5 possible reasons why a woman will do that:

1. She’s not attracted to guys who are really nice to her

Although there’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy, most women prefer a good man who can stand up to her when she’s out of line, rather than a super nice guy who is a pushover and lets her dominate him with her confident, assertive personality.

This is based on a woman’s instinctive need to find a guy who is capable of protecting her, rather than having to be his protector.

It’s a basic, primal instinct that never goes away, regardless of how civil our modern society is.

So, if your ex left you for a guy who won’t treat her as well as you did, it may be because you made the mistake of being Mr. Nice Guy to her all the time, even though she treated you badly (e.g. she was rude, disrespectful, broke her promises to you, was selfish, expected way too much of you and didn’t give much or anything in return).

Even though most women won’t admit it (e.g. on TV, when asked in a group setting), being with a guy who sucks up to them and lets them lead isn’t attractive.

Rather than tell the truth, women will say things like, “I’m tired of dating jerks. I want a nice guy who will treat me like a princess.”

It seems like the woman is being truthful, but she is only telling HALF of the truth.

She does want a guy who treats her well (i.e. a very confident good guy), but she doesn’t want an extra nice guy who treats her like a princess and does whatever she wants.

It’s subtle, but the difference is very obvious to a woman.

Of course, they won’t tell you that though.

Watch this video for some examples of the lies women tell men…

Since women can’t admit what they really want (because most people will take it the wrong way), they have to lie and say that they want a nice guy who treats them like a princess and does whatever she wants.

As a result, a lot of good guys fall into the trap of being a super nice in a relationship, only to get dumped for a guy who then doesn’t treat her as well.

He may then feel confused and ask, “Why did this happen? How could my ex leave me for a guy who won’t treat her as good as I did? Do I have to be a bad guy and treat her like crap to get her back?”

No, no, no.

You do not have to treat a woman badly to make her happy, or to get her back.

You just need to have more balls than you did before.

In other words, be a good guy, but stop being such a damn pushover with her.

Let her see that you are a manly man now and that she can look up to you and respect you now.

The secret to getting your ex back is not to become a bad boy or start being an asshole to her.

A woman doesn’t want a guy who treats her badly.

What does she want?

A woman wants a very confident good guy who treats her with respect and love, but doesn’t place her above himself in terms of importance and value.

In other words, he respects himself as sees himself as a valuable guy, but he is still good to her and still treats her well.

He looks at her as being important or valuable, but he holds himself in a higher regard.

He doesn’t ever have to TELL her that though.

No, that would be rude.

Instead, he just thinks, feels, behaves and acts in that way, while also being good to her and treating her well.

What most guys don’t realize is that’s actually what women want.

They want a very confident good guy who believes in himself and doesn’t lower himself to suck up to a moody woman.

So, all that said, how can you get your ex back from a guy who isn’t treating her as well as you did?

Make her see that you are a better choice than the new guy.

I know, I know.

You might not feel very confident about that, but you have to.

Your belief in yourself is such an important part of making her feel more attracted to you than him.

You can’t doubt yourself.

You have to know that you ARE better than him.

Of course, you can’t achieve that by putting him down and saying things like, “What do you see in him? Why can’t you see that he’s a jerk? Don’t you see that he will never treat you as well as I did? He doesn’t care about you. I do. I may have made mistakes, but I always treated you like a princess. I always put your needs before my own. I did everything for you. Why would you choose to be with a guy who wouldn’t ever treat you that well? It doesn’t make any sense! Why are you doing this to yourself? You deserve better! He’s only going to use you for sex and then dump you. Is that what you want? Don’t do this to yourself.”

If you say something like that to your ex, rather than make her say, “You know what? You’re right! How could I have been so blind? My new guy is a jerk and definitely doesn’t treat me as well as you did! I’m going to dump him right away so you and I can be together again,” she will assume that you’re simply feeling jealous, hurt and don’t know how to re-attract her.

So, don’t even bother talking about the other guy.

It won’t help.

Focus on how you are making her feel when you talk to her and interact with her.

That is what really counts.

If you are still using the same old approach that got you dumped (e.g. being too nice, sucking up to her, giving her all the power, doubting your attractiveness, secretly thinking of her as being more valuable than you), then make sure that you’re willing to change your approach.

For example: From now on, you should always maintain your confidence around her, make her feel feminine and girly in your presence, show her that you’re getting on with your life with or without her and not get nervous or worried if she starts getting moody or irritated when you talk to her.

If she is being overly dramatic about something, laugh at her (in a loving way), rather than taking her so seriously.

She might hang up on you or walk away if you’re talking to her in person, but that will just be to test how big your balls really are now.

If she can see that you have truly manned up, then she is going to feel magnetically attracted to you and want to experience what it would be like to be with you again.

So, make sure that you’re not just sitting around at home feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for a chance to suck up to her even more and hope that she takes pity on you.

