully loved you before, it doesn’t mean you can’t make her feel that way about you now.

You can.

If you stay in her life (not in a needy way, but in a calm, confident manner where you are being attractive to her) and begin giving her the attraction experience she always wanted from you (e.g. maintain your confidence regardless of how cold or even bitchy she’s being, be ballsy and emotionally masculine with her, be more of a challenge to her, rather than being too nice and sucking up to her), she won’t be able to stop herself from experiencing feelings for you that she never felt before.

When that happens, getting her back becomes easier for you, because she wants it too.

Yet, if you just cut off contact and wait, she’s almost certainly going to move on and not care about having lost you.

After all, if the attraction isn’t there, it’s not a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, so there is nothing for her to want back.

4. She’s used to dealing with break ups and knows that it’s best to keep her ex off her mind and move on

If a woman is experienced with break ups, she knows that no matter how sad and hurt she might be feeling initially, those feelings will eventually fade away because she broke up with him.

It’s different if a woman gets dumped vs. if she was the dumper.

As the dumper, she is in the position of power and is the one who rejected him.

She may initially feel a bit sad, hurt, lonely, lost and unhappy, but she knows that it will fade away and she will move on.

So, if an ex is using radio silence to hopefully make her miss him and want her back, it simply won’t work on her.

Rather than running back to him, she will focus on doing the types of things that will help her get over and forget about him (e.g. go on dates with guys who like her and have been waiting for a chance to be with her, put her attention into her work or studies, take up a fun hobby, join a meet up group in her area so she can meet interesting people, go out more with her single friends).

Then, if her ex contacts her after 30 or 60 days, she’s will most likely already be completely over him and not interested in getting back together.

5. Her life feels better without him, so she doesn’t feel like she is missing out on anything

Sometimes after a break up, a woman will suddenly realize how much calmer and happier she feels without her ex.

She will feel free, happy and optimistic about her future without him.

This might be because the relationship became too stressful for her (e.g. the guy had so many issues, insecurities or problems, but never fixed them or leveled up, so they were always arguing and fighting).

Alternatively, she may have realized that her ex caused her personality to change in ways that she didn’t like (e.g. she became a nag, she cried all the time, she told lies to avoid getting into arguments with him, she had to dull down her appearance because he was insecure of other guys looking at her), so she’s now enjoying the feeling of being herself again.

So, while her ex is missing her like crazy and hoping that No Contact will work on her, she moves on and enjoys her life without him.

3 Mistakes to Avoid if You’re using No Contact to Hopefully Get Your Ex Back

1. Not realizing that No Contact doesn’t work as well for men as it does for women

If a woman uses NC on a guy after he dumps her, it can have the following effects on him:

  • He feels rejected that she doesn’t seem to care about being dumped by him, so he reaches out to her to assess whether she is still interested.
  • He feels like he has lost the power he had over her because she isn’t trying to get him back, so he gets back with her to prove to himself that he is still in the position of power.
  • He worries that she must have a new guy and is moving on faster than him, so he reaches out to her to check that she is still interested.

In cases like that, the woman can then get him back (temporarily) by agreeing to catch up with him.

Yet, the same thing doesn’t apply to a woman who dumps a guy.

When a guy uses No Contact after getting dumped by a woman who doesn’t feel attracted to him anymore, she will usually use the time to get over him and move on with another man.

Since she isn’t attracted to him anymore, or doesn’t have enough feelings to justify giving him another chance, she isn’t going to care if he isn’t contacting her.

She doesn’t need to get him back to prove to herself that she can.

Women rarely do that and in almost all cases, they avoid it because it’s usually a lot more difficult for a woman to get out of a relationship, than it is for a man (i.e. many ex boyfriends will beg, plead and almost not let a woman break up with them).

So, when a woman has gotten out of a relationship with a man she doesn’t want to be with, she will rarely run back to it just because he isn’t contacting her.

What makes a woman want a man back, is when he interacts with her and attracts her in new and interesting ways.

When a man does that, a woman then has a reason to get back with him (i.e. she feels attracted, intrigued and is worried that she will miss him and regret not giving him a chance).

2. Worrying about what your ex might be thinking, doing or feeling for months, but never doing what it takes to get her back

The longer you sit around doing nothing to get her back, the more chances you’re giving some other guy to seduce her and take her from you.

You need to man up and get her back while you still can.

3. Not realizing how easy it is to attract and seduce a woman back into a relationship

Re-attracting a woman seems like a difficult thing to do, until you try it.

The fact is, even if a woman seems closed off and uninterested right now, it doesn’t mean she will feel the same way a few days from now, after you have reactivated her feelings of respect and sexual attraction.

Unfortunately, so many guys don’t understand that and think that their only option is to just cut off contact and hope that she magically wants him back.

Guys like that lose their ex and end up regretting it, often for years, decades and for some, their entire life.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If you don’t want your ex to forget you, forget about the wimpy approach of using No Contact.

Instead, take control of the ex back process by actively re-attracting her, so you can get her back within days or the next week or so.

Take your chance while you still can.

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