Approaching women alone isn’t easy if you lack confidence the confidence to approach and don’t really know how to get them to feel attracted to you.

If you lack the confidence to approach women, watch this video…

If you don’t know how to get women to feel attracted to you when you meet them, watch this video to understand how it works…

Are You Here Alone?

Are you here alone?

Many guys feel the urge to approach women alone, but are often worried that women may ask them questions like, “Where are your friends?” or “Why are you here alone?”

The simple response to questions like those is to confirm that you are alone, but to let the women know via your tonality, body language and vibe that you are completely fine with it.

For example: You can reply and say, “Yes, I thought I’d come out on my own tonight for a change. It’s exciting.” Put a positive spin on it, rather than thinking that being alone is a bad thing. Let women be impressed by the fact that you are confident enough to approach women alone.

You Can Get the Same Results When Approaching Alone or With a Friend

Approaching women alone

As long as you have the confidence to approach and the ability to attract the women you meet, it doesn’t matter if you go out approaching women alone or with a friend.

What matters is whether or not you can make women feel attracted to you when you meet them. When women feel attracted to you, they then look at other things about you (i.e. that you’re out alone) in a positive light.

However, if you approach and try to be “liked” by women for being nice to them or pretending to be a party guy when you’re just a normal, good guy, they will feel suspicious of you and begin to question why you would be out alone (i.e. Do you not have any friends? Are you potentially a weirdo or psycho who is going to hurt her?)

This is why it’s extremely important that you focus on making women feel attracted to you when you approach them. Attraction comes first and everything else flows on smoothly after that.

Common Mistakes That Guys Make When Approaching Women

Approaching women is the easiest, fastest way to get laid or get a girlfriend because you have the chance to instantly create attraction and a unique between yourself and the woman. Unlike with online dating where she has 1,000s of men to choose from, when she meets you in person, it’s just you, her and a bunch of other guys standing around who are too afraid to approach her.

You get to focus in on her, build up her attraction and the sexual tension between you and make her want to release the tension with kissing and sex. When you know how to do that, you can get laid or get a girlfriend pretty any time you go out approaching.

However, when a guy makes some or all of the following mistakes when approaching women, things aren’t so easy…

1. He displays obvious signs of nervousness

When a guy is nervous around a woman his behavior is not relaxed; he fidgets, avoids looking her in the eyes and he has difficulty getting his words out. Nervousness comes across as insecurity and insecurity is due to a lack of confidence. A woman can sense it when a guy lacks self confidence and this is a turn off.

2. He struggles to keep a conversation going with attractive women

It’s usually very easy to talk to unattractive women, but when talking to attractive women, a guy has to be prepared for the tests they will put him through.

For example: Many attractive women will play hard to get initially to test how confident a guy is. If he feels like he’s blown it and then walks away, she knows that she’s just gotten rid of a guy who lacks the all important self-confidence that women are looking for in a man.

However, if he remains calm, positive and keeps the conversation going in a confident, easy-going way, the woman will eventually realize that he is a confident guy and she will relax and open up to him. He will then get to experience the friendly, easy-going side of her personality that most guys never get to see.

When a guy doesn’t realize that women will test his confidence, he usually sees their lack of contribution to a conversation as a sign that he is being rejected. He then begins to feel uncomfortable expressing himself, so he often resorts to asking the women a lot of questions to hopefully get them talking about themselves.

However, when women are in “test mode,” they will give very short answers or no answer at all if they are asked a lot of questions in a row. If a guy lacks the social skills to handle that type of test from women, most women will instinctively lose interest in him and no longer want to interact with him.

3. He tries to show her how nice of a guy he is, rather than making feel turned on

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy (I’m nice and I’ve had sex with more than 250 women), but you also have to turn women on. If a woman doesn’t feel sexually turned on by you, she won’t see the point in talking to you for too long, giving you her phone number or catching up with you for a date.

Many guys don’t realize that women actually WANT to be seduced into sex and a relationship when they meet a guy. Guys who don’t know this think that they need to start out by showing woman that they are a nice guy with good intentions.

Yet, that’s what pretty much every guy does and it doesn’t work. Why? Women don’t choose which guy to have a sexual relationship with based on how nice he is. Here’s why…

If a guy doesn’t know how to seduce a woman when he talks to her, she won’t really know what his intentions are. She will wonder why this friendly, nice guy is talking to her and feel weird about it. She might then ask him, “Where are your friends?” or “Why are you talking to us?”