Start making progress towards being a very confident, emotionally masculine, good guy, rather than sticking to your old Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Soft and Innocent Guy who needs a woman to take pity on him.

That approach isn’t going to work on her anymore.

You need to man up.

If you attempt to get her back by trying to convince her that he won’t treat her as well as you did, she’s just going to say something like, “I know you always treated me well and I appreciate it. However, that’s got nothing to do with why I broke up with you. The fact is that I just don’t have romantic feelings for you anymore. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. You’re a nice guy and I’m sure you’ll make some other woman very happy, but that woman isn’t me. I wish you all the best.”

So, make sure that you are willing to change your approach to her.

Don’t use the same old approach that got you dumped in the first place.

Another possible reason why your ex left you for a guy who won’t treat her as good as you did is…

2. She doesn’t like it when a guy puts up with her bad behavior just to spend time with her

She doesn't like it when a guy puts up with her bad behavior just to spend time with her

Sometimes a guy makes the mistake of thinking that to keep a woman happy in a relationship, he needs to let her have her way no matter what.

Even when she treats him badly (e.g. is rude and disrespectful to him, throws tantrums and creates fake drama), he lets her get away with it because he thinks it will please her.

Yet, it just doesn’t work that way.

Even though a woman might not admit it openly, she will hate it when a guy sucks up to her and puts up with her bad behavior, just so he can be with her.

Rather than think, “What a guy! So amazing! He’s always so sweet and accepting of me, even though I treat him like crap. He must really love me. I’m so lucky to have him,” she feels turned off by his lack of balls to stand up to her and put her back in her place, in a loving, but dominant way.

When with a guy like that, a woman will think something like, “If I can push him around like this, how will he be treated in the workplace or around friends? He’s probably always going to be a pushover in other areas of his life, which means that if I stick with him, I’m going to have to take on the responsibility of fighting any battles that come our way. I don’t want that. I want to be with a man who is more emotionally dominant than me, so I can relax and feel like a woman around him. I don’t want to have always be worrying that he will crumble at the first sign of trouble and I will then have to step into save the day. I want a man who is respected by other people, not a guy who gets walked all over because he’s too wimpy to be assertive.”

Important: This doesn’t mean that a woman wants a thug.

Don’t get it wrong.

When a guy is a bit of a softie and finds out that women want an emotionally tougher guy, he assumes that it’s about going to the extreme and being a bad boy or thug.

No, no, no.

It’s not about that at all.

Instead, it’s about being a very confident good guy who isn’t afraid to be assertive in situations when it is necessary.

Being assertive doesn’t mean getting into fights or heated arguments.

Once again, it’s not about going to the extreme.

Instead, it’s about being assertive in a socially intelligent way (i.e. making someone respect you, but still being respectful towards them, so you can achieve a win-win outcome).

That’s what a woman really wants.

So, if a woman is with a guy who isn’t able to stand up to her, then she fears that he will get walked all over in life and she will have to step in to fight his battles.

As a result, she just won’t feel safe with him.

The feeling of safety is extremely important to a woman and is a primal instinct that she cannot ignore.

If she doesn’t feel safe in the world with her guy, then her instincts tell her to leave him and find another man.

When she feels that way, it doesn’t matter how nice her guy is to her or how much he sucks up to her; she’s just not going to care, because deep down she knows that when the odds are stacked against him (i.e. things get tough), he’s not going to have the courage to stand up for himself, or for her.

Therefore, she can’t look up to him, respect him or feel attracted to him anymore.

When that happens, it’s only a matter of time before she cheats on him or leaves him and tries to find herself a man who is emotionally tough and capable of protecting a woman like her.

So, if you put up with your ex’s bad treatment of you in the relationship just to be with her (i.e. because you needed her more than she needed you), it will have been a big turn off for her.

If her new guy doesn’t allow her to disrespect him or treat him badly, then she’s going to feel more attracted to him because of it.

I know, I know.

It probably makes you feel angry to read that.

After all, why on Earth would she want that?

If you still don’t understand, go back and reread the start of this section again.

It’s a primal instinct that she can’t ignore.

Of course, you might wish to believe that being nice, sweet and doing whatever a woman wants is the key to making her happy, but it’s not.

Likewise, being bad, cruel and not doing anything a woman wants also isn’t the key to making her happy.

What is?

You should know by now.

It’s about being a very confident good guy who respects her and treats her well, but respects himself even more (i.e. doesn’t let her get away with treating him like crap).

In other words, a guy who is more of challenge to impress and maintain the interest of, rather than a pushover who puts up with anything and everything just to spend time with her.

Another reason why your ex might have left you for a guy who won’t treat her as good as you did is…

3. Her attraction for him is stronger because he is more emotionally masculine

For a woman to be able to relax into feeling like a feminine woman (i.e. what she really wants to be), she needs to know that her man is more emotionally masculine than her.

These days, women are very independent and can also take on leadership positions in the workplace, so some guys assume that a woman will be happy as the leader in her romantic relationship as well.

