Relationships usually start out pretty well.

The couple feels attracted to each other and they go on nice dates and they fall in love.

They feel like they’re close because they start kissing and having sex and they feel so good around each other.

They’re around each other all the time, talking to each other and getting to know each other.

It’s fascinating and interesting to get to know each other.

Yet, somewhere along the line, she changes.

She starts to become distant

She doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

She starts to become distant.

She changes into a completely different person than she used to be.

She used to be so nice and sweet but now she’s distant and doesn’t really care much about the relationship or him.

So, how can a man fix that?

How can he make sure that she starts being close with him again, she starts being affectionate, she starts being loving and warm and attentive?

How can he make sure that she doesn’t become distant again in the future? Here are three examples of how to do it.

1. Overcome problems together

As you go through life, you will encounter challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome.

Some guys see that as bad luck.

They see it as their life not working out well.

They look at other people experiencing success and achieving the things that they want but they don’t have it in their life.

So, the guys starts thinking, “I’ve just got bad luck. Things never work out for me. Life is too difficult, it’s so unfair. Why is this happening to me?” and so on.

A woman doesn’t want her man to react to life in that way.

If he is always getting upset or playing the victim or feeling like life is too difficult, then she has to take on more of a mother or big sister role in his life.

She doesn’t want to feel like she is the stronger one or the more mature one.

She wants to see that her man can handle life no matter what comes his way, he’s able to remain strong and overcome problems and challenges and obstacles.

If it’s a problem, obstacle or challenge that both you and her are facing together, she will be happy to participate and help out but she will want you to be the stronger one.

She will want to see that you don’t crumble when faced with challenges, obstacles or problems in life.

What a real man does is that as he encounters challenges and obstacles in life, he steps up to the plate to meet the challenge and overcome it.

The thing is some guys are very good at doing that when it comes to video games.

They play video games and are happy to go through the levels.

The levels get increasingly challenging as they go along but the guy doesn’t complain and say, “Oh, this is unfair. Life is unfair. It’s all too difficult. I can’t do it. Things don’t work out for me.”

What he does is he keeps playing and he gets past that level and he goes on to the next level. His skills improve and he can access new levels.

The same applies with life and relationships with women.

As you’re going through life with your woman, you will encounter challenges and obstacles and as you and your woman overcome those challenges and obstacles and reach a new level, you become closer as a couple.

What she wants to see is that you don’t lose confidence and start complaining and getting depressed when you encounter challenges or obstacles.

You step up to the plate and you meet that challenge, you overcome it and you step up to the next level.

When you and her overcome challenges and obstacles together as a couple, you then begin to develop good history together where you can look back and say, “Hey, remember when we overcame that and then we were able to do this? Remember when this happened and we did that and it brought us to this level and now we’re at this place and it’s so much better?”

If she can see that you have been her rock all along and she can always rely on you, she will be close with you.

She will hold onto your arm. She will look at you with respect. She will look at you with loving eyes.

She will want to be close to you because you are her man. You are the man that she looks up to and respects.

2. Discuss rather than argue

Discuss rather than argue

In a relationship with a woman, it’s impossible to never disagree on something.

You’re going to come across things that you disagree on. That’s completely natural and normal.

Yet, rather than getting into arguments with her and verbally attacking her and insulting her, you need to discuss things.

As the man, you need to maintain control of your emotions. So, you discuss things with your woman rather than arguing with her.

Women hate it when a man can’t control his emotions and reacts to her tantrums and insults and moody behavior.

She doesn’t want a man who reacts to her and starts losing control of his emotions. She wants a man who maintains control.

If you get into the habit of arguing with your woman and reacting negatively to her tantrums, then she’s not going to want to be close with.

She’s going to start to become distant. Women feel turned off by men who can’t control their emotions around a woman.

The third example of how to be closer as a couple is…

3. Don’t put her in the position of power

Don't put her in the position of power

What a woman really wants is to be in relationship with a man that she can look up to and respect.

She wants a man to create the relationship dynamic where she actually feels happy about doing good things for him.

She feels happy to follow his lead, to listen to what he says. She wants to be a good girl for him.

Yet, what some guys do is they give their power over to the woman because she starts becoming demanding and throwing tantrums and he thinks, “Screw this. I don’t want to have to deal with all that. Just let her have whatever she wants.”

What happens then is she starts to become distant.

She is with a man who is following her lead. She’s with a man who is reacting to her.

He’s not in control.

He can’t handle a woman like her.

So, she’s not going to feel the want and need to be close to him.

She’s going to feel like she wants to get away from him because she’s not being her true self around him.

She’s changed. She has become a woman that she doesn’t want to be. She wants to be a good woman for her man.

She wants to be a woman who is happy to do good things for her man, to treat him well, to be affectionate, to be attentive, to look out for him. She wants to be like that.


Okay, so the three examples of how to become closer as a couple are:

1. Overcome problems together.
2. Discuss rather than argue.
3. Don’t put her in the position of power.

So, with the first one, she wants to see that you are a strong man that she can rely on.

When you do that, she will naturally want to be close to you.

She will respect you and feel attracted to you and remain in love with you.

You will be her strong man that she can always rely on. However, if you aren’t able to overcome problems and challenges and you crumble when faced with obstacles in life, she will start to distance herself from you.

A woman doesn’t want to be stuck with a weak man.

Some women put up with it but most women just don’t want to be stuck with a man that they need to carry throughout life.

The next example, discuss rather than argue.

If you’re always arguing with your woman, then you’re obviously not going to be close as a couple.

It’s going to make you and her disconnect from each other. However, if you can be the stronger one and discuss things rather than arguing, she will naturally respect you, feel attracted to you and feel love for you.

Finally, don’t put her in the position of power.

If a woman is in a position of power and you’re always sucking up to her or doing whatever she wants, then she’s going to lose respect for you.

When a woman loses respect for you, she stops feeling proper sexual attraction for you.

It’s difficult for her to feel sexually attracted and want to submit to a man that she doesn’t even look up to and respect.

If that goes on for long enough, she starts to fall out of love with her guy.

She begins to become distant and he may then become insecure or angry at her for changing like that, yet she doesn’t actually want that to be happening.

She wants to be in love, she wants to respect her man, she wants to feel attracted to him and she wants to be close to him.

Okay, so those were three examples of how to become closer as a couple.

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She Wants to Be in Love and Be Close With You

What you need to understand about a relationship with a woman is that she actually does want to be in love.

She does want to be close with you.

She does want to be able to respect you and feel sexually attracted to you and be totally in love with you.

The way that women work in a relationship with a man, is that they are reactive (i.e. they react to your approach).

If you change your approach, she changes how she feels.

For example: If a guy is being insecure in a relationship, it’s going to make his woman feel turned off and she’s going to become distant.

Yet, when he starts being confident in his interactions with her and in the relationship in general, her feelings start to change.

She starts to feel attracted to him again. She starts to feel respect for him again.

That’s the way that women work. They react to the man’s lead.

If you are saying and doing things that make her feel respect, attraction and love for you, she’s going to go along with that.

She’s going to feel respect, attraction and love for you.

Yet, if you are saying and doing things that cause her to lose respect for you, feel turned off by you and fall out of love with you, she’ll go along with that, too.

What she really wants is to be close with you.

She wants to be in love with you.

She wants to respect you.

She wants to feel attracted to you.

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