Here are 6 common reasons why a wife will do that to her ex husband:

1. She hasn’t been able to fully move on without him yet

Other men have likely shown her interest already, or she has been on a few dates or even slept with some men.

Yet, those men aren’t ever what she is really looking for, or they aren’t fully interested in her, so it doesn’t work out.

She then goes back to her ex husband out of convenience, to make herself feel better after being rejected or let down by a man, because she has to see him often due to the kids and they end up becoming close again, or simply due to familiarity.

2. She is trying to get back with her ex husband to make her family happy, but she isn’t happy

For example: A woman is from a family that disapproves of, or looks down on divorce.

To avoid upsetting them, or having them feel embarrassed by her actions, she continues trying to make things work with her ex husband.

Alternatively, she has children with her ex husband and for their sake, she continues trying to fix things with him, even though personally she doesn’t want to.

Yet, being in a relationship for someone else’s benefit never ends up feeling right.

It feels more like a prison sentence than anything else, or a burden, rather than a benefit to her.

A woman might be able to put up with it for a little while, but she will eventually get tired of it and break up with him again.

Her ex husband can get her back and stop the ongoing break-ups, but he has to make a real change to his approach to attraction with her (e.g. instead of getting into stressful discussions about the marriage, he focuses on making her laugh and smile. Instead of looking at her as his ‘been there, done that’ wife who he just wants to be without of convenience, he begins looking at her as his sexy, lovable, attractive wife, which then makes her feel happy, alive, noticed and more feminine. Instead of being a yes man and doing whatever she wants, he starts saying no to some of her unreasonable requests and uses humor to get her to laugh and see that she is being unreasonable).

If he does that, she will naturally begin to see that being with him is more of a benefit, than a burden to her.

It will begin to feel like they are in love and are happy, connected couple that can actually make it work now.

The relationship will then be something she wants for herself, rather than just for the sake of her family.

3. She hopes that being apart will fix the problems between them, but it never does

She hopes that being apart will fix the problems between them, but it never does

Relationship problems don’t go away by themselves.

Instead, relationship problems go away when both the man and the woman learn from their past mistakes, level up and become better at relationships as a result.

For example: If a man wasn’t able to handle his wife’s moods and would become irritable, angry or unkind in response to her moodiness, he now understands how to be more loving, patient and emotionally independent of her, so she isn’t relying on her to be emotionally consistent like a man.

As a result, she feels free to be a woman around him (i.e. unpredictable in her moods) and feels respect, attraction and love for him being able to be a man who isn’t dependent on her to be emotionally consistent.

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t make enough of a change after being separated or divorced from a wife.

So, if she does miss him and comes back, she quickly realizes that nothing has changed or improved and leaves him once again.

4. She has too much power over him now and it turns her off

After a divorce, some men end up walking on eggshells around their ex wife.

Basically, he will try way too hard to impress her by being nice, giving in to her demands to hopefully not annoy or upset her.

Yet, behaving like that is more annoying to a woman than a guy who doesn’t listen to her, or take her needs into consideration because women see it as desperate, weak and needy, which isn’t attractive.

Of course, the solution is not to treat her badly.

Instead, a man needs to maintain a balance between treating his woman with respect and showing love for her, while also making her feel the need to respect him, maintain his interest and show love to him.

When a man strikes that balance, a relationship works and both he and the woman are happy.

Yet, when a man strays too far to the left or right from that, both of them will end up feeling unhappy.

Here’s the thing…

If you hand your power over to a woman, she won’t be able to respect you anymore.

If a woman can’t respect you, she won’t be able to feel sexually attracted to you and without those emotions, being in love with you becomes almost impossible for her.

She might continue to care for you, but she won’t be able to see you as her sexy husband, or the man that she loves and wants to stay with for life.

So, be sure to avoid handing over your power to her and allowing her to call all the shots, in the hope that she’ll take pity on you and fall back in love with you.

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to be emotionally stronger and a little more dominant than her, so she can respect you and look up to you.

If you can’t do that, she’ll continue to break up with you, or will simply move on with another man if she finds one who is good enough to replace you.

Another reason why a woman will keep getting back with her ex husband, but then breaking up with him again is…

5. She loves him and is honestly trying to make things work

Love isn’t enough.

Both a man and a woman can love each other, but if the fundamental issues that caused the divorce don’t get fixed, it’s just never going to work out.

This is why, it’s important that you understand the real reasons you and your wife split up.

It’s not enough to know some of the reasons, or only the obvious reasons (e.g. you and her had money problems that led to arguments and then the divorce, you got into a fair few arguments, your sex life dried up, you complained for years about her not being affectionate and she hated that, you drifted apart).

You have to know the deeper issues that eroded her feelings of respect, attraction and love for you, so you can make the right adjustments to your approach to her.

If you’re not sure about her more subtle reasons for being turned off, falling out of love and wanting a divorce, I discuss more than 70 reasons in my program, Get Your Ex Back Super System.

Another possible reason for getting back together with an ex husband, but then leaving him again and again…

6. She feels guilty about leaving her husband, but then regrets coming back to him

For example: She is the sort of woman who takes wedding vows seriously.

When she promised to be with him “Until death do us part,” she really meant it.

Yet, when the relationship began to fall apart, she wasn’t able to keep the ‘promise’ and she now feels guilty about it.

She then convinces herself to try again so she can honor her word, but the things that turned her off in the past (e.g. her husband being too insecure, not showing her the kind of love she wants, not being manly enough in his thinking or behavior, being too easily irritated, trying to bring her down emotionally) turn her off again, so she breaks up with him.

Alternatively, a couple might have children together and the children adore their father and really miss having him in their life, on a day-to-day basis.

So, when she sees how unhappy they are, she feels guilty for being the one who took their father away from them.

As a result, she gives the relationship one more try for their sake.

Yet, it just doesn’t work out (e.g. because she’s not attracted to him anymore, guilt is not a good basis for a relationship, he keeps making the same mistakes and turning her off, he has become more insecure about her love for him, which turns her off further).

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