Without first creating some sexual attraction between himself and the woman, the interaction becomes purely platonic and she feels like he is wasting her time.

4. He waits for very obvious signals of interest before approaching

When a guy lacks confidence in his attractiveness to women, he will often wait for very obvious signals or signs that a woman is open to being approached. He will stand around looking at her, try to make eye contact and see what happens.

If she doesn’t make it obvious that she wants him to approach her, he will think that she must have a boyfriend or she mustn’t find him very attractive.

What he doesn’t realize is that most women do not give guys a “free pass” to approach them. Instead, the majority of women act like they aren’t even interested in being approached because that ensures that they will have a higher chance of being approached by a confident, alpha male.

The nervous, insecure guys will feel afraid to approach, so it’s a good strategy from women. If you want to hook up with hot women, you’ve got to give yourself permission to approach. You cannot wait around hoping that hot women will suddenly make it easy for you to approach them. That’s not how it works.

Common Mistakes Guys Make Approaching Groups of Women

If your aim is to approach a group of women, you essentially need to:

  • Approach in a confident, easy-going way.
  • Don’t expect that they will immediately welcome you into the group. It happens sometimes, but sometimes they will test your confidence first.
  • Begin getting along with random people in the group.
  • Don’t worry about trying to get the approval of the most confident girl in the group. Just assume that you have her approval and relax when she tests you.
  • Focus on making the women feel attracted to you (e.g. by being confident, using humor, etc).
  • Have a good time with them.

Some of the mistakes that a guy will make approaching a group of women are:

1. Nervously asking for permission to sit down or to join the group

If a guy asks permission from the group to join them, he stands the risk of them saying no. If he gets a no, then he has no choice other than to walk away and his opportunity is lost. Instead of asking for permission, just give yourself permission and let them meet the cool, confident, good guy that you are.

An alpha male doesn’t need to get permission to talk to anyone – he just does it. It’s not about being disrespectful, rude or arrogant, but just being a good, confident guy who doesn’t need to get the permission of women to be able to talk to them.

Although it might seem like “good manners” to ask for permission, many women will see it as an opportunity to reject you in front of their friends to feel good about themselves. On the other hand, if you just assume that you have permission to talk to them and then talk to them in a confident, easy-going manner, the women will feel attracted to your confidence.

2. Not adding any positive energy to the group

When approaching a group of women, you don’t have to go into the group and put on a big show to make them excited to meet you. Instead, you simply have to add at least some positive energy to the group.

Positive energy can come from the fact that you’re smiling, while being confident, easy-going and freely chatting to the group. It can also come from using a bit of humor to get the girls laughing or by flirting with some of the women to create a sexual vibe.

When a guy approaches a group of women and brings down the mood, they won’t be very welcoming. For example: If he is nervous, hesitant or anxious and they are happy, confident and free flowing, they will feel awkward with him hanging around.

If the vibe of the group is quiet and relaxed (e.g. relaxing in a coffee shop) and he is too “high energy” and over the top, the women will feel like they need to reject him or show their disapproval to bring him down to a lower energy level.

3. He focuses all of his attention on one woman and ignores the rest

In his eagerness to pick up one specific woman in a group, a guy will sometimes make the mistake of zoning in on her and ignoring her friends. It then often results in her friends trying to block his attempts to pick her up, which makes things unnecessarily complicated.

When approaching a group of women, make sure that you have an easy-going approach to the pick up. Don’t rush to pick up one girl and exclude her friends. Instead, be confident, relaxed and easy-going and allow the interaction to unfold naturally.

As long as you are being attractive (i.e. being confident, charismatic, charming, using some humor at times, etc) most, if not all of the women in the group will feel attracted to you. This then works in your favor because when women see that other women are attracted to you, they then begin to show you more interest and try to compete for your attention.

Women always want to get the guy that other women want. It’s just the way women work. So, relax, be confident and make the women in the group feel attracted to you. When you do that, it will be 10x easier to pick up the hottest girl in the group.

Are You Ready to Begin Approaching Women Alone?

If approaching women alone still feels daunting to you, what you need to do is focus on building up more confidence in your attractiveness to women.

When you know that you can attract most of the women you approach, you will no longer feel afraid to approach women. You will know that if you go out approaching, you will get laid, get a girlfriend or at least get a bunch of phone numbers that lead to sex later than week.

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