Here’s the thing though…

Regardless of her professional achievements or role in the workplace, when a woman is in a romantic relationship with a man, she wants to know that he is “the man” so she can relax into being a feminine woman around him.

Of course, not all women want that (there are some women who have more of a masculine spirit and don’t want a man to lead the way), but most women have a more feminine spirit and want to relax into the leadership of a man when in a romantic relationship.

One element of this is that the man is more emotionally masculine than her (e.g. she is more sensitive and sweet and he is more tough and ballsy).

This doesn’t mean that a man can’t be sweet or do romantic things, but that he has to ensure that sweetness and romance aren’t his main approach to attracting her.

If he wants to be more like her, rather than being more like a masculine man, then she will naturally feel turned off by his inability to make her feel like a feminine woman around him.

What you need to understand and accept about life is that the majority of women want to be with an emotionally masculine man, not a man who likes to be more like a woman because he thinks being manly is wrong, rude, too much work or outdated.

Being a man never goes out of style.

Being a man triggers a woman primal instinct of attraction and maintains it, whereas being a feminine type of guy (e.g. emotionally sensitive, easily upset) instinctively turns a woman off and makes her want to find a more masculine man instead.

When you embrace your masculinity and live it, your woman can then be girly, get emotional, focus on being in love with you and put time and effort into making herself look attractive for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t take on the manly role (e.g. you let her be the boss at home, make most of the decisions for both of you, lead the way), she will feel more emotionally masculine than you and feel turned off as a result.

So, if your ex left your for a guy who won’t treat her as well as you did, it could be because he’s currently more emotionally masculine than you, thereby making her feel more girly and feminine around him than she felt around you.

Another possible reason why your ex left you for a guy who won’t treat her as good as you did is…

4. You thought that being nice and treating a woman right, was the secret to keeping her happy

Don’t blame yourself.

The media tells men everyday that all women want in a nice guy who sucks up to them, treats them like a princess, buys them a big diamond ring and does the housework.

It’s all total BS.

What women really want is a very confident good guy who doesn’t allow himself to be pushed around by a moody woman.

He treats her well, but he has the balls to laugh at her when she is being unreasonable or moody and trying to be a brat about things.

He doesn’t fall for it…and she loves it.

She loves his balls.

She loves the fact that she can’t push him around and that he has the masculinity to stand his ground and show her who is boss.

Of course, that’s not what the media will tell you.

They have to be politically correct and avoid offending people, so they tell guys that the secret to success with women is to be a nice, patient, sweet, innocent, friendly guy who lets a woman lead the way.

Yeah, try that in real life and you end up in the friend zone with women you like, or dumped by women you love.

Put it this way…

If niceness was all a woman really looked for in a guy, most of the guys in the world would have a beautiful girlfriend, fiancé or wife, because most guys are nice.

Unfortunately, that’s just not how this world really works.

Although niceness is a great trait that women appreciate, there also needs to be a sexual spark between the man and woman for the woman to want to stick around and be in a sexual, romantic relationship with him.

So, if a nice guy fails to create feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman in a relationship (e.g. because he’s insecure, too nice, gives her too much power that she doesn’t even want anyway), she’s not going to feel motivated to stay with him for life.

Even if she truly cares for him as a person, without the all-important spark of sexual attraction, she’s only going to see him as a friend at best.

Then, if she meets another man who makes her feel sexually attracted in ways that her current guy can’t (e.g. the new man makes her feel feminine and girly in his presence, whereas her current guy only makes her feel friendly emotions), she will pick the new guy even if he doesn’t treat her as well as her ex did.

So, if you want to win your ex back from her new guy, start by giving her more of what she wants and less of what she doesn’t want (i.e. more confidence, emotional strength, manliness and less niceness, soppiness and emotional sensitivity).

When she can see for herself that you are now the kind of man who can make her feel attracted in ways that really matter to her, she won’t be able to stop herself from changing how she feels about you.

She will start to appreciate the fact that you’re a nice guy who treats her well, but you also have a lot more balls now.

You seem to have transformed into the very confident good guy that all women want.

She then starts to doubt her decision to leave you for a guy who won’t treat her as well as you did.

As a result, she opens herself back up to wanting to be with you again.

At that point, you’ve just got to be confident enough to guide her back into a relationship with you.

Another possible reason why your ex left you for a guy who won’t treat her as well as you did is …

5. He dumped her in the past and she just wants to get back with him to feel better about herself

Sometimes, a woman will hook up with a guy again because he dumped her in the past and she wants to get him back to feel better about herself.

Then, when he falls in love with her and feels secure in the relationship, she will dump him to get revenge for the pain he put her through.

She will then quickly try to find a guy who she can respect, feel attracted to and love for real.

Where do you fit into this picture?

Well, in two places, actually.

You can either 1) Get her to leave her current guy or, 2) Get her back after she dumps him.

Both of those options are possible.

Which do you choose?

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