5 possible reasons why:

1. She wants you to suffer for a little longer, before she eventually gives you another chance

This often happens when a woman still feels angry and annoyed at her ex for stuffing up a perfectly good relationship.

As a result, she may think something like, “I’m not going to make it easy for him to get me back. I’m going to let him suffer for a while until her learns to appreciate me and treat me right.”

She might then give off all the signs that she wants him back (e.g. she agrees to meet up with him, she hugs him and kisses him), but if he asks her if she wants to get back together again, she pulls away as a way of punishing him for his past mistakes.

Naturally, this can leave the guy feeling frustrated and wondering, “I sense that she wants me back, but she admit it. Why? What is she playing at? What do I need to do to change her mind?”

Here’s what you need to know…

It doesn’t matter if your ex wants to admit that she wants you back or not.

What matters is that you maintain your confidence (even though she is giving you mixed messages) and focus on making her feel so much respect and sexual attraction for you during interactions (e.g. over the phone and especially in person, not so much via text), so she naturally continues to feel drawn to you and wants something to happen between you and her.

If you can show her that you have the emotional strength to maintain your confidence and not give up until you get her back, while at the same time sparking her sexual and romantic feelings for you (e.g. by being emotionally masculine, making her laugh and smile and feel good when she’s with you, flirting with her to create sexual tension), she will feel compelled to drop her guard and open herself up to you again.

Of course, she may act like she is unsure, but if she is still interacting with you and catching up with you, then she wants you back, but simply isn’t willing to admit it.

She wants you to suffer a little longer, before she gives you another chance

You need to be the more confident and courageous one during this time.

Don’t let her mixed messages throw you off and make you doubt her interest moment to moment.

Let her see your steady, unwavering confidence in yourself.

That is irresistibly attractive to all types of women, even though some women will never give a guy the gift of admitting it to him.

So, rather than waiting for her to admit that she wants you back, just be confident enough to seduce her back into kissing, having sex and being back in a relationship with you again.

At some point, it will be very clear that she is committed again, but always be prepared to ignore her mixed messages that are designed to mess with your confidence.

Don’t take her mixed messages personally.

Just let her see your steady, unwavering confidence in yourself and you attractiveness to her no matter what.

Another possible reason why your ex won’t admit that she wants you back is…

2. She doesn’t want you to just get her back, so you can then dump her for revenge

She doesn't want you to just get her back, so you can then dump her for revenge

A woman will often fear getting back with an ex who she dumped in case he tries to get even with her, by pulling her back in, only to push her away and leave her feeling like the one who is being rejected and left behind.

So, rather than risk getting hurt in that way, she will avoid fully committing to him and will instead stick around in the hope that he will give her some kind of proof that he won’t hurt her.

Of course, you’re probably a really good guy and want your ex back for real, but she doesn’t know that for sure.

This is why, if you want to get your ex back, you’re going to have to convince her.


Well, the obvious answer sounds like it would be to tell her that you are serious about wanting a relationship.

Yet, that only works if your ex is truly attracted to you and in love with you and is hoping to work things out.

If your ex is currently turned off by you, has lost respect for you, isn’t in love with you and as a result, doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, then telling her that you are serious about having a relationship with her will only push her away.

So, what should you do?


Another possible reason why your ex won’t admit that she wants you back is…

3. She is afraid that the relationship won’t be any better than before and will just result in a break up once again

She is afraid the relationship will just break up again anyway

Most break ups between a man and a woman don’t just happen without at least a few arguments happening first, or a few relationship problems that don’t seem to be going away.

In some cases, a couple might even separate for a few days (e.g. she goes to hang out with friends for the weekend, they stop talking over the phone) to allow for things to cool down between them before they reconcile again, or to hopefully have some time to think about where they’ve been going wrong, make some changes, catch up again and hope that things are now better.

Yet, in many cases, a guy doesn’t really know what else to do in the relationship other than what he has been doing, so he continues to get the same kind of results with her.

Then, by the time they break up, the woman will have usually reached a point where she no longer believes the relationship can be fixed and saved because the guy is unable, or unwilling to change.

This is why an ex woman will often want a guy back, but not be willing to admit it because she doesn’t want to give him a chance to only to then have to go through the emotional trauma of a break up once again.

So, if you want your ex back, you need to show her (not tell her) that you have changed.

Don’t say, “I promise I will change if you come back,” because that is a maybe promise.

Likewise, don’t say, “I’ve changed. Please give me another chance” because that can seem desperate, forced and needy to a woman, which will be a turn off.

What should you do instead?

Just show her.

Prove it to her through your actions, behavior, attitude and the way you talk and interact with her from now on that you have changed.

Women see that as manly, capable, confident, intelligent and smooth, which is much more attractive and appealing than a guy pleading for another chance.

Essentially, you need to make her feel like SHE wants to give you another chance because SHE now feels differently around you, rather than pleading for another chance because YOU have changed and YOU really want her to give you a chance.

Hopefully you can see and imagine the huge difference between those two approaches and how they affect a woman’s feelings of attraction, respect, love and desire for her ex.

Another possible reason why your ex won’t admit that she wants you back is…

4. She is interested in another guy, but doesn’t want to admit it

She is interested in another guy, but doesn't want to admit it

Sometimes a woman will break up with a guy and find that she’s now interested in another guy, or she will have a crush on the other guy prior to the break up and now feel free to pursue him.

Yet, at the same time, she also has feelings for her ex and is still wondering if there’s still a chance they can work things out.

This puts her in a situation where she doesn’t want to lose out on either option.

It may seem a bit selfish, but men who are in the same situation (i.e. have a girlfriend who they’ve lost interest in and at the same time, have happened to meet a new woman who is interested) will often do the same thing.

It sucks, but it happens.

The way to protect yourself against that ever happening in a relationship is to know how to deepen a woman’s feelings over time and make her feel like if the relationship where to end, it would be her loss.

This makes a woman stick to a man like glue for life, whereas when a man makes a woman feel like he is the one who fears losing her, it gets rid of that glue and creates a sense of detachment from him that results in her being ready to stray if the relationship becomes stale and she happens to meet someone else.

So, back to the scenario of a woman who wants an ex back, but won’t admit it (because she has recently met someone else)…

On the one hand, she may want to explore her feelings for the new guy and see if she can have a better relationship with him than she did with her ex.

Yet, on the other hand, if things don’t work out with the new man, she doesn’t want to ruin her chances of getting back with her ex if she tells him that she’s interested in someone else right now.

So, she strings her ex along for now (i.e. by giving him the impression that she might be open to getting back together, but just isn’t sure yet), while she explores her feelings for the new guy.

If things work out with the new guy, she can then say to her ex, “I have to tell you something. I’m sorry if this hurts you and I hope you don’t hate me for it. I know that you’ve been hoping that we’ll get back together, but I’ve met someone. I’m seeing him now and I am happy. So, I think it’s better for both of us to make a fresh start with different people, rather than going back to a relationship that didn’t work. I hope you understand. I wish you all the best.”

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t wait around for your ex to admit that she wants you back.

Instead, you need to go through the ex back process and get her back.

Do it while you can, so you don’t end up regretting losing her for the rest of your life.

Some guys get over their ex within months, but many guys still think about and miss an ex woman years and sometimes decades later in their life.

If you have an opportunity to get her back now, then do it.

Get her back.

Another possible reason why your ex won’t admit that she wants you back is…

5. She is waiting to see if you will change the things that really matter to her first

She is waiting to see if you change the things that really matter to her

One of the main things that can convince a woman to admit her feelings for her ex and give him another chance, is when he shows her via his attitude, actions and behavior that he has fully understood some of her important reasons for breaking up with him and has already taken action to improve those things about himself.

When she can see for herself that he really is a new man now, it makes it easy for her to let down her guard and open back up to being his girl again.

For example: Some of the changes your ex might want to see…

  • You are so much more confident and self-assured now, rather than doubting yourself around her, other people or in life.
  • You no longer feel the need to be clingy or possessive towards her because you have become emotionally independent.
  • You are more emotionally dominant now, but are still a good, loving man (i.e. you’re not afraid to stand up to her in an assertive, but loving way when she’s out of line).
  • You are now able to fully take on the role of being the manly leader of the relationship, which means she can now relax and be a feminine, girly woman around you.
  • You are more focused and have a clearer picture of where your life is going now, which means that she can now feel safer about her future with you.
  • You are more emotionally masculine now and you treat her like she’s a sexy, desirable woman when she’s with you rather than like a friend. This results in her feeling sexually attracted to you again, instead of feeling neutral around you like a friend.
  • You now understand how to communicate with a woman in a relationship that not only causes her to respect you and appreciate you, but makes her feel respected, appreciated, understood and loved.
  • You are able to avoid unnecessary arguments with your new approach to communication, which results in you and her feeling happier, more relaxed and wanting to spend more and more time around each other.

When your ex can experience those kinds of changes in you (even glimpses of it in a 2-3 minute conversation initially), she will naturally drop her defenses.

She may then admit that she wants you back, but if she doesn’t she will show you that she wants you back by continuing to communicate with you and spend time with you.

Avoid Making the Following Mistakes When Attempting to Get Her Back

So many guys find themselves in a situation like yours and then ruin it by making one or more of the following mistakes:

1. Assuming that she is completely in control of the situation

Sometimes a guy assumes that a reconciliation between him and his ex will only happen if she wants it to and that he’s literally at her mercy until she says a clear, “Yes” or “No.”

Yet, here’s what a guy like that doesn’t understand…

He can take control the situation by focusing on making her have stronger sexual and romantic feelings for him whenever he interacts with her.

Her feelings are your ticket back into a relationship with her.

It’s the path.

It’s what works.

It’s not about your feelings for her.

It would be nice if you could just say, “I love you and really want you back” and for her to then say, “Oh, okay. Then, in that case, let’s get back together.”

Yet, that’s not how it works obviously.

What works is when you make the woman feel such a strong, renewed sense of respect, attraction and love for you that she either says that she wants to get back together, or she simply gets back with you and shows that she wants to be back with you by spending a lot of time with you.

That’s how it works with women.

So, don’t put all of the power and control in her hands by waiting around for her to give you a “Yes” or “No” about reconciling.

With most modern women, they simply won’t say it.

Instead, they will show it.

Another mistake to avoid is…

2. Trying to discuss things in detail via text or email

If a woman is being a bit closed off and doesn’t want to meet up with you or even talk over the phone, you might decide to just try to work things out via text.

Yet, texting simply isn’t the most effective way of getting an ex back and can actually cause more problems that it fixes.


A woman can’t see a guys body language or hear the tonality of his voice when he texts.

So, even if he is feeling really confident when he types his messages to her and puts in a lot of effort to explain things, it can cause a woman to imagine him frantically typing up large messages and sending them to her as he desperately tries to get through to her and get her to understand.

That turns her off.

Now of course, her assumption about him might not be true, but a woman will often think that based on her current feelings and perception of him (e.g. how he behaved leading up to, during and after the break up).

So, if you want your ex to take you seriously, make sure any discussions you have with her about the relationship are done over the phone and preferably in person and then, only after you’ve reactivated some of her feelings for you.

If you just try to force the issue with her via text, she’s likely just going to remain closed lipped and refuse to admit anything about how she really feels about you.

Likewise, if you text her too much, she can literally go from liking you to feeling annoyed by you and then feeling turned off.

You have to understand that a woman’s attraction for a man works differently than a man’s attraction for a woman.

Don’t expect her to be sensible and reasonable like a man.

She is a woman and feels attracted to a man for all sorts of subtle reasons, which you usually cannot control via text.

So, do whatever you can to get to a phone call or in person catch up.

That’s where fast, natural attraction and reconciliation happens.

Texting is where long, exhausting conversations happen that almost always lead to misunderstandings, frustrations and further problems when a guy wants to get his ex woman back.

Another mistake to avoid is…

3. Cutting off contacting for weeks or months in the hope that it makes her come crawling back

Cutting off contact in the hope that she comes crawling back

That approach might work if a woman is still deeply in love with her ex and desperately wants him back.

Yet, even in cases like that, if the guy suddenly disappears from her life, she might take it as a sign that he’s over her and may then just focus on getting over him and moving in with a new man.

After all, she has to take care of how she is feeling and if she is feeling rejected by her ex because he has cut off contact, she can easily hook up with a new man to make herself feel better.

This is why it’s always best to take control of the ex back process rather than wasting time by cutting off contact with your ex and hoping that she takes the lead and gets you back.

When you interact with her and reactivate her sexual and romantic feelings for you, she then has a reason (right now) to admit that she wants you back or at least show you that she want you back by spending time with you, kissing and having sex with you again.

So, you don’t have to sit around waiting and worrying for weeks and months in the hopes that she doesn’t meet any other guys.

You can get her back pretty much right away, but only if you take action now.

Make it happen.

It is totally within your control.

She is your woman.

Get her back.